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Prevention of food is essential. In this reading, you will learn about the significance of food and World Food Safety Day. We usually hear that water and oxygen are necessary for living. Food is also required for survival on Earth. So, we need to educate the people about its essence. This article will also tell you about World Food Safety Day’s history and the top ten activities for preventing food from wasting.

Q. What is food safety?

Practices are observed during the handling, processing, and distribution of food to ensure that the food is not contaminated. It is an essential feature in the formation of food. It informs the food safety teams if there is an issue with the food that could affect the human body. Food safety is a combined effort of the workers in the food supply chains. Food safety is a critical necessity because our food’s nutrients provide our bodies with power and energy.

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World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day is proclaimed annually on the 7th of June. The objective of celebrating this day is to promote the significance of this topic. It also aims to inform people about the harmful effects of eating contaminated food. On this day, WHO and all the health and nutrition institutes organize events and run movements. The reason for these movements is to prevent food, usually on this day, experts inform the rest of the population to avoid certain foods. Observance of this day also aims to prevent food from going to waste.

The History of World Food Safety Day

In 2018, during the General Assembly of the United Nations session, they decided to mark World Food Safety Day on the 7th of June every year. The first session of the day was held on the 7th of June, 2019. Later, the World Health Organization passed a resolution to empower global efforts for food safety. They also focused on reducing foodborne diseases. Every year, this day is celebrated with a new theme like “Food safety is everyone’s business,” “Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow,” and “Safe Food for Better Health.” These themes focus on food safety, which clearly shows its importance.

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The Significance of Food

According to reports by the WHO, 600 million cases of foodborne diseases were noted worldwide. It shows that 1 out of every ten people suffers from food poisoning from eating contaminated food. The reports also say that 125,000 children under five die every year due to foodborne diseases.

If we come to the importance of food, first we must realize that we must use fresh and hygienic food, because the above stats are very alarming. We cannot keep the essentiality of food on the side because there is no survival without clean food. Using contaminated food can be fatal. Using good food not only keeps us safe from different diseases but also provides us with energy. We can perform activities in acceptable ways.

The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate World Food Safety Day

A large number of people come out to celebrate World Food Safety Day annually. They provide their suggestions, and here we would also like to contribute in the form of recommendations.

1. Spread Awareness

Everyone should spread awareness about food safety because wasting food harms our health and economy. Securing the food not only saves it but is also effective in improving the economy.

Spread Awareness food safety day

2. Host webinars

Governments should host World Food Safety Day webinars to encourage people not to waste their food. According to reports, food is enough to feed 1 billion people a year.

Host webinars food safety day

3. Keep the food hygienic

Contaminated food is always hazardous to the health of human beings. So, our health always demands hygienic food to stay stable. We should keep our food safe and uncontaminated to enjoy life in good health.

hygienic food safety day

4. Save the food

The states should run campaigns to save food because it is known as the best activity to perform on this day associated with food safety. Preventing food from going to waste is a responsibility that everyone should share.

Save the food, food safety day

5. Maintain Cooking Temperature

Cooking is a hobby for many people around us, so Aagood Cook can advise the rest of the group on cooking temperatures. He should ensure food safety by informing people to cook at the required temperature and saving food from burning.

Maintain Cooking Temperature food safety day

6. Use refrigerators

Do you know that bacteria can multiply their numbers rapidly if left at room temperature? So, we should try to keep our eatable products in the refrigerator, because it keeps food safe from bacteria and increases the life of food.

Use refrigerators food safety day

7. Buy Calculated Food

Purchasing a calculated and as-needed amount of food greatly improves food safety.If you need to eat one pizza, you should go for one because buying an excessive amount can lead to food wastage.

Buy Calculated Food, food safety day

8. Examine the Expiry Dates

Checking the expiry date of the food is always helpful in keeping food safe. One should use the bought amount before the expiry date because not using products within a reasonable time is a significant reason for the wastage of food.

Examine the Expiry Dates food safety day

9. Improve Food Production

Human beings are producing food in very high amounts, but some of it is wasted during the cultivation and packing process. The government should introduce the latest food production methods to save and keep food safe.

Using standard seeds and watering the farms at the right time is a factor that improves production. Each state must promote this point on World Food Safety Day annually.

Improve Food Production food safety day

10. Manage Your Fridge

While arranging your fridge, make smart decisions. Move older fruits and vegetables to the front, and likewise the new ones to the back. So, you can save the old fruits from waste.

Manage Your Fridge food safety day


After reading the above passages and suggestions, we can say that food safety is as essential as food production. The mentioned points are straightforward to act upon, so we should educate people about saving the edibles. We need to act strictly upon them to secure our future, and properly educating the people is the responsibility of governments, food offices, food production offices, etc.


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