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World No Tobacco Day

The Top Ten Ways to Inhibit Tobacco Use on World No Tobacco Day

In this reading, we will find out about the effects and damages that tobacco causes. We will also talk about the history of World No Tobacco Day. In this article, we will figure out why WHO needed to stop tobacco use. You will also find some suggestions to control the use of tobacco.  Table of Contents The History of World No Tobacco Day The Effects of Tobacco on Our Health The Top Ten Ways to Inhibit the Use of Tobacco Conclusion World No Tobacco Day World No Tobacco Day is significant as it helps save our health. At the instructions of WHO, the entire world celebrates World No Tobacco Day on May 31st. The reason for celebrating this day is to highlight the effects of tobacco on our daily lives. Millions of people join hands on this day to record their protest against tobacco use. On this day, the gathered people make speeches, also inform people about the disadvantages of tobacco. Additionally, they indicate the effect of smoking on our income. The History of World No Tobacco Day In 1987, the members of the World Health Organization announced World No Tobacco Day to draw global attention to tobacco use. The …

Top Ten Problems for Overpopulated Countries on World Population Day

Top Ten Problems for Overpopulated Countries on World Population Day

In this article, we’ll learn about World Population Day and also what teaching this day gives us. In addition, we’ll learn about the problems that overpopulated countries face and whether there are solutions to those problems. There are many countries that have a very small population and are more developed than populated countries; we’ll figure out the reasons behind this too. World Population Day(introduction) World Population Day is celebrated specifically to turn the attention of the world toward the increasing level of the population and how the population affects the economy of the world. This day also focuses on how the world is running out of natural resources because of overpopulation and how we are being introduced to man-made resources. On this day many people spread awareness about the drawbacks of overpopulation as well as how it can be stopped. We celebrate this day to be aware of overpopulated countries. Also Read About:-  ” Water Crises On World Water Day “ History of World Population Day In 1989, the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme announced that from now on the whole world would celebrate July 11th as World Population Day. This was declared to let the whole …