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a hand putting a ballot into a box

The Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age

This article has most of the reasons why the governments of many states should lower the voting age. This article explains how young people can prove themselves as better and more responsible voters than adults.
4 friends taking selfie

Top Ten Verses about Friendship on International Day of Friendship

The above study taught us that friendship is about accepting, trusting, and supporting each other. If we get faithful friends, they will lay down their own lives for ours, but if we are not lucky enough to get loyal friends, we might get laid by them. We should choose our friends carefully.
earth from space

Top Ten preservations | International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer

This article with the topic International Day of Preservation of the ozone layer will help you understand what the ozone layer is, how it is essential, and what is damaging, also you will also find out how to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer.
hands making heart , toy bear , charity jar , shirt , cane

The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Day of Charity

Before celebrating the International Day of Charity, we need to know what charity is and why we celebrate this day annually. Charity, in reality, means helping someone without expecting a return. The best way of contributing to charity is through money.
A pigeon flying in front of global map

The Top Ten Ways to Spread Peace on The International Day of Peace

A whole population of the entire world looks for peace in life. Peace is a term directly affecting our good lifestyle. The International Day of Peace is observed annually with different themes to share the maximum ideas and suggestions to make the world peaceful
Mountains view

The Top Ten Benefits of Light on the International Day of Light

The International Day of Light is an important day of the year. This day is celebrated annually to inform people about the benefits of light in their daily lives. It also aims to tell us the impact of this energy on our lives.
Family enjoying outdoor activities

The Top Ten Ways to Pay Tribute to Your Parents on Global Day of...

No one can repay the kindness of parents. Children cannot return the love their parents give to them. We are all required to accept that every day is parent day, so in this article, we will discuss a few points to show respect to parents and how to win their hearts. You cannot perform these activities on just Global Day of Parents, but you can do them daily.
Top Ten Ways to Improve Forestry on World Forest Day

Top Ten Ways to Improve Forestry on World Forest Day

We are writing this article to make everyone understand the importance and need for forests and trees worldwide. According to reports, there are almost 60,000 species of trees on the earth.
Top ten facts about refugees on world refugees’ day

Top Ten facts about refugees on world refugees’ day

In this article, we’ll see who refugees are and why they migrate. We will also learn some facts about how migration and people who migrate affect the economy of any country or state where people migrate to. Every country has different facilities and rules for refugees.
child labors

Top Ten Steps to take on world day against Child labor

The purpose of writing this article is to let the readers that child labor is danger to our future. You and I need to stand against this to protect the future of the world as well as children of our own. We need to understand!
World water Day

Top Ten Ways to stop the water crises on World Water Day

This article is of great importance because it will discuss the most precious natural resource in the world. We all know very well that about 70% of the world is occupied by water, but 2 billion people lack access to clean, usable water.
a collage of Pakistani women's faces

Top Ten women of Pakistan | International Women’s Day

In this article, we’ll see what role a woman in society plays, how much a woman can do for her country, and what the rights of a woman in her country are. We'll look at who the most well-known women in Pakistan are and what they've accomplished. Let’s begin to learn about this woman and her internationally celebrated day.

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