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This article is written to help you find the best places to celebrate your birthdays. Birthdays come once a year, so they should be observed in the best location and feasted on with the best meal. In this article, you will learn about the top ten restaurants where you can have dinner on your birthday and why these restaurants are better for dinner.

There is a lot of food on the table


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A highly well-known culture is found in Chicago. Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, jazz music, and gangsters from the 1920s like Al Capone are just a few of the numerous things for which Chicago is renowned. Including the Sears Tower and museums, Chicago is famous for its architectural designs.

Chicago and food. 

There is a lot of food on the table

A worldwide poll reveals that Chicago is the world’s food and beverage capital. Our concerns have been proven correct: The Time Out Index, an exhaustive study that interviewed more than 34,000 individuals in 48 locations worldwide, ranked Chicago as the top city for dining and drinking. Some of the most famous dishes in Chicago are Deep-Dish pizza, Chicago Barbecue, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Pizza Puffs, Steak, rainbow cona, and many others.


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Birthdays are a significant occasion. They remind us that we are aging and represent how far we have gone. Also, they are a reason to celebrate birthdays and an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude to someone. When we observe someone’s birthday, we don’t only acknowledge how long they’ve lived; we also recognize how much they’ve developed over the previous year.

Top ten restaurants for birthday dinner in Chicago

1. Mastro’s steakhouse

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Mastro’s Steakhouse is one of the best places to have birthday dinners because of its service and live music. What is an event without music? Mastro has a music band that plays all week. If we talk about food, it serves appetizers, sushi, soups, salads, and a massive variety of foods with beverages. Having a considerable birthday dinner would be great at Mastro’s Steakhouse. It is located at 530 N. Dearborn St., Chicago.

2. Maple & Ash

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Maple & Ash is located at 8 W Maple St, Chicago. It is a steakhouse, and Chef Danny Grant runs it. Having a birthday dinner at Maple and Ash would be great because an event without wine isn’t even an event. This restaurant is famous for its wide range of available wines. Aside from wine, its food is also famous, including seafood, fresh pasta, and unique sweets.

3. Girl and the Goat

Girl the Goat Restaurant

If you live in Chicago and it’s your birthday, celebrating it at Girl and the Goat won’t be a bad idea. One can visit 809 W. Randolph St., Chicago. Stephanie Lizard runs it. The restaurant, The Girl and the Goat serve the food on small plates from the dramatic open kitchen. However, it is a perfect place for those who want to have a memorable birthday dinner with friends.

4. Adorn Restaurant and Bar

There are plenty of chairs in the restaurant

There’s nothing better than a birthday dinner that has drinks and music. Adorn serves different drinks and has music. Also, the visitors can choose a theme from various musical acts, including South American guitarists, jazz musicians who have played in Chicago, and DJs who play house, funk, and disco. In food, Ador offers Smoked Beef Tartare, Nitro Tempura Mushrooms, Smashed Patatas, and many other things.

5. Aba

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Aba is located at 302 N. Green St., Chicago. Visitors can choose from various musical acts, including South American guitarists, jazz musicians who have played in Chicago, and also DJs who play house, funk, and disco. Together, these musicians create a soundscape that honors the restaurant and the city’s vibrant diversity and rich history. Furthermore, this place has everything that a birthday dinner should have.

6. Carnivale

Carnivale Restaurant

Living in America is all about eating American food. Carnivale is the perfect place to have American food for a birthday dinner. It doesn’t only serve American food but also food from Spain and the Caribbean. At Carnivale, you can enjoy Latin fusion cuisine and exotic cocktails, despite that, the interior of the restaurant is fascinating and gives off festival vibes. You can visit Carnivale at 702 West Fulton Market Street, Chicago.

7. Boka

brown table and chair in the restaurant

One of Chicago’s most recognizable eateries during the past 18 years is BOKA. The critical components of Chef Lee Warren’s Seasonal American Cuisine are gorgeous ingredients, expert preparation, and gracious and genuine hospitality. He offers à la carte dining as well as ultra-seasonal tasting menus. Boka exemplifies the main objective of his BOKA restaurant company: to build distinctive and enduring restaurants with a unique combination of unmatched service, visionary chefs, and exceptional design. Despite that, if you plan to have a birthday here, you must visit this place at 1729 N. Halsted St., Chicago.

8. Monteverd restaurant & pastificio

Monteverd restaurant

You will never regret having your birthday dinner at Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio. With influences from Chef Sarah Grueneberg’s travels across the world and her family history, Monteverde is an Italian eatery in Chicago’s West Loop area that combines the customs of Italian culture and cuisine with those of other cuisines. Montenda provides a new way to experience Italian food. It highlights some dishes that are steeped in tradition while showcasing others that use ingredients from around the world and cooking techniques that aren’t typically associated with Italian cuisine to create new, adventurous flavors. You will find this place at 1020 W. Madison St., Chicago.

9. Roka Akor

yellow chair in the restaurant

 Roka Akor, located at 456 N Clark St, Chicago, is a beautifully designed room with local artist interpretations woven together with Roka’s ageless arrangement of earthy, natural features in a contemporary yet comfortable atmosphere. For any event, our thoughtful dining space provides the ideal setting. Our expansive, bustling dining space offers a full view of our distinctive robata grill with counter seating where diners can also interact with the chefs. In the elegant lounge known as Roka Bar, you can host a happy hour or have a nightcap. A private dining room and a semi-private dining space are also available for business dinners or special events. People can use these private dining rooms to have birthday dinners.

10. The Purple Pig

Purple Pig

Located at 444 North Michigan Avenue, the restaurant offers cheese, swine, and wine, among other standout dishes, showcasing the flavors of Italy, Greece, and Spain. Since opening in 2009, under the leadership of Jimmy Bannos Jr., The Purple Pig has received numerous accolades, including being named one of 2010’s “10 Best New Restaurants in America” by Bon Appétit magazine; and a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recipient in 2011.


From the above, food and Chicago have a solid connection. Choosing a restaurant for a birthday dinner in Chicago won’t be easy because the food in every restaurant is delicious. Above, we mentioned the top ten restaurants in Chicago where you must celebrate your birthday and enjoy dinner with your companions.


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