The costly celebrity bodyguards

In the glittering, glitzy world of celebrities, security is paramount. A group of highly skilled and knowledgeable bodyguards escorts the celebrities for every move they take and every public appearance. However, not all celebrity bodyguards are created equal. While protecting their well-known clients from harm and maintaining their privacy and reputation, some costly celebrity bodyguards command high fees for their services.

This blog will examine the world of costly celebrity bodyguards and list the top 10 guardians by income. From pop stars to Hollywood A-listers, we’ll discuss the compensation of these elite workers trustworthy with the safety and well-being of some of the most famous people on the planet.

Celebrities that hire expensive bodyguards include Jennifer Aniston, Adele, Victoria and David Beckham, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Amy Adams, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez. The skill and expertise of these celebrities’ bodyguards—many of whom have military or law enforcement backgrounds—come at a significant cost.

So, what is the salary of these elite bodyguards? Read on to learn about the incredible salaries of these elite bodyguards and how they shield their famous clientele from the risks associated with wealth and fame.

This edition, which features the top 5, will divulge the trade secrets of Bollywood’s priciest bodyguards and protect the stars. Ever wondered what Mark Zuckerberg’s security detail looked like? We also have inside knowledge of that! Not to mention the most excellent bodyguard for Lionel Messi. Come along as we explore the life of these elite protectors, providing you with unique insights into their duties and details on the pay that celebrity bodyguards receive in the cutthroat realm of high-stakes security.

Jennifer Aniston is the first person on our list as one of the top payers for his security or the spending money in the form of a bodyguard’s salary.

Jennifer Aniston

You’re undoubtedly wondering who pays the most for a bodyguard. According to some publications, Jennifer Anniston’s is at the top of the list. According to estimates, her protection costs around $240,000 per year. Moreover, her bodyguard is one of the highest-paid in the world, thanks to his colossal security budget. In the 1990s, she became well-known for her part in the comedy “Friends.”

Furthermore, fame allowed her to land several film and television series roles, boosting her net worth. And she progressed through the ranks to become one of Hollywood’s most significant stars, deserving of her personal security detail. That is why Jennifer Anniston has one of Hollywood’s most comprehensive private security teams. Shelton, her celebrity bodyguard, has been with her since 2013. Her bodyguard has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The following person on the list who pays the most to their security is Adele. Proceed to explore how much this singer spends on her security.


Regarding singing superstars, Adele is the finest of the best. Her down-to-earth manner regularly wins her fans, but make no mistake: she is pretty wealthy. Adele’s estimated net worth of more than $190 million allows her to afford the better things in life, such as round-the-clock security.

In 2017, this fact revealed that the Music artist employed Lady Gaga’s former bodyguard, Pete Van Der Veen. At the time, Van Der Veen cost $700,000 annually. He may have obtained a promotion since then!

According to all sources, Van Der Veen comes highly recommended and has an immaculate reputation. Fans were anxious to discover more about Van Der Veen after seeing him with Adele. Peter was previously elected Mr. Europe, so he’s got his share of the spotlight.

David Beckham is a familiar name for everyone, a well-known and one of the wealthiest footballers worldwide. He is famous for spending money on charities and secretly helping needy people. The circle of fans around him makes him keep a strong bodyguard with him.

Victoria and David Beckham

Although David and Victoria Beckham’s bodyguards are not the richest in the world, they make much money yearly. The two celebrities’ net worth is approximately $1 billion, and with such wealth, one would not hesitate to employ the best private security detail. The Beckhams spent nearly $1 million on personal protection in 2014, including bodyguards to accompany them around. Their security detail is expensive because they have homes worldwide and travel regularly.

Hella Berry is the next person on our list who pays the most for security. According to reports, a robust man always stays beside her, safe from the fans. Moreover, it is surprising to know about the money he gets to secure her.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is no stranger to the spotlight and usually remains in a spot out and about with one of her bodyguards. This celebrity’s net worth is approximately $90 million, yet she spends $300,000 annually on security. You can only imagine how affluent her security is. She likes working out and usually takes her bodyguards on hikes with her. However, it does not appear that they require the activity. Halle Berry, the Oscar-winning actress, is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s been in control of the entertainment industry since the early ’90s, so she’s accustomed to dealing with paparazzi, angry fans, and everything in between. Of course, Halle is eager to assist.

Berry has various bodyguards and usually remains with them throughout her career. The Monster’s Ball actress enjoys working out and often takes her bodyguards on hikes. The question is if they genuinely require the exercise.

Berry’s bodyguards, as expected, are in excellent physical shape, as is the diva herself. They must be prepared to dash at the drop of a hat and meet danger, so although a quick stroll won’t harm, they must follow their training regimen!

An entertaining queen “Kat Perry” is also trendy for various reasons. Moreover, her bodyguard charges the amount according to her fame.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry established herself as a genuine entertainment queen, remaining at the top of her game since her breakthrough hit “I Kissed a Girl” was published in 2008. Katy’s celebrity became more famous when she was appointed to the American Idol judging panel, making her much more renowned than before.

Her security crew follows the star wherever she goes. Perry considered increasing her security after giving birth to her first child in 2020, although she is still likely to have a long-term guard. He’s also a fan favorite, with some comparing him to a young Hugh Jackman.

Bodyguards are often given as much media attention as the celebrities they are contracted to protect. It is especially true when they are beautiful and well-made! Her personal security team always remains with her.

Britney Spears is a big name in the list of singing and dancing. It is why her fans always surround her, trying to capture a click with her. Though she is very friendly to the fans, just on stage, in her real life, she has options other than spending a prominent amount on her bodyguard.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress from the United States. She is well-known for her pop songs and her influence on the music business, for which she has been nicknamed the “Princess of Pop.” Spears began acting in plays as a kid and was cast in the Disney Channel show The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992.

Britney Spears’ life has been marked by insecurity and adversity, most of which may be blamed on the paparazzi. That’s presumably why, despite having a net worth of more than $70 million, she spends more than $600,000 on security each year. Her residences are always secure to assure her and her child’s safety.

Rihanna, aka RiRi, is famous for spending too much on her security. A great thing to note is that people from the showbiz industry spend more than politicians for security purposes. See how much RiRi pays her bodyguard a year.


Rihanna’s admirers are among the most devoted in the world. It’s simple to understand why. The singer has continually proved she is in it for the long haul, selling millions of songs and launching her fashion and cosmetics line, Fenty.

That being said, RiRi is a superstar who relies heavily on security to go from point A to point B, whether she’s out to dinner with pals or traversing the world. Rihanna’s annual security costs are estimated to be in the $500,000 level, if not more excellent. She won’t be alone if she sneaks out to Target.

Everyone knows who Rihanna is, even if they don’t like her songs. It’s not easy for RiRi to go unnoticed, even if she wants to browse the discount section like the rest of us. When you’re this renowned, bodyguards are just part of the package. Another prominent name, Amy Admass, also spends a lot on security. Proceed to know how much it does!

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters, including Enchanted and Arrival. Adams keeps a low profile while she is not working. We haven’t seen her in any high-stakes drama that doesn’t take place on screen, which might explain why her security costs are a little cheaper than others. According to some reports, her net worth is more than $43 million, and her bodyguard gets $75,000 yearly to protect her.

Even if she doesn’t require round-the-clock protection, the actress insists on being trailed on red carpets by her squad. Adams has managed to toe the line and keep her private life primarily secret, which undoubtedly helps keep the paparazzi at bay.

Bella Hadid

The bodyguard for Bella Hadid is also well-known for his resemblance to star Jason Statham. The bodyguard receives a significant portion of the actress’s $250,000 private security budget each year. Bella is annoyed by her bodyguards going above and above to protect her. In 2017, she chastised her security for assaulting a female paparazzi.

So, it is time to uncover the most expensive bodyguard on our list. Our last name here is Jennifer Lopez, and being a public figure, she has to pay a significant amount to her bodyguard so the fans may not bother her.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has achieved celebrity status that only a few people have. She is not only an excellent actor but also a successful singer. Lopez is capable of accomplishing anything. She even played during the presidential inauguration in 2021.

Moreover, she is accustomed to playing roles in films such as Sony’s Maid in Manhattan, but she is filthy rich. Jen’s fortune is said to be $290 million, which allows her to hire a complete security team. She urgently needs it, given her notoriety.

J-Lo’s everyday life was thrown out the window many years ago, but her success is something she has worked hard for. With a net worth of more than $290 million and a relationship with legendary athlete Alex Rodriguez, J-Lo needs protection as tight as her dance routines, and she pays her bodyguard $500,000 per year.

It was all about the top ten expensive celebrity bodyguards. On the other hand, you people also have many queries in your mind about some other people. You ask about the salary of Taylor Swift’s bodyguard. Proceed to know about his annual income.

How much does Taylor Swift spend on security?

Taylor Swift pays high cost to his security

Taylor Swift spends $400,000 annually on security measures to protect her privacy and well-being. This substantial outlay is unsurprising given her global celebrity status and the inherent hazards of being a high-profile figure.

Taylor Swift’s numerous security guards frequently accompany her on public appearances, whether attending events, traveling, or running errands. This robust security detail comprises bodyguards, experienced drivers, and security professionals who handle her safety and avert any attacks.

Jeff Bezos, a successful businessman in America, spends much on his security. You must want to know about the yearly income of his guard.

Who is Jeff Bezos, and how much does his bodyguard earn annually?

The celebrity bodyguard annual earning

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. Bezos is also the founder and owner of Blue Origin, an aircraft manufacturer and spaceflight services company.

The annual salary of Bezos’ bodyguards is still in vain, but some sources reveal it to be $125,000 to $150,000. It is based on the wages of bodyguards for other high-profile persons, such as celebrities and politicians.

A question that clicks in the hearts of many is which celebrity has the most bodyguards. In this list, we can put the names of various people. But when it comes to a single and well-known person, he is President of Russia.

Which celebrity has the most bodyguards?

Russia’s President is the most protected person in the world, with over 3000 bodyguards, armored cars, and a separate security unit that collects information on possible threats. You know what that means: they detect malice; the rest is history.

How much does a 50 Cent bodyguard make?

The costly security provided by bodyguards.

Since this information is not made accessible to the public, estimating the precise salary of 50 Cent’s bodyguards is challenging. According to some reports, they make between $100,000 and $250,000 annually. Because bodyguarding entails excellent risk and responsibility, celebrities frequently pay their bodyguards beyond market wages. Bodyguards must undergo extensive training in handgun handling, self-defense, and security protocols. Additionally, they need to be able to maintain composure under duress.

If we talk about the person with the most expensive security worldwide, he is every sitting President of the USA. He does not have to spend this amount but the Government.

Who has the most expensive security in the world?

The President of the United States, guarded by the Secret Service, has the priciest protection in the world. With a budget of $12.0 billion for 2023, the Secret Service will have more funding than any other security organization worldwide. The President, Vice President, their families, prior Presidents, and other senior government leaders are all protected by this budget.



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