Happy Earth Day

April 22 is known for its affiliation with our planet Earth. People gather to remind each other that the Earth is our home, so it is our responsibility to save it from anything that harms it. The purpose of the gathering is to bring attention to the value of the land we live on. In this article, we will discuss a lot about International Mother Earth. 

Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day

This day is celebrated on April 22nd to protect the Earth from being ruined. International Mother Earth Day annually reminds us to love nature, ecosystems, and the species that live on the earth. People on this day get an opportunity to raise global public awareness to accept our planet’s challenges in this era. Every year, this day is celebrated with a new theme to overcome severe problems.

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The History of the International Mother Earth Day

People protested against water and air pollution from the 1950s to the 1970s. People were furious about the oil spill in many states of America. So, after decades of protest, the United Nations finally decided to observe the International Day of the Earth every year on April 22. On the first International Earth Day, almost 20 million people, 20 percent of the world’s population, joined together to call for a healthy, clean, and beautiful environment. After twenty years, in 1990, this day went global, and 200 million people came together to celebrate the victory of Mother Earth.

Later in 2009, April 22 was established as the International Day of Mother Earth. Today, more than one billion people across the world come together to celebrate this day for the betterment of our planet.

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The Importance of Mother Earth

To understand the importance of Mother Earth, we need to realize that it provides us with water and food to survive. Additionally, Earth gives us space to live. Earth’s atmosphere is valuable because it is the only source of natural trees, and trees are the starting point of fresh air. We cannot keep the importance of the Earth to one side as it treats us like babies and provides us with the origins of life. The important way to pay tribute to the earth is to educate the people about its significance and then work for the betterment of the earth.

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Reasons for the Destruction of Mother Earth

Our Mother Earth is facing destruction rapidly due to our own mistakes. Our industries cause climate change, resulting in a lack of forests in the world and pollution caused by human beings. Likewise, there are thousands of reasons for the destruction of the Earth. Hence, we need to stop Mother Earth from being ruined. Every single person should take part in this vital mission.

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Top Ten Ways to Save the Earth on International Mother Earth Day

There are many ways to save the Earth from destruction, but here we will discuss the top ten easy steps everyone should take to protect the Earth.

1. Educate the people.

First, we must educate the people that Mother Earth is essential for all creatures. We should highlight the importance of the Earth to people. We also need to inform them about the disappearance of the Earth.

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2. Stop Deforestation.

Forests are of great importance in the world as they are the source of many natural resources and also people generate income from forests. We get fresh air and water from the woods. But unfortunately, human beings are minimizing the number of forests due to their benefits. We need to stop deforestation.

Many trees have been cut down.

3. Keep the water clean.

As we know, water is essential in our daily lives. We also know that only clean and fresh water is usable for human beings. Most industries dump their polluted water into the oceans and rivers. We ought to realize that contaminated water is a significant reason for the devastation of the Earth, by all means, we need to work on it.

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4. Use reusable shopping bags.

Consider using reusable shopping bags as plastic bags are not environmentally friendly and also decomposing plastic bags take many years, and decomposing makes the environment polluted. It will help us to keep our earth clean. Plastic bags are also known as the enemies of animals and fish, and they become the reason for the killing of most of these species. 

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5. Walk as much as you can.

Walking more is also helpful in keeping the environment clean because too much use of transport pollutes the air. Walking is also beneficial in maintaining good health and also increases savings in countries with low incomes.

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6. Plant more trees.

On the other hand, deforestation in recent years has threatened the world. Global warming is the result of the low number of trees in towns. Try to plant several trees in your surroundings because they help make your area beautiful. Trees are vital for our well-being and our planet too. They are also a factor in maintaining the temperature of our land.

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7. Use renewable energy.

We all know very well that using different types of energy can result in the waste of many natural resources. So, we should try to use renewable energy like solar, hydro, and wind energy to save resources that can harm the Earth. Another step we can take is to educate the people on a large scale about this step.

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8. Use Natural Resources to Survive.

We need many resources for survival, like food, water, and many others. We all try to use natural and chemical-free sources because chemicals are toxic to our bodies and the environment. Using chemical-free seeds in lower amounts or not using them can make a big difference.

9. Recycle Resources.

There are many terms when we cannot depend on natural resources only. In this condition, we need to rake help from unnatural resources, but we should try to use reusable or recyclable sources. It can help save resources and use them in tough times.

10. Avoiding Chemicals on Waterways.

Chemicals are often disposed of through a drainage system that leads toward rivers, lakes, and oceans. At the same time, it’s our responsibility to use non-toxic things to protect the environment.


Environmental pollution is a very critical factor in damaging Mother Earth. So, it’s essential to treat nature with respect. We all need to take serious steps to keep the planet safe and secure. All the points mentioned above are necessary and easy, as well as we need to apply them in our daily lives to save the Earth from destruction.


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