Top Ten Ways to Improve Forestry on World Forest Day

We are writing this article to make everyone understand the importance and need for forests and trees worldwide. According to reports, there are almost 60,000 species of trees on the earth. We all need to understand that the woods are the living place for many creatures that cannot survive with us human beings. People who are in love with forests say that the death of forests is the death of humanity. This article will discuss the easiest and best ways to save the forest and the creatures living there.

World Forest Day

People worldwide celebrate World Forest Day on March 21 due to a decision made by the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of celebrating this day is to inform the people about the importance of the forests available worldwide, so countries are encouraged to organize activities involving trees and animals both nationally and internationally. 

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The History of World Forest Day

At the 16th session of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organizations) conference, they decided to commemorate World Forest Day in 1971. The Centre for International Forestry Research proclaimed World Forestry Day from 2007 to 2012. Finally, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 21 as World Day of Forests on November 28, 2012.

The Importance of World Forest Day

Forests, known as the homes of millions of creatures, are a source of escape for our world from global warming and the pieces of land that carry the weight of billions of trees that are very rare in the rest of the world. Above all, we wonder how anyone can ignore the importance of forests that provide natural ingredients to serve humanity to treat diseases. The woods also own the responsibility of offering food to many living things. They also keep the earth clean and reduce the environment’s temperature with the help of various trees.

People living in the forests or the neighborhood of forests get their food and also generate their income from the trees, animals, and fish found in the woods. 

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Top Ten Ways to Make Forests Live Again

Keep in mind that forests and the factors found there are disappearing quickly. Generally, we can say that we are losing a lot of resources that we could use to benefit human beings. Therefore, it has simply become a major need for time not to let them disappear. We should all contribute equally and not let the forests change their color. Everyone should keep in mind to let them stay green so animals living there can survive.

For this reason, we will discuss ten ways for the betterment of forestry that are very easy for our governments to implement practically.

1. Save the Trees

Trees are necessary for the survival of forests, and trees are also used for many things, like making paper, burning fires, making furniture, constructing houses, and many others. We should all try to save trees, not cut or burn them. We must realize that this is the digital era, and we should reduce paper usage to save trees. Now, bricks are available everywhere to make houses.

mens are saving the trees.

2. Planned cutting of Trees

As discussed earlier, we cannot ignore the importance of trees and forests. Moreover, their cutting should be planned if it is necessary to cut the trees. So, we need to cut the trees as per our requirements. If we need the wood of one tree, the number of trees we cut must be one.

men are cutting the trees.

3. Forest Fire Control programs

Usually, we come to know through television and internet sources about the destruction of the forest by fire. The states should strictly make rules to stop these problems caused by nature or our mistakes. They need to look into the causes of forest fires.

this guys controlling forest fire.

4. Stop the Conversion of Forests into Agriculture Land

According to an estimate, about 40 million square kilometers of land are converted from forest to agricultural land, and this process continues. For this reason, time demands to stop this conversion because it causes deforestation and creates a food deficiency for the animals living there.

this is conversion of forest.

5. Forest Protection

The existing forests need protection. Besides, regular cutting of trees and unorganized grazing are also reasons. Many diseases are reasons for deforestation because they weaken the trees and plants. We all know that these trees and plants are food for animals and human beings too. So, forests should be kept disease-free to save animals and human beings.

these guys are planting.

6. Management of Forests

Forests need to be managed by organizations. Management should be responsible for surveying forests and checking whether there are any wood problems. They need to see that no fire occurrence should take place in forests. They should also be responsible for observing animals to protect them from diseases. Animals found rarely should be treated well so their generation may survive.

these guys are management of forest.

7. Involve local people in Forest Protection

Native people of any area know their area better than anyone else. If governments involve the people living in forests or near woods, it can be helpful in reforestation. As we know, inhabitants know much more about the conditions of forests than we do. As discussed, they are familiar with the species in forests. Above all, they can tell the organizations or management about problems in the woods. It might be time-saving and more beneficial for them than starting surveying from the start.

these guys are planting in forest.

8. Stop Hunting Rare Animals

We need to stop hunting rare animals permanently. Every creature on earth has the right to live a life. We normally note that hunters usually hunt the animals remaining in very small quantities. The states should not allow hunters to pursue them.

man are hunting.

9. Create Forest Roads

Governments need to construct roads in the forests to access them in a limited time and with ease. Lacking roads, it takes too much time to see the woods on a survey basis. A complete survey or visit in a short time can save the lives of many ill animals and affected plants too. Roads also make the adventure visit time-saving, and more people visit forests for their betterment.

forests has  muddy road.

10. Spread Awareness

The states should take steps for reforestation. They need to highlight the significance of forests and their elements to the common people. It is the right of every common person to know about the woods.

girl are spreading awareness about forest.


Forestry is as important as in the rest of the world. Not only organizations or states, but every individual should take part in the survival of forests. People who do not realize the significance of plants, trees, and animals, should be told that they are also a part of the universe. They also have the right to survive.


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