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It’s not about how expensive a car you own. Purchasing a car is undoubtedly costly, but the real thing is the maintenance of the car, and the sale and purchase of cars are among the amazing business ideas. When it comes to maintenance, the main job is keeping the car neat internally and externally. While staying in the car, the porch usually remains clean, but once you take it out in the rain, the cleanliness fades away immediately. Then you take your car for service or use expensive products to clean your vehicle. But in this article, you will grab amazing, life-changing cleaning hacks for your car. Easy-to-do hacks are going to be helpful for your car. We are damn sure after rustling through this article, you will no longer require your car to take to an auto detailer, and you will buckle down to clean it yourself.

Car cleaning hacks

Here are some good hacks to clean your car ahead, whether your kids mess it up or a rainstorm caused the dirt to be all over it. We will let you know the tricks with no cost and all the stuff you will get around your sweet home for sure. Let’s have a view over these amazing assigns:

Stay Clean With a Cereal Box

2 Cereal Box

Detritus or garbage can pile up quickly, particularly for those with kids. Whenever we go out, we see wrappers, crumbs, shopping bags, and so on all around our car seats and floor mat. While traveling, it’s tough to manage the mess, so why not avoid your car getting messy?

Save the cereal box you regularly purchase for your toddlers or naughty youngsters. Plant this box anywhere in your vehicle, or put it in the seat pocket. Trash it out whenever it gets filled because it’s easier than picking out a single wrapper one by one. You can save time too.

Clean Headlights with toothpaste

car headlight full on toothpaste

Usually, our car’s headlights become decomposed and blurry, which creates a paramount vision issue. Because if the headlights are not working while you are in a fog or you are a night traveler, it can cause a mishap (God forbid).

Here is the easiest tip for you: rather than changing your headlights. Grab a tube of toothpaste and a rag, and re-shine your headlights. But How? Squeeze out a little of your toothpaste and start rubbing it on headlights with the rag, then remove the foam with the clean side of the rag. You see all the grime on the rag after you finish up. Here you got another best-ever cleaning hack for your car.

Freshen Your Car with Dryer Sheets

tissues outside the box

Usually, people prefer expensive car fresheners, but these products cause eye-sore or block your view. You can avoid this situation further and save money as well. Try cheaper and less visible versions and plant some dryer sheets in your car pockets, nooks, and fissures in your cars.

Repair window Cracks with Nail Polish

crack on the mirror

Commonly, our car windows become scratchy as time passes, and we need to get them fixed by a professional. If you have met such an incident, then the tip is you. Just take clear acrylic nail polish and fill the cracked area, and the area slightly ousts the cracks. Nail polish is a fashion and nail care product, and it seals the scratched area to protect it from dispersing, and it also looks cleaner and ties as before.

Bring Your Makeup Brush out to the Car

girl makeup brush and blush on

As time passes, your car vents get dusty, which can cause dust allergies when driving a car. Usually, people blow this dust by gusting with their mouth, and the dust goes inside instead of outside. We suggest you use your makeup brush here; you can easily clean out the dust without letting it go inside.

Pet Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

girl cutting the dog hair

Most of us do not want to exile our fuzzy and furry pets from our motor vehicles, but we want to patriate their frilliest seat hair. The best way to prevent your interior from this hair is to take a spray bottle and spray all over the seat. Once the hair is loosened from the rug, wipe it away with a sponge. It will surely surprise you how easily they come off.

Shine up The Hubs

water and powder in the bowls

You are going to be amazed at the difference between before and after. Here is another amazing tip for you. The shiny hubcaps make the appearance of your car neat and clean. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any hard work, and it’s just an easy-to-do task and an amazing cleaning hack for your car. Create a paste by mixing water and detergent powder, applying it, brushing it with an old and expired toothbrush, then rinsing it. You are done.

No More Smeary windscreen

car wiper and water

If your car wipers are continuously blearing your view and rear windscreen’s vision, you cannot replace them. We have a shortcut for you. Try covering them in rubbing alcohol first and stop smear-free driving.

Another thing is shaving foam. Apply it inside the mirrors and wipe it clean. On cold mornings, you will have no smeary steamy blur inside or outside your mirror. You can repeat the process if you see the same issue.

A Dashboard That Shines

car dashboard black, red

A Dashboard can be cleaned away easily if it’s dust only, but you can shine your one too. Avoid buying the pricy product. Just take one product from your kitchen to sparkle your dashboard. Mix some olive oil into the water and sprinkle it on a dust-free surface, cleaning it with a duster or cotton cloth. You will see the difference.

Get Pristine Floor Mats

car floor mat black

Mats and rugs in our cars get muddy so soon whether the rainy season is on or off, and it feels toughest to clean the stuff out. Bet we have a way to sort it out. Arrange them outside the car and spray them with a stain remover as you use them for your indoor carpet. Now let it soak in before slinging it in the washing machine. You will glimpse the contrast distinctly.


In the above passages, you went through unbelievably amazing car cleaning hacks. Instead of purchasing high-cost products from the market, we suggest you use the products you can easily get from your kitchen once you use the products for the mentioned purpose. Your life will be easier.


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