Top Ten Accounting Firms

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If the seller and the buyer are unable to agree upon an independent certified public accounting firm of national recognition in the United States, “Accounting Firms” refers to a third independent certified public accounting firm that the regular independent auditors for the seller and the buyer mutually agreed upon. The Accounting Firms don’t have the authority to modify or add to any of the representations, warranties, covenants, or agreements made by the Seller or by the Buyer under this Agreement. The Accounting Firm is also not permitted to waive any of the buyer’s rights under this Agreement. If such a firm is not acceptable to both the Seller and the Buyer.

In Pakistan, the market for online accounting is expanding quickly as companies look for ways to increase productivity and cut expenses. Transparency Industry Research predicts that the market will expand at a CAGR of 6.5% over the following five years. This development is attributed, in part, to small businesses‘ growing use of cloud-based accounting systems. By reducing their overall burden, these solutions free up business owners to concentrate on other crucial areas of their organizations.

Top Ten Accounting Firms

1. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Taxation, assurance, and advisory services are available in Pakistan by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since 1998, the company has operated globally in more than 100 nations. In the PwC network, member firms work in distinct governance models. The company generated Rs. 3 billion in Pakistan in 2000 and is on the rank one. In contrast, the company’s global sales are US$43 billion. The firm consists of more than 125,000 people worldwide

2. Deloitte

One of the leading four audit companies, Deloitte offers services in financial advising, audit, taxation, and risk management. These services are designed to help public and private businesses and organizations improve their performance. However, figures show that with 900 million rupees in revenue, it continues to have the lowest level of income in Pakistan. 50 billion US dollars are generated annually from its operations in more than 100 nations. Deloitte’s work in Pakistan is different from the other audits that it performs.


As a reputable auditing company, KPMG offers a variety of services, such as consultation, advising, assurance, taxation, and advice. KPMG’s core products include audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and business-revenue-improvement services. It generates $30 billion in sales globally, with $2 billion of that coming from Pakistan. The KPMG office in Pakistan employs the best professionals in their respective fields.

4. Earnest & Young

Earnest & Young is famous for its expertise, regard for the customer, and honesty. The firm earned its reputation through hard work and research into the company’s values and traditions. The specialists at this company come from a variety of cultures, which is an intriguing feature of it. The company’s yearly income reaches US$35 billion, and it gets Rs. 3 billion from Pakistan.

5. Push Digit Global

Push Digit Global, an ISO-certified audit company, is a dependable, undeniable, and well-known global provider of financial and audit services. The company has been providing audit, accounting, and financial services to international corporations. Many commercial and media outlets, including USA TODAY, FORBES, and ENTREPRENEUR, have highlighted Push Digit Chartered Accountants as the best accounting and audit firm in the globe. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this business is that it treats every client equally, regardless of their size or level of revenue.

6. BDO

By adopting adaptable, practical, and hands-on techniques, BDO helps its customers, who collectively pay the firm $ 10 billion, overcome the challenges that impede their ability to conduct business. Nearly all of the continents are covered by the commercial operations of BDO. BDO is dedicated to providing high-caliber accounting and finance services with the highest accuracy and promptness. These practices help BDO stand out from a crowded field of companies.

7. Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton offers specialized services to several sectors, including taxation, auditing, and professional accounting. It brings in $ 2.7 billion in annual income. It also operates offices in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. There are over 56000 employees working for this company worldwide in more than 140 nations. The company is an international audit and consulting services firm, with offices in more than 80 cities across five continents. This company is also called GTAR in Pakistan (Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman).

8. Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath, which has 220 operational offices throughout more than 130 countries, is the seventh-largest accounting company. To ensure client happiness, they go well above the standard level of services. The company generates $4.5 billion in revenue each year. The company offers audit, tax, consultancy, technology, risk, outsourcing, governance, and strategy services in Pakistan under the name Crowe Hussain Chaudhury and Co.

9. RSM

RSM offers taxes, consulting, and auditing services in more than 120 countries, demonstrating its familiarity with local laws, relevant legislation, and transcontinental GAAPs. One major reason for its success is the quality of its services. With more than 800 offices worldwide and $6.7 billion in annual revenue, this is mostly taking advantage of its enormous global business. In most cases, however, the firm’s services meet client needs

10. Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly has a solid international reputation and has been offering accounting and business consultancy services. The firm has been around since 1842 and has more than 1,600 staff members in 27 countries. It serves a wide range of clients and provides individualized services like taxes and is restricted to maximum assurance. Baker Tilly demonstrates its abilities by giving the customer advice on how to successfully foresee the future and manage the present. It has 148 sites worldwide, and its annual sales surpass $3.4 billion.


Above mentioned are the top ten accounting firms. These firms are spread worldwide and they also attract many investors to invest their money in Pakistan. Accounting firms are helping Pakistan in keeping the economy stable.