The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate the International Day of Families

An International Day of Families is observed annually on May 15th around the globe. It is supposed to spread awareness about families. This day also highlights the role of the international community in family development.
A Family Celebrate the International Day of Families

An International Day of Families is observed annually on May 15th around the globe. It is supposed to spread awareness about families. This day also highlights the role of the international community in family development. On this day, people come together to advise each other to stay connected with their families permanently. We will discuss the significance, history, and easy steps to celebrate this day. This essay will cover almost all aspects of having a good time with family.

International Day of Families

“Family” means a lot to all living organisms. One feels incomplete without their family. Keeping in mind the love for family, the United Nations proclaimed an International Day of Families on May 5th every year. This day aims to point out the essentiality of family. The United Nations focuses on the significant issues central to families, like health, education, children’s rights, and gender equality. The International Day of Families enhances knowledge of human families’ economic, demographic, and social processes.

The History of the International Day of Families

The branch of social history is known as the “history of a family.” It concerns the sociocultural evolution of kinship groups from ancient to modern times. The family’s history emerged as a different field of history in 1970. It is closely tied to anthropology and sociology.

If we talk about the history of the International Day of Families, it is not as old as the family’s history. The United Nations declared May 15th as the International Day of Families in 1994. This day was celebrated for the first time the following year. The first session’s theme was “Family: resources and the responsibilities in a changing world.” Since 1996, the United Nations has celebrated this day with different themes.

The significance of the families

The International Day of Families has great significance like other international days have. This day is usually celebrated to draw attention toward respecting the family. The world has observed this day for the last 28 years with different themes, indicating that its essentiality is not skippable. If no one is with you during a tough time, only your family can take a stand for you and get you out of challenging situations. A family member will never leave you alone during a hard time. Also, he will never allow you to take any negative step under any condition. Family is essential in every aspect of life. A family can also teach us about the history of our family.

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The Top Ten Steps to Celebrate the International Day of Families

The entire world celebrates this day with great passion in many ways. We will also discuss ten easy steps to commemorate the International Day of Families.

1. Spend time with your family.

An excellent way to make someone realize that you care for him is to spend time with him. Your family demands nothing from you, but you must spend time with them. So, we should try to spend time with family, especially on International Family Day.

2. Arrange a family trip.

It is seen that most of the time, the head of a family is busy with his work, even though he is not free to get engaged with his family. He needs to manage a trip with his family. Traveling with family members is a great way to highlight the care and love for them.

3. Managing a meal.

Observing the International Day of Families allows you to make plans to keep in touch with household members. As a tribute to family and this particular day, you should plan a meal with your family to spend time with each other. This activity offers you a feeling of mental peace and happiness for your family.

4. family garden.

We mostly see in our society that kids stay inside the house and spend their time on the Internet. The head of the household might spend International Day of Families with their kids in the backyard lawn or garden. Ancestors should highlight to them the significance of plants and trees.

5. Go camping.

Another great way to spend time with your family on this specific day is to go to another place for an outing. Families should go camping in hilly areas. A bonfire with songs can make your time a quality moment. Camping in the hills is a beautiful experience.

6. Watch movies.

Most of the world’s population likes to watch movies in their free time. On International Day of Families, we can host a movie night with family members. Almost every village, town, and city has an available theater or cinema. Going to the cinema for this purpose can also be handy for connecting with family.

7. Share stories.

The elders of a family can share their childhood stories with Younger kids to entertain them. Spending time with ancestors and listing their childhood memories is an excellent way of having fun. It also is a great way to honor your grandparents.

8. Play games.

One who wants to enjoy life should engage himself with family members. Playing games with kids gives you the chance to win their trust. It is also helpful in becoming friends with other households.

9. Discuss problems.

Looking around our community, we cannot find a better friend than our family members. Our family stands with us in every challenging situation. So, discussing problems with the household always keeps us away from pain because they never allow us to take opposing steps.

10. Read books with the family.

We know well that books are known as the best friends of human beings. So, reading books with kith and kin provides you a chance to spend time with fun. Sharing gossip with book reading adds more to the enjoyment.


It should be clear that family obtains great significance. One can never find a sincere friend other than a household member. We also need to ensure to respect them in every aspect. The ideas we have mentioned in previous passages are straightforward to adopt. Treating family units as companions allows you to live a good life and never leaves you alone.