Top 10 Corporate Housing Companies

Finding a temporary haven that feels like home can be a challenge. Corporate housing companies offer furnished apartments, houses, and condos specifically designed for extended stays.
top 10 corporate housing companies

Finding a temporary haven that feels like home can be a challenge. Corporate housing companies offer furnished apartments, houses, and condos specifically designed for extended stays. These accommodations provide flexibility, comfort, and amenities to ease the transition for business travellers and assignees. This guide explores the top 10 corporate housing companies, helping you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Top 10 Corporate Housing Companies

Whether you’re a travelling executive or a corporate assignee, these top 10 companies offer furnished apartments, houses, and condos designed for extended stays, providing comfort, flexibility, and amenities to make your transition effortless.

1: Blueground

First on our list is Blueground, a global leader in corporate housing. They specialise in stylish furnished apartments across the US and internationally. This translates to flexible lease options, hotel-like amenities, and a comfortable home environment – all rolled into one for your business travels or assignments.

2: Zeus Living

Next up is Zeus Living, known for its smooth tech platform. They focus on creating a hassle-free living experience for corporate renters. Offering a variety of apartments and homes in major US cities, Zeus Living caters to extended stays with flexible lease terms. This makes them a strong option for business travellers and assignees seeking a comfortable and convenient temporary home base.

3: National Corporate Housing

Next up is National Corporate Housing, a well-established company with a nationwide network. They’re a great choice for businesses of all sizes. National offers a huge variety of furnished rentals, going beyond just finding you a place to stay. They can handle everything from relocation assistance to setting you up with additional services to make your temporary stay feel more permanent.

4: Landed

Next in the line is Landed, a rising star in corporate housing. They focus on providing high-quality furnished apartments specifically in trendy neighbourhoods. This means you’ll get a stylish living space in a vibrant location, perfect for exploring the city during your extended stay. Landed also boasts a streamlined leasing process and excellent customer service, making your move a breeze.

5: VIP Corporate Housing

At fifth on the list we have VIP Corporate Housing, known for their personalised service. They offer a wide range of options, from apartments and houses to vacation rentals, ensuring a comfortable fit for your needs. Whether you’re on a short-term assignment or an extended stay, VIP takes the stress out of finding temporary housing.

6: FOX Corporate Housing

FOX Corporate Housing is a nationwide leader with a strong presence in major US cities. They boast a variety of furnished apartments and homes, catering to both your temporary housing needs and the relocation process. Whether you’re on a business trip or a long-term assignment, FOX offers a comfortable living space and can even assist with property management if needed.

7: CWS Corporate Housing

At 7th we have CWS Corporate Housing on the list, a nationwide provider known for their focus on flexibility and exceptional service. They offer a variety of furnished apartments and homes to suit your needs, along with short-term rentals for temporary stays. Whether you’re on a business trip or relocating for work, CWS aims to make your housing experience smooth and stress-free.

8: is a one-stop shop for finding your corporate housing haven. Unlike the others, they don’t directly manage properties themselves. Instead, they act as a marketplace, connecting you with a vast network of corporate housing providers across the US. This means a wider variety of furnished rentals and price points to suit your needs and budget.

9: Stay Ukio

Next up is Stay Ukio, specialising in furnished apartments for business travellers in major US cities. They focus on creating a stylish and comfortable living experience. Imagine unwinding in a well-designed space after a busy day, with all the perks – that’s the Ukio approach to corporate housing.

10: Navan

Last but not least, we have Navan. Unlike others, they focus on offering furnished apartments in major US cities while keeping sustainability and social impact in mind. This means their corporate housing solutions are comfortable and eco-friendly. Plus, they partner with local businesses to provide amenities and services, giving you a chance to experience the city’s unique offerings.

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What is corporate housing in America?

In the US, corporate housing refers to furnished apartments for rent, ideal for extended business stays typically over 30 days.

Who are AltoVita competitors?

AltoVita competes with corporate housing providers like Blueground, Zeus Living, and National Corporate Housing.

How much of US housing is owned by corporations?

The exact percentage is debated, but around a quarter of US single-family homes are owned by investors, not just corporations.

Is housing affordable in the USA?

Nationwide, housing affordability in the USA is low. Renting and buying costs strain many budgets.


Whether you prioritise sleek, modern apartments like Blueground or eco-conscious living with Navan, there’s a company perfectly suited to your needs. These providers offer flexibility, comfort, and a chance to feel at home during your business travels or relocation. So ditch the stress of temporary housing and explore your options a smooth transition awaits.