Top 10 Carnival Cruise Directors

Carnival Cruise Line is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and lively entertainment, and a big part of that experience comes down to its incredible cruise directors.

Carnival Cruise Line is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and lively entertainment, and a big part of that experience comes down to its incredible cruise directors. These charismatic individuals are the heart and soul of the ship, leading the fun, keeping guests informed, and ensuring an unforgettable vacation.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, get ready to meet the top 10 personalities who make every Carnival voyage a blast. We’ll dive into their unique styles, infectious energy, and dedication to creating memories that last a lifetime. So, grab your swimsuit, pack your dancing shoes, and prepare to be entertained by the best in the business.

1: John Heald

John Heald is a Carnival Cruise Line legend. Starting as a bartender in 1987, he rose to become a beloved senior cruise director and brand ambassador. Known for his humour and blog chronicling life at sea, he’s famous for his “irreverent” and candid approach, earning him the title of “Carnival’s Most Famous Cruise Director.” He’s still actively involved, introducing new ships, hosting special voyages, and engaging with fans on social media.

2: Lee Mason

Lee Mason is a multiple award-winning Cruise Director with Carnival Cruise Line, known for his engaging personality and active presence on social media. He’s a fan favourite with a decade of experience, having served on over a dozen Carnival ships. Mason is known for his humour, approachability, and dedication to creating a memorable experience for all guests.

3: Chris “Donkey” Salazar

Chris “Donkey” Salazar, a beloved Carnival personality, earned his nickname from a young guest who saw a resemblance to Shrek. Embracing the moniker, he’s known for his big personality, vibrant outfits, and energetic approach to entertainment. Originally from Australia, he rose to become a “Fleet Cruise Director,” overseeing training and operations across the entire Carnival fleet.

4: Jonathan “Cookie” Adams

Jonathan “Cookie” Adams was a beloved Carnival Cruise Director known for his upbeat personality and dedication to creating memorable guest experiences. He spent nine years with the company, working on various ships, and became a favourite among cruisers for his infectious energy and commitment to fun. In February 2024, he announced his departure from Carnival to pursue new endeavours.

5: Kyndall Fire

Kyndall Fire, better known as “Cookie” Adams, was a beloved Carnival Cruise Director known for his infectious energy and humour. He wasn’t just the face of the ship; he actively engaged with guests, hosting shows and creating a welcoming, fun-filled atmosphere. While his time at Carnival has ended, his legacy as a passionate and engaging entertainer is remembered by many cruisers.

6: Chris Williams

Chris Williams, also known as “The Flying Scotsman,” is a beloved former Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Line. He began his career as a singer and entertainer, captivating audiences with his talent. His charisma and guest interactions led to his promotion to Cruise Director, where he served on the line’s newest and biggest ships, creating fun and engaging passenger experiences. While no longer a Cruise Director, he remains a cherished personality within the Carnival family.

7: Matt Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham is a retired Australian athlete who made history in 2008. As an openly gay diver, he won the gold medal in the 10m platform event, becoming the first to do so at the Olympics. He also achieved the second-highest single-dive score in Olympic history at the time. Beyond diving, Mitcham dabbled in trampolining and is actively involved in the LGBTQ+ community.

8: Reverend Dr. E

Reverend Dr. E,” real name Eversen Bevelle, isn’t your typical pastor. He’s a charismatic entertainer and former Carnival cruise director known for his infectious personality, signature “Good Morning” song, and ability to bring smiles and laughter to every voyage. Though he’s moved on from the cruise industry, he continues to spread joy through his online presence and musical ventures.

9: Matt Mitcham

Matt Mitcham (Carnival Cruise Line) is known for his energetic and engaging personality; Matt Mitcham has been with Carnival for over 15 years and has won numerous awards for his exceptional service. His enthusiastic hosting style has earned him a loyal following among passengers.

10: Jen Baxter

Jen Baxter was a legendary Carnival Cruise Director for 20 years, known for her enthusiasm and guest focus. While her humour could be dry or raunchy for some, many adored her. After 16 years as a full-time director, she transitioned to Viking River Cruises as their Program Director, showcasing her adaptability and love for the cruise industry.

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Who is the current CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines?

Carnival Cruise Line is a brand under Carnival Corporation & plc. The current CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc is Josh Weinstein.

How much money does the Carnival Cruise Director make?

Carnival Cruise Director salaries likely fall within the national average range of cruise directors, which is $42,180 to $108,500 annually.

Who is the senior cruise director of Carnival?

John Heald is the senior cruise director and brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines. He has held this position since 2004 and is known for his engaging personality and social media presence.

Who owns most of Carnival?

A single entity doesn’t own a Carnival. It’s a publicly traded company with its largest individual shareholder, Micky Arison (founder’s son), holding around 13% of shares. Major institutional investors like Vanguard Group also hold significant stakes.

Who is the female CEO of Carnival?

Christine Duffy, a highly respected leader in the industry, serves as the President of Carnival Cruise Line, a subsidiary of the parent company, Carnival Corporation & plc.


Choosing the absolute best from Carnival’s talented pool of cruise directors is subjective, as individual preferences and experiences play a big role. However, the directors mentioned here have consistently garnered positive feedback and recognition for their unique personalities, engaging styles, and dedication to creating unforgettable guest experiences. Whether you seek humour, enthusiasm, or a touch of class, there’s likely a Carnival cruise director perfectly suited to enhance your high-seas adventure. So, set sail, embrace the onboard festivities, and discover the magic that exceptional cruise directors bring to the Carnival experience.