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Top ten facts about refugees on world refugees’ day

Top Ten facts about refugees on world refugees’ day

In this article, we’ll see who refugees are and why they migrate. We will also learn some facts about how migration and people who migrate affect the economy of any country or state where people migrate to. Every country has different facilities and rules for refugees.
The Top Ten Benefits of Blood Donation on World Blood Donor Day

The Top Ten Benefits of Blood Donation on World Blood Donor Day

This article will help you understand the benefits of blood donation. You will know that not only do others enjoy the benefits of your gift, but even you get many benefits by giving away blood.
child labors

Top Ten Steps to take on world day against Child labor

The purpose of writing this article is to let the readers that child labor is danger to our future. You and I need to stand against this to protect the future of the world as well as children of our own. We need to understand!
A Poetry Book and pen on the Floor

The Top Ten Things to do on World Poetry Day

In this article, we are going to learn what poetry is. We will highlight the history, types, and importance of history. No one can ignore the significance of writing poems. We will try to discuss some points.
World water Day

Top Ten Ways to stop the water crises on World Water Day

This article is of great importance because it will discuss the most precious natural resource in the world. We all know very well that about 70% of the world is occupied by water, but 2 billion people lack access to clean, usable water.
a collage of Pakistani women's faces

Top Ten women of Pakistan | International Women’s Day

In this article, we’ll see what role a woman in society plays, how much a woman can do for her country, and what the rights of a woman in her country are. We'll look at who the most well-known women in Pakistan are and what they've accomplished. Let’s begin to learn about this woman and her internationally celebrated day.
4 Different Animated Cartoon Characters

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Mother Language Day

Languages are the root cause of cultural, traditional, and social traditions. Every language represents a culture, a way of thinking, and a way of transmitting knowledge to one another.
International Women's and Girls' Science Day

Underrepresentation of women in science | Top Ten | Women science Day

Introduction to the ArticleIn this article, we will find reasons why these are obstacles in the way of the success of women in science. We’ll see if a woman can be a successful professional...
International Day of Education

The Top Ten Improvements to Make on International Day of Education

 We can conclude that for a sound education system, the government and the people of a state should collaborate. The future of a country, city, or state depends upon the success of its education infrastructure, development.
Benefits of Wildlife

Top Ten Benefits of Wildlife | World Wildlife Day

As we all know, our earth is a place to live, not only for human beings but for fauna and flora too. For the survival of wildlife, every individual needs to play their role in many ways,

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