The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day

Introduction to the Article

This particular day is celebrated yearly on May the 3rd. The UN Educational and UNESCO proclaimed this day for the first time. In this discourse, you will know how important it is to celebrate this day. This article will also help understand this department’s journalism background and significance. This piece helps inform us about the steps we need to take in honor of World Press Freedom Day. Finally, when discussing this essential field, how can we forget to argue about the history of this specific day?

Table of Contents

  1. World Press Freedom Day
  2. The History of the World Press 
  3. The Significance of World Press Freedom Day
  4. The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day
  5. Conclusion

World Press Freedom Day

It is very special for people who are connected to this particular field. They pay tribute to their companions who worked hard to make their name on this day. Their work still represents them. World Press Freedom Day addresses us once a year and requests that we pay tribute to our heroes. The heroes who worked day and night to provide us with real news, who once were a source to keep in touch with the entire world. Unfortunately, the freedom of social media has disturbed this department. But still, some journalists are giving their best to keep us updated with the real and latest variations in journalism.

The History of Word Press Freedom

A seminar was held in Namibia in 1991, and journalists suggested the government approve a day affiliated with free journalism. World Press Freedom Day was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations. In 1993, on May the 3rd, the session on world press freedom was held. If we go back to dig up the roots of this day, we can see article 19 in 1948, a Universal Deceleration on Human Rights. This article states that “everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.” This right includes the freedom to express opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any medium, regardless of frontiers.

The Significance of World Press Freedom Day

The world press is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. The significance of this department is very clear because it is a source for uncovering lies and truths. This field holds the responsibility of providing information from all around the globe. It plays an important role in democracy, as the free world press helps build democratic societies. Without the world press, the world would be ignorant. It is important as it gives current and relevant information to the public. We can see that women work equally with men, which signifies gender equality. This day offers a chance to explore the latest situations in the world and things happening around us. After reading this passage, we can say that no one can ignore the significance of this particular day.

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The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day

We have a lot of data to share on this topic, but we will discuss a few easy points that are easily actionable.

1. Educate People

It is usually seen that most people do not like journalists and the press department. It is due to the mistakes of a few people. We need to educate the people about the significance of this field, so they may start helping these people by gathering the right information.

2. Organize Gatherings

To support people working in the world press, we should arrange gatherings for them. In these gatherings, we should serve them as well as pay tribute..

3. Recruit the Professionals

On World Press Freedom Day, the journalists working in the press should hire young, educated students from their relevant departments. By doing it, students will be motivated to continue their careers in this field.

4. Pay Tribute

On this day, all journalists should manage events to pay tribute to the people who worked for this niche. Additionally, they should tell people about the sacrifices their seniors made for journalism.

5. Cooperate With Them

We often see people making fun of journalists and mistreating them on social media, rather than making fun, they all need to cooperate with journalists.

6.Share Stories

Many press people have gained a name due to their hard work. They must come out in front on World Press Freedom Day and share their stories with juniors, also it will be a motivation for them to work passionately.

7. Make Training Centers

The government needs to set up training centers for people who want to work in press departments. Hence, it can be beneficial for these people to settle down in the early days of their careers. For instance, they can become anchors, reporters, or something in the press.

8. Participate In Debates

Participating in debates is a helpful way to gain knowledge and better ideas for the future. So, journalists and press members should ensure their participation in debates.

9. Use Social Media Platforms

For the betterment of the press, we should use social media platforms to raise awareness about journalism, because it can help us a lot. On World Press Freedom Day, seniors should convince young people to spread information on social media.

10. Run Movements

The journalism department has become infamous due to some people sharing fake news. Afterward, journalists should run campaigns in their favor to make their department respectable again.


After reading this text, we can say that World Press Freedom Day is of great significance, as well as it helps us to understand the value of journalism and the press. The press is responsible for spreading accurate news, because in our surroundings, we mostly see fake news wandering around on social media, spread by any irresponsible person. Still, the press has the responsibility to share accurate news in a specific way. It will help in maintaining peace and calm in society.