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Technological innovation is developed as a major source of income generation, and the IT department is an open proof of it. These benefits also affect memories and damage the focus of our minds; a common example is social media. We cannot blame social media; we are guilty here, and it is a bitter truth. As we get up in the morning, we check the statuses on different social media platforms. Our focus and interest during working hours could be more consistent, and we keep checking our phones. We can’t get more focused by taking a pill, but we can improve our memory and stay focused by eating certain brain foods. We consume some of them in their original state, while some nutrients need modifications to be consumed. This blog will explore the food world to discover these meals. So, be our companion to explore such foods.

Brain foods for more focus

Many medicines will appear in the market, claiming to boost memory skills and increase focus. Though their claims are fair, they cannot compete for natural foods and nutrients to become more intelligent.

1. Blueberries

Many Blueberries in the basket and outside it

Blueberries are one of the well-liked fruits worldwide. Many people consume because of fruit but need to know the benefits. This fruit comprises two compounds; anthocyanin and phytonutrient. Both compounds work as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and they help your brain stay away from anti-aging.

2. Eggs

Many eggs in the basket

Eggs are a good source of feed for people. Moreover, many people consume it with keen interest, especially in winter, because they help them stay hot. Some people do not consume eggs because of medical issues like blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes, and allergies. Most people do not know that it helps to make the focus more consistent because of vitamin B and choline. Vitamin B is directly affiliated with depression, while choline strengthens memory and mood.

3. Coffee

Coffee in the cup

Due to addiction and the need to stay awake, people worldwide drink much more coffee than they used to. We do not need to write anything after this sentence, but the people who know little about coffee should know about it. You must have seen a lot of times that students and workers who must work the night hours keep the coffee with them. Caffeine helps you stay active, but keep in mind that consuming it at a limit is helpful, while overconsuming it may invite some side effects.

4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate background dark

Everyone knows about chocolates, but we must become more familiar with dark chocolate. Once, a study revealed that chocolate is helpful in reduction, which increases the sales of this sweet food. Chocolate also helps boost brain effects. This point is new to many people but read the title, “dark chocolate,” not simple chocolate.

5. Oily fish

fish and fish oil

Oily fish are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids—a reliable supply of omega-3 fatty acids. Every cell in the body, including the brain, has membranes built by omega-3 fatty acids. They can therefore enhance the structure of neurons, which are brain cells.

According to a reliable source, people who consume a lot of omega-3s have better brain blood flow. Also, the researchers found a link between higher omega-3 levels and improved cognition or thinking skills. According to these findings, eating foods high in omega-3s, including fatty fish, may improve brain function.

Examples of oily fish with high omega-3 content include salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in flaxseed, soybeans, almonds, and other seeds.

6. Nuts and seeds

Many type of nuts and seeds

A study in 2014 revealed that consuming nuts and seeds in good quantity is good for brain health. Seeds and nuts are also good carriers of fatty acid omega-3, and they are also antioxidants. Both of these foods are also vitamin E rich, which helps in protecting oxidative cells. Memorize one thing: as the age of humans increases, the body parts weaken. One can help his brain to stay young by consuming these things.

7. Leafy greens

Many Leafy greens vegetables

Have you ever thought about why vitamin K is essential to us? No, you do not. Vitamin K deficiency causes anemia and many other diseases that weaken the human body, and the brain is also a part of it. A few years ago, a study that claims this specific vitamin’s effect on our brain came into sight. Vitamin K comprises ant-apoptotic and inflammatory effects, which help in brain growth.

8. Pumpkin seeds

orange and white pumpkin and seeds in the bowl

Although there hasn’t been any research on pumpkin seeds’ direct impact on brain function, they are a great source of micronutrients associated with memory, learning, and brain health. It could be beneficial to munch on pumpkin seeds while studying if you’re short on iron, zinc, magnesium, or copper. Furthermore, rich in antioxidants, pumpkin seeds may aid in memory improvement, according to some animal studies.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric in the bowl

Another diet regarding brain foods is Turmeric. It is a yellow powder that we normally use in curry. In ancient times, people consider it one of the best anti-inflammatories. If you are interested in movies, you might have seen people using turmeric on their wounds and over broken bones. Being a powder form, it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly communicates with the brain. Moreover, antioxidant features keep the brain fresh and make memorizing easy.

10. Citrus

many sliced citrus

Citrus fruit flavonoids may aid in preventing damage to your nerve cells. A tiny 2016 study on young adults discovered that consuming a juice high in flavonoids improved blood flow. Also, those who consume the juice considerably outperform the control group on a cognitive function exam called the Digit Symbol Substitution Test. In behavioral tests, there were no other abnormalities found. Also, a 2015 study found that older persons who drank orange juice high in flavanones for eight weeks performed better on a cognitive function test.

Final thoughts

With the increase in age, we must keep our brains young because a weak brain causes many issues without brain foods. Especially non-focusing factor grows, and a man must perform his duties correctly. Instead of going to a psychologist, consider using any food we discussed. Hopefully, it will work.


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