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Top Ten Fastest Bowlers In The World

You will be surprised to know that the number of sports played worldwide is more than 8,000. Soccer, boxing, wrestling, hockey, etc., are the most popular games worldwide. Wait! We forget to mention cricket in top games worldwide. According to different surveys, cricket has 2.5 billion fans. It is a sport that people like to watch and play, and a person needs to be energetic and active to play this game. Cricket comprises three departments: batting, bowling, and fielding. As we have to discuss the top ten fastest bowlers in the world, before meeting these bowlers, we need to know that there are three types of bowling spin: medium, fast, and fast. The Fast bowling list comprises an extensive list like Shoaib Akhter, Brett Lee, Shane Bond, Mohammad Sami, and others. A bowler needs a lot of effort, fitness, and exercise for best performance. In the upcoming passages, you will learn about the top ten bowlers. Some of them are mentioned above, while the rest of these bowlers are Fidel Edwards, Mitchel Johnson, etc. So, get ready to meet these top ten fastest bowlers. This meet-up aims to tell you about their records and the careers they enjoyed. So, prepare …