The Top Ten Activities of French Language Day

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Introduction to the Article

Entire world celebrates World French Language day on March 20. This article will help French speakers to pay homage to their culture. In this reading, we will inform you about the French language, the history of this language, its importance, and many more, and also we will discuss the top ten activities that one can do on French Language Day.

Table of Contents

  1. French Language Day
  2. History of the French Language
  3. Importance of French Language
  4. Top Ten Activities of French Language Day
  5. Conclusion

French Language Day

People assemble to acclaim this language’s morals and significance on French Language Day every year. On this day, people join their hands to promise each other not to fail in recalling their culture and history. This day is promote all six languages equally around the globe. It is also known as as International Day of La Francophonie, which celebrates the Agency of Cultural and Technical Cooperation’s anniversary, which started on March 20th, 1970.

History of the French Language

The French language came from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman emperors. At that time, France was known by the name Gaul, and the Romans conquered France in the first and second centuries BC. At that time, they used to speak the Gaulish language, a Celtic language. Then, in the fifth century, German tribes overran Gaul and became Romans. Due to these external influences, the French language owes its origins to Celtic and German. But most of it is in Latin.

The French language is one of the oldest languages in the world. It was founded in the 1st century BC and was standardized and modernized with time. An event was established by the Department of Public Information of the United Nations in 2010 “to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six official languages throughout the organization.” March 20th was chosen as French Language Day as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the International Organization of La Francophonie.

Importance of the French Language

The French language is the official language in 29 countries. There are 76 million native speakers of the French language, and it is essential to know that about 235 million people speak French daily. According to reports, approximately 321 million people worldwide can speak this language. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be 700 million speakers of French, and studies say most of them will be from Africa.

This language is the 6th most common language on the internet. French has a long history as an international language of literature and scientific standards. It is the second or primary language of many international languages, including the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, etc.

Top Ten Activities of French Language Day

French Language Day is essential, as it falls on the list of most spoken languages worldwide. Speakers of this language should take steps to promote it. Now we will discuss the top ten activities to promote the French language. These steps can be helpful for them.

1. Celebrate French Holidays

We need to celebrate French holidays such as Bastille Day, Easter, Armistice Day, Victory in Europe Day, etc. Discuss this day by making fun crafts and performing traditional activities.

2. Educate the French Language

Educate other people about the it, because it is one of the most successful ways to spread your language worldwide. A known fact about learning any language is that not just learning a language helps in understanding that language’s traditions, culture, and history.

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3. Host Presentations

French people should host the presentations about their native language. They should not perform this activity just on World French Day. Hosting exhibitions once a month can help them learn the language. In this way, people can also inform others about the importance of this language.

4. Make Music Playlist

As mentioned above, a plurality of people worldwide speaks the French language. But to increase the number of speakers, people should make a playlist of French music and let the others enjoy it, and Studies show that this idea is helpful in learning languages out of context.

5.French Arts and Crafts

People should make French arts and crafts items for their friends as gifts, also it is a helpful step to pay honor to any culture. We know that France is very rich in culture, afterward people love to learn about the cultures of other countries.

6. Learn about French Literature

Literature always has a significant effect on our society’s development, because It helps shape civilization, change the political system, and expose injustice. Literature also provides a detailed preview of human experiences. On French language day, one must learn about it’s literature, in the same way It can be handy for people who want to adopt France as their next destination.

7. Learn about Writers

No one can forget the heroes of their traditions on any language’s day. So, it is essential to learn about the writers of the past times and present too. Anyone who wants to serve his national language or heroes, thus he must learn and inform people about them.

8. Write Diary in French

Most people like to write positive thoughts, while others like to write about their lives. Most people don’t write diaries. They should write logs daily. So they can improve their writing skills, and they should write in French.

9. Get Help from Google

Nowadays, Google is the most prominent teacher for studying or learning, on the whole there is a lot of data available on google to get help from. Google is always ready to help you understand the French language. If, anyone is interested in learning, then he should get help from google on World French Day.

10. Host French Movie Night

If you and your friends want to adopt it as your second language, then you can talk in this language with each other. You can also host a movie night on French Language day, because Learning with visuals is the most effective way.


After this discussion, we can conclude that French is widely spoken, likewise it is one of the oldest language. This language is spoken in 29 countries. It is a language with strong culture and traditions, furthermore French speakers should try to implement given activities in their lives to promote it.