Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Jakarta

Indonesia's vibrant city, Jakarta, is a mixing pot of cultures and cuisines. Sophisticated diners may discover a world of superb fine dining beyond the bustling street food scene.

Indonesia’s vibrant city, Jakarta, is a mixing pot of cultures and cuisines. Sophisticated diners may discover a world of superb fine dining beyond the bustling street food scene. Jakarta’s fine dining restaurants offer an amazing gastronomic trip with global-inspired menus, modern interpretations of Indonesian classics, and unmatched service. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized as we present Jakarta’s Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants. 

Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Jakarta

Are you hungry for a Jakartan journey of a lifetime? Our carefully crafted list of the Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants is the only place to look. Prepare to be transported into refined tastes, faultless service, and luxurious surroundings.

1: AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant

One well-reviewed choice for an elegant gourmet dining experience in Jakarta is AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant. They provide modern French food in a classy setting reminiscent of Paris. Envision big windows, vintage furnishings, and candles. Furthermore, famous French chef Gilles Marx supervises the kitchen. They even have a walk-in glass cellar to browse their large assortment of wines.

2: Namaaz Private Dining

Do you want something unique? Go beyond your average restaurant and check out Namaaz Private Dining. This hidden treasure in Jakarta provides a customized gourmet dining experience for small parties. Envision an opulent environment tailored to your gathering, complete with first-rate service and delectable food. Moreover, Namaaz promises an amazing fine dining experience, yet few are available online.

3: Altitude Grill 

Do you want a comfortable dining experience in Jakarta? Situated on The Plaza’s 46th level, Altitude Grill provides outstanding gourmet dining and stunning city views. With a focus on dry-aged meats cooked with a Japanese flair, their menu offers mouthwatering experiences that will leave you wanting more. In addition, Altitude Grill will turn your dinner into a spectacular evening over the Jakarta metropolis with their beautifully grilled meals and juicy steaks.

4: GAIA at Altitude 

Want some traditional Italian food with a view? Go to Altitude and GAIA. Situated on the 46th level of The Plaza office building, it provides classic Northern Italian cuisine with stunning city views. Anticipate elaborate pastries, exquisite fish, and handmade pasta in a sophisticated setting.

5: Henshin 

In Jakarta, Henshin is a rooftop bar and restaurant that raises the bar on good dining. It offers Nikkei cuisine, a delectable blend of Japanese and Peruvian ingredients. Japanese-inspired cuisine, including fresh fish. However, here, you may indulge in an exceptional gastronomic experience while taking in breath-blowing 360-degree city views.

6: OKU 

Often featured on lists of the best restaurants in the city, OKU is a highly regarded fine dining establishment in Jakarta. It provides a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, ideal for a special event or an opulent evening out. However,  though information is limited, OKU is renowned for its emphasis on delectable cuisine, which may include contemporary interpretations of Japanese dishes or premium ingredients.

7: La Moda Restaurant 

Within the Plaza Indonesia mall in Jakarta sits the elegant La Moda Restaurant. They provide a contemporary take on both Indonesian delicacies and Western favourites. Furthermore, enticing desserts and cool beverages are served with wood-fired pizzas. Lastly, the restaurant has an elegant, open layout with a separate area for special events. It is tastefully decorated.

8: Akira Back 

Chef Akira Back is well-known for her international restaurant empire. With a twist, his restaurants bear his name and are dedicated to modern Japanese cuisine. Moreover, they provide a distinctive and tasty dining experience by combining their worldwide influences with Korean roots. These energetic venues are renowned for their outstanding service and captivating ambience.

9: 鮨 Saito 

Go no further than 镨 Saito for delicious Japanese cuisine in Jakarta. This well-regarded sushi restaurant serves expertly made nigiri, among other delicious dishes. Anticipate an opulent atmosphere ideal for a memorable lunch or a special occasion.

10: Skye Restaurant & Bar 

With stunning city views, Skye Restaurant & Bar is on the 56th level of Jakarta’s BCA Tower. This elegant location may be used as a laid-back restaurant serving modern world cuisine and a lively lounge with DJs at night. Skye guarantees an amazing experience, whether your dream is a romantic supper or a night out with the city lights as your backdrop.

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What makes a good fine dining?

Fine dining creates a memorable and lavish eating experience through superb cuisine, professional service, and an attractive environment, ranging from the quality of ingredients to the creative plating and immaculate presentation.

How do you eat in a fine-dining restaurant?

Prioritise using the outside utensils and then go towards your plate. Chew silently while keeping your hands in your lap. Hold off on eating until everyone at the table has been served. Ask your waitress if you have any questions about utensils; they will be pleased to assist you.

Why is fine dining popular?

Great cuisine, flawless service, and a sophisticated atmosphere make fine dining a luxurious experience ideal for pampering yourself or commemorating a special event.

Is fine dining a good business?

Although it might be difficult, fine dining can be profitable. Premium pricing must match high operational expenses for materials, labour, and rent. Attracting clients prepared to pay a premium for the experience and appreciate great cuisine, service, and ambience is essential to success.

Is fine dining sustainable?

It’s debatable if fine dining is sustainable. While some eateries prioritize using seasonal, local products and ethical sourcing, others have waste issues and employ high-impact procedures. To encourage a good dining experience that is more sustainable, look for establishments that practice eco-friendliness.


The best cuisine creativity has been incorporated into the intriguing tapestry of Jakarta’s fine dining scene. A modern take on international cuisine coexists with tastefully appointed historical settings as creative chefs push the frontiers of flavor and presentation. Jakarta’s exquisite dining offers something to tempt every palette, whether you’re in the mood for a taste of French quality or an exploration of Indonesian flavors. By researching and using these suggestions as a guide, you may choose the ideal location to delight your senses and make an evening that will never be forgotten.