The Top Ten Ways to Inhibit Tobacco Use on World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day

In this reading, we will find out about the effects and damages that tobacco causes. We will also talk about the history of World No Tobacco Day. In this article, we will figure out why WHO needed to stop tobacco use. You will also find some suggestions to control the use of tobacco. 

Table of Contents

  1. The History of World No Tobacco Day
  2. The Effects of Tobacco on Our Health
  3. The Top Ten Ways to Inhibit the Use of Tobacco
  4. Conclusion

World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day is significant as it helps save our health. At the instructions of WHO, the entire world celebrates World No Tobacco Day on May 31st. The reason for celebrating this day is to highlight the effects of tobacco on our daily lives. Millions of people join hands on this day to record their protest against tobacco use. On this day, the gathered people make speeches, also inform people about the disadvantages of tobacco. Additionally, they indicate the effect of smoking on our income.

The History of World No Tobacco Day

In 1987, the members of the World Health Organization announced World No Tobacco Day to draw global attention to tobacco use. The first session of World No Tobacco Day was held on April 7th, 1988. Then, in the same year, they decided to proclaim this day on May 31st annually. Since then, the world has celebrated this day on the same date but with a different theme. Every year, the World Health Organization proclaims this day with a new piece to convey a new message. 

Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco is not suitable for use in every aspect. Smoking is the cause of many diseases in our bodies, like cancer, heart disease, lung problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and many other diseases. Tobacco use is also the reason for tuberculosis, specific eye diseases, and immune system problems. Recent studies have shown that tobacco has the power to cause infertility in both men and women. 

According to reports in the USA, 300 billion dollars each year are used to treat tobacco-related diseases. Every country is facing economic problems in treating these types of conditions. A hike in currency rates is also damaging the economies of many nations.

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The Top Ten Ways to Inhibit the Use of Tobacco

Keep in mind the effects of tobacco on our bodies. The time has come to stop using tobacco, as it is not so easy to do, but there is nothing wrong with trying. We will discuss ten easy steps to quit smoking that are very easy to implement.

1. Educate the people

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People all around the globe who are nonsmokers need to educate the users of tobacco. They should take serious steps to help smokers get rid of this habit. They must consider it their keen responsibility to inform the younger generation because younger people are adopting it as a fashion without thinking that it could be life-threatening in the future.

2. Nicotine replacement therapy

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Tobacco users should visit their healthcare providers and tell them they want to quit smoking. The doctor will prescribe nicotine replacement therapy, which will be in the form of a nasal spray or inhaler. Short-acting treatments are usually safe. These therapies can cause problems in the beginning, but one will be fine after 3 or 4 medicines.

3. Use Chewing Gums

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To overcome tobacco dependence, one should chew gum or candies. So smokers may not face tobacco cravings. If he does not like candies or chewing gum, he needs to eat something tasty and crunchy in order not to suffer from cravings.

4. Physical exercises

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Many times, physical activities are beneficial in distracting from tobacco cravings. A person who is a regular nicotine user should get addicted to walking or jogging daily. In this way, he can achieve positive results, In offices, if there is no place to walk or jog, then he can go for knee bending, pushups, or run on stairs.

5. Relaxing Techniques

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Most people use tobacco when they are dealing with any stress. Later, they fell into an addiction to smoking or something like that, as we know Ignoring tobacco itself is a stressful activity. So these people should try relaxing techniques like deep breathing, muscle relaxation, listening to calming music, yoga, massage etc.

6. Change your Mindset

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When you suffer from tobacco cravings, try to change your mind. Change in mindset is one of the easiest ways to escape from cravings. You can change your attitude by calling your friends, going for a walk, sharing jokes, meeting to talk, etc. Once your mindset is changed, you will suffer no more cravings.

7. Get online support

Smokers who want to quit smoking are encouraged to join an online stop-smoking program. In these programs, thousands of people likewise suffer from tobacco cravings. Some of the people there are to motivate smokers to quit in their mission to quit this habit. Online programs are beneficial to these people.

8. Control the Youngers

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Our youth, especially teenagers, think e-cigarettes, clove cigarettes, flavored cigarettes, and water pipes are less harmful. But they need to know that these are also harmful. We should encourage them to skip it because the FDA recommends that youth stay away from it because it is dangerous for their health.

9. Sum up the expenses

effects of quitting smoking

Smoking is a costly habit, so help your teenager calculate the cost of cigarettes or vaping daily, weekly, and monthly. This comparison might be helpful. He might agree to something else like smartphones, clothes, or other teen essentials.

10. Make donations on world no tobacco day

In our surroundings, there is a large number of people who want to leave smoking. But due to financial crisis, they cannot visit their family physician. They are not in a position to quit smoking due to addiction, nor can they seek treatment because of financial problems. So, people with good wealth should help them by donating money. 


We conclude that tobacco is harmful to our health and wealth too. Sometimes, the diseases a person suffers due to smoking are fatal. All the doctors, especially the FDA, ask everyone to stay away from smoking. If someone is addicted to it, he must try to get rid of this damn. Otherwise, he will face many problems with his health in the upcoming times.