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Are you a fan of Costco’s selection of stores? In such a case, you are not alone! With a staggering 597 locations across the United States, Costco has established itself as a popular choice for consumers looking for deep discounts and a vast selection of goods.

However, have you ever pondered which Costcos locations in the nation are busiest? We have your back! We’ll explore what makes Costco stores as popular as we go around the top 10 most dynamic US cities with Costco locations. So, have your shopping list ready, and let’s get started!

A little About Costco Stores

Costco Wholesale Corporation uses the “Costco Wholesale” trademark to operate a global chain of membership warehouses that sell high-quality, name-brand goods at markedly reduced costs compared to those usually offered by traditional wholesale or retail suppliers.

The warehouses are made to assist small- to medium-sized firms in lowering expenses while acquiring goods for everyday use and resale. People can buy things for their own needs as well. One of the broadest and most upscale product category selections available under one roof is easy to find at Costcos facilities.

Moreover, among the categories, the categories include groceries, sweets, electronics, television, media, auto parts, sports goods, jewelry, watches, cameras, books, housewares, clothing, health and beauty products, furniture, office supplies, and office equipment. The 100% satisfaction guarantee and wide selection of Costco’s premium national and local brands are features these stores are famous for.

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1: Iwelei Costco, Honolulu, Hawaii

cosco wholesale

It is the busiest Costco store in the world and the largest in Hawaii. It covers a space of 300000 square feet. Located in a very densely populated area of Hawaii, it has an extensive range of products to offer, from fresh produce, groceries, meat, seafood, and electronics to clothing.

If you’re living in Honolulu, you should know that this Costco store is famous for its long lines, meaning you must wait a long time to shop. Next, we will discuss the Salt Lake Costco store and see why it is listed second.

2: Salt Lake City Costco, Salt Lake City, Utah

This is the second largest Costco store in the world, occupying a space of 235000 square feet. This store is also located in the metropolitan area and is a favorite place for shoppers from Utah and all other states.

This Costco store’s most popular site for shoppers is its tire center and pharmacy. Hawaii is the home to the busiest Costco store, so let’s talk about another busy store of Costco.

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3: Kapolei Costco, Kapolei, Hawaii

Kapolei Costco, Kapolei, Hawaii is the third largest store in the world and covers an area of 200000 square feet. It is also located in a very populated area, that’s the reason it is the busiest store in the USA.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of products like all other Costco stores in the USA, and that is why it is a favorite shopping place for all the people of the island of Oahu. Next in line is another bustling store in Hawaii.

4: Kahului Costco, Kahului, Hawaii

costco wholesale

It is Hawaii’s second-busiest Costco store and the fourth-busiest in the USA. It also offers many products, from grocery items to electronics; you will get everything you need here.

The store’s location is very luxurious because it gives you ocean views and is a good option if you want to go for the local traditional food items of the island. Next in line is the Alea Costco, another busy store in the USA.

5: Aiea Costco, Aiea, Hawaii

This is a famous and very convenient Costco store for the people living on the island of Oahu. It is a very convenient place for everyone on the island, so it is always crowded. The best thing is that they have a friendly staff that helps you make your shopping experience great.

They also offer an extensive range of products for their customers like all other stores in the USA. Next, we have another store that is located in Hawaii.

6: Pearl City Costco, Pearl City, Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its tourist destinations, but it also has some of the busiest Costco stores in the USA. The sixth one on the list is the Pearl City Costco store. It has a gas station and offers an extensive range of products.

If you want to try the local foods of Hawaii, then you will be able to get them from the Costco store. Next, we’ll discuss the Issaquah Costco store located in Washington.

7: Issaquah Costco, Issaquah, Washington

This is the headquarters of the Costco stores and is also located in Washington, so it is the most busy option on the list. It has a gas station and a wide range of high-quality products for its customers.

It is a flagship store of Costco, so it often has new products and promotions for the customers. Next, we have the second busiest Costco store in Washington.

8: Lynnwood Costco, Lynnwood, Washington

This is another top-rated Costco store in the USA, which is located in a very populated area, that’s why you’ll find this store crowded every time. The store also offers an extensive range of products at competitive prices, attracting shoppers. It is also very convenient, and we suggest you visit early to avoid crowds. Next in line is California’s busiest Costco stores.

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9: Anaheim Costco, Anaheim, California

It is another of the busiest Costco stores in the USA. It is located in the heartland of Disneyland, so it is a stop for all the tourists going to Disneyland. This is a reason it’s always busy.

It has a gas station and a wide range of products and services it offers its customers. Now, the last Busy Costco store in the USA is Irvine Costco. Let’s discuss this store.

10: Irvine Costco, Irvine, California

Costco wholesale California

Costco stores are always busy because they are unbeatable when it comes to the prices and quality of their products. It is the second-busiest store in California and the 10th in the US. Like all other Costco stores in the USA, it provides its customers with a vast range of products.


In conclusion, these are top 10 busiest Costco locations in the US, each with charm and allure. You can be sure that a bustling Costco shop is nearby, ready to give you exceptional discounts and a large assortment of items, no matter which state you call home.

You won’t be let down, so the next time you go shopping, consider joining the masses at one of these top 10 places! May your shopping basket always be filled, and happy shopping!

How Much Do Costco Stores Make a Day?

It is one of the often asked questions on the internet, keeping in mind the fame of this fantastic store. According to a source, Costco stores make $526,000 per day but keep in mind that this income is not fixed, but average. On the other hand, if we talk about the yearly income, it is some $192,000,000. Moreover, we talk about the highest-grossing Costco in the USA, Iwelei Costco, Honolulu, Hawaii, which produces an annual business of $500 million.

How Many Members Do Costco Stores have Worldwide?

Before we discuss how many Costco store members are there, we must have some information about the total number of these stores worldwide. It has 859 branches worldwide, while only the USA comprises 591 branches. Now, come to the question of how many members Costco has worldwide. It is known to have 124.7 million members!

How Many Costco Stores are There in the USA?

Some reports reveal that there are almost 591 Costco locations in the USA. Moreover, people also ask which state has the most Costco stores. An answer to their question is California because only California comprises 135 branches. You can get an idea about its popularity there.

We often see another query on different platforms: “What is the busiest Costco in California?” The busiest Costco in California is the Fremont Costco at 43621 Pacific Commons Boulevard. This Costco is famous for having a large selection of Asian and Indian products, as well as its high traffic levels.

Our chapter on the busiest Costco in California continues because the following passage will discuss the top ten most active Costco stores in California.

Top Ten Busiest Costco Stores in California

This topic has grabbed the attention of many because of several stores there, which makes people ask, what is the busiest Costco store in California? We have answered this question in the previous passage. Now, we will discuss California’s top ten most active Costco stores.

  • Fremont Costco Store
  • San Jose Costco Store
  • Mission Viejo Costco Store
  • Irvine Costco Store
  • Roseville Costco Store
  • Sacramento Costco Store
  • Torrance Costco Store
  • San Diego Costco Store
  • Oxnard Costco Store
  • Lancaster Costco Store

If you want to know about the opening and closing times of Costco stores, consider reading the following passage.

What Time Does Costco Open and Close?

Undoubtedly, Costco stores are the busiest stores in the USA, but when it comes to their opening and closing times, they obey the rules of government there. Moreover, they open at 10:00 AM. Regarding what times Costco closes, they close at 08:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, their timing varies on Saturday and Sunday. They open at 09:00 AM on Saturday and close at 07:00 PM, while the Sunday routine also differs, and the time is from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

If you want to escape the crowded area, consider visiting the stores early in the morning. There are a few areas where shopping late in the evening helps to stay away from crowded places, but most of the time, it does not work.


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