Top Ten Ways to Protect Plants | International Day of Plant Health

The health of human beings, animals, and our planet depends on the health of plants. It is not new to anyone that plants on planet Earth provide food and oxygen. This reading will discuss the International Day of Plant Health and its significance.
Protect Plants International Day of Plant Health

The health of human beings, animals, and our planet depends on the health of plants. It is not new to anyone that plants on planet Earth provide food and oxygen. This reading will discuss the International Day of Plant Health and its significance. We will tell you about ways to protect the plants on Earth. This article will be helpful for those people who want to save the lives of plants.

International Day of Plant Health

All humans know that plants are the key to our survival on Earth. We can predict the importance of plants because they provide us with 98% of the oxygen we breathe. They also hold the responsibility of absorbing carbon dioxide. On the International Day of Plant Health, it is necessary to highlight the effects of the loss of vegetation. We also need to realize that the declining number of plants and trees is disturbing our ecosystem. We are responsible for the unhealthy plants because our activities are harming the plants badly.

History of This Day

In December 2018, the United Nations passed a resolution to declare 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health. The purpose of celebrating this was to raise awareness about the seriousness of the plant’s health. This celebration aimed to inform us on how to protect the planet’s health and help us end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and positively impact any state’s economy.

Due to an abundance of planned activities during 2020, IYPH continued to the next year. The United Nations marked May 12th as the International Day of Plant Health to raise awareness of green plants. Zambia promoted this day initially, and the UN General Assembly took action. Then, many countries took their part in the resolution to mark this day.

The Significance of Plants

We all know well that climate change and human being activities are affecting the climate. Our activities are also harming biodiversity. People need to know about drastic change and take action on the planet’s health for the betterment of both people and our planet.

Today, people connect to educate themselves about the protection of plants. They also discuss the effects of plants on our ecosystem and economy. 

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Effects of No Plants

No one on this planet can neglect the supremacy of plants. The absence of trees and plants results in negative effects on the planet. We will get no oxygen for survival. There is no source for an abundance of carbon dioxide either. Without plants, we would not have natural foods for survival either. The rareness of plants is also responsible for high temperatures.

Top Ten Ways to Protect Plants

For the precedence of plants, we will discuss a few points here for the protection of plants and saving planet Earth.

1. Spread Awareness

States should take part in informing the people about the significance of plants and trees. Inhabitants need to realize the loss they could face in the future. So the states and organizations can manage events and programs to make people aware of the value of natural greenery. The state should provide them with suggestions to preserve plants.

2. Plant Trees

The easiest method to preserve the environment is to plant trees. Trees grow in a short time but serve the next generations. Trees are useful in many ways, like providing food, maintaining temperature, etc.

3. Switch to Digital Books

Trees are used in making the paper. To keep our environment friendly with trees, we must preserve them. Every individual in the society should take care of trees. We need to convert our books into digital form to save trees. In this way, we can help our environment stay green.

4. Serve the Plants

Plants normally take water from their roots, but the water level gradually decreases. So, they are facing issues in their survival without water. Now it comes to us to serve them by watering and escaping from high temperatures. Most plans die of diseases, so we need to take care of them.

5. Save Water

As mentioned above, plants and trees are essential for human beings and our planet. The water crisis is also affecting them badly. Perpetual use of water is creating problems for all living organisms. So, we should run campaigns to conserve water. The deficiency of water could be dangerous in the future.

6. Stop Deforestation

As we know, forests are important for many reasons. They produce oxygen, give us food, maintain the temperature, and stop global warming. But unfortunately, deforestation has been taking place for a long time. We need to take serious action against deforestation.

7. Monitor Agriculture

A large piece of land containing forests is cleared for agriculture, and this process continues. Deforestation has reached its red point now. So we need to do cultivation with regular monitoring.

8. Minimize Food Wastage

Half of the food got from trees and plants is wasted every year. It is an alarming situation for human beings because this wasted food is enough to feed 1 billion people. We can help plants by not wasting eatables.

9. Water the Plants

If you have a lawn in your home, you need to grow plants and trees there. Make an addiction to watering them daily in the morning. It would be best to be careful while watering because a large amount of water is wasted every time it rains. 

10. Go for Cloth Products

In our daily routine, many people use paper products made from trees. They should prefer cloth products, as they are washable and reusable. Paper products are wasted after use. According to an estimate, it takes 17 trees to make a ton of paper towels.


In the end, we can say that plants are very important, but unfortunately, we have no respect for them. We should make a promise to ourselves to make plants and trees secure. We will follow the suggestions and try to be careful about plants and trees. Plants, trees, and human beings depend on each other. So, they all need the attention and love of each other.