The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Day of Charity

Before celebrating the International Day of Charity, we need to know what charity is and why we celebrate this day annually. Charity, in reality, means helping someone without expecting a return. The best way of contributing to charity is through money.
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Before celebrating the International Day of Charity, we need to know what charity is and why we celebrate this day annually. Charity, in reality, means helping someone without expecting a return. The best way of contributing to charity is through money, freely given to those in need, such as those who are ill, impoverished, or homeless, and the organizations that offer this assistance. Many people started working as single social workers, and now charity organizations are working in their names. One of the most common examples is Mother Teresa. MAP International, Direct Relief, CDC Foundations, and organizations working for this purpose. This write-up will inform you of the ten important ways for celebrating this day.

Table of Contents

  1. International Day of Charity
  2. History
  3. Significance of charity
  4. Ten reasons to celebrate this day
  5. Conclusion

International Day of Charity

Poverty persists everywhere in the world, from developed to powerful industrial nations. Regardless of their economic or cultural circumstances, it nevertheless impacts millions of individuals and prevents true equality and prosperity. Other than poverty, various reasons make a man donate, and some people get charity. Natural disasters are commonly known as a reason to take part in charities. An International Day of Charity is commemorated annually to encourage people to donate and make life easier for entitled people. Also, the purpose of the International Day of Charity is to increase and improve social responsibility on a global scale. To unite everyone in assisting humanitarian causes, it is done in a spirit of solidarity. The United Nations created the day as a wonderful chance for everyone to participate in charitable activities and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in society.


In 2011, the Hungarian Parliament and Government endorsed the creation of the International Day of Charity as a civil society effort in Hungary to improve awareness, host unique activities, and foster greater community cohesion, social responsibility, and charitable giving. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 “for work performed in the struggle to eradicate poverty and sorrow, which also pose a threat to peace,” passed away on September 5, and that day has been designated to mark her death. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution on 17 December 2012 to declare 5 September the International Day of Charity in response to a proposal from Hungary.

Significance of charity

Charities bring people together who are passionate about a cause so they can change the world. There will be a charity working on whatever issue is important to you. The major methods that charities assist are through offering direct assistance, disseminating knowledge, or increasing awareness of a problem. Many nonprofit organizations combine these things.

In order to battle dangerous diseases, protect children, provide education, ensure food security, etc., donations and contributions from various organizations and businessmen assist to save and restore the lives of the poor. Every member of society is encouraged to help others and improve their lives on this day. In addition to enhancing public services in health care, education, housing, and child safety, charity can lessen the harshest effects of humanitarian disasters. It supports the development of art, science, athletics, and the preservation of the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

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Ten ways to celebrate this day

1. Serve homeless people

You may volunteer to help low-income families build affordable housing by working with groups like Habitat for Humanity, whether you’re an expert hammer user or just starting out. You might choose to join up for a longer vacation abroad or you can choose to serve for just a single day in your neighborhood.

2. Help sick people

Visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities to volunteer with seniors, or deliver meals or run errands for elderly neighbors. You can also volunteer with groups like Meals on Wheels or the National Council on Aging. Similarly, many patients in hospitals might use some assistance. Although candy stripes are mostly a thing of the past, there is still plenty of work for volunteers, such as working with patients, at the gift shop, or at the front desk.

3. Expend knowledge

Making people able to learn is a very good form of charity because in underdeveloped countries a lot of children are seen begging or doing jobs for survival. Sending them to school for education and a better future will help them to spend their life in a good style.

4. Acts of kindness

You may purchase coffee for the person in line behind you, bake cookies for your coworkers, replenish a stranger’s parking meter, tip your barista generously, or offer money to panhandlers. These kinds of charitable deeds have been scientifically proven to boost immunity and delay aging because such forms of kindness and love are also charity and enough to bring a smile to someone’s face.

5. Donations

Giving money to organizations that are important to you is a terrific way to be helpful if you are lacking the time or desire to volunteer. Donations don’t have to be large to support a cause; even a little bit can make a difference. Think about the issues that are important to you, then look for charities that are making a difference in those fields.

6. Promote charity

If you are not good at wealth and lack donations to charity. A beautiful thing to donate is your time. Promoting charity for entitled people is also a charity, and it might be helpful to a lot of people who deserve it.

7. Cleaning up parks

A fantastic way to give back to your community while staying active and getting some fresh air is to pick up trash in a public area like a park or beach. All you need for this is a pair of gloves, possibly a garbage picker tool, or a few companions. Joining a planned cleanup event at a nearby park or beach is an additional choice, so the cleanup efforts don’t have to end with natural areas.

8. Love animals

There are several animals with fur and feathers that also need some company or help. You can find volunteer opportunities at nearby animal shelters or rescue agencies by contacting groups like The Humane Society of the United States. Assisting organizations that care for birds and other wildlife is another option. Consider fostering or adopting a rescued animal if you’re ready to commit over a longer period of time.

9. Promote gender equality

In many countries, there is nothing in the name of gender equality. Billions of women do not own rights like, education, jobs, voting, etc, so promoting gender equality is a charity to help such women.

10. Educating people about important causes

Even if you don’t have any spare time or money to donate, you may still support a worthwhile cause by spreading the word about it. You can think about sending an email or a letter to friends and relatives to let them know about a charity that is having a significant impact and to encourage them to donate.


International Day of Charity owns a lot of significance because this day is celebrated to make someone smile. If we act upon the above-mentioned steps, we can make the world a land of peace and love, because solving someone’s problem is a kind deed everyone loves.