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In this reading, you will find out what skills are and how they are essential to learning. You will also know what skills you need to learn to achieve what you want on World Youth Skills Day. We all know that a person requires skills to perform any task, so let’s see what those skills are.

World Youth Skills Day (introduction and history)

The world celebrates World Youth Skills Day to remind us that our future is based on our youth and their skills and talents. The United Nations General Assembly decided in 2014 to celebrate a day for youth skills, So the whole world celebrates that day on July 15th.

What is a skill? 

A skill is a piece of knowledge and the ability to do any task correctly. The ability to perform minor and significant tasks is called a skill. For example, from farming to industrializing, from writing to listening, from learning to playing, from making dollhouses to constructing significant buildings, from stitching to designing, and even from talking to writing a book, everything is a skill if it is done correctly.

When we say youth skills, we mean the skills our younger generation needs to learn to keep pace with the rapidly growing world.

The importance of youth skills

Youth skills are as necessary to every nation as their youth is. When a young generation knows how to communicate,  work and develop like and better than the rest of the world, no power can stop it from being successful. In addition, youth skills are helpful and help every young person grow financially, mentally, physically, and personally.

Reason to learn youth skills

Our youth are our assets; if we don’t manage and organize our assets, we’ll not develop. Learning skills are essential for our younger generation, some of the reasons are, it skills are a healthy process, learning keeps our minds engaged, and also earning youth skills helps us gain independence. Youth skills are the ladder to the success of a nation. Learning helps us fight mental illnesses as well.

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Top ten youth skills

1. Communication skills

Communication skills refer to the skill of talking to people appropriately. It’s a youth skill because a young person working for something on a more significant level has to interact with different people, so he should know how to talk to them and convey his opinion. A person should be able to communicate in a way that convinces the other person easily. This skill is helpful for both professional and personal life.

2. Leading skills

A leading skill is not just a youth skill but for every person who leads any group, whether that is a group of kids playing on the ground, young people doing a project, or aged people teaching skills. A whole group relies on the leader, so he should know how to give instructions and take his group to the peak of success. The utmost skill of one person can become the reason for success for many.

3. Creativity

Creativity is the soul of the invention, as well as It is the skill of looking at a problem differently and finding unique ways to solve it. It uses a person’s imagination to figure out how to solve any problem. It’s one of the youth skills because today’s youth face different problems. Our youth should know to use their imaginations to generate new and exciting ideas to solve these problems.

4. Time management

“Productivity is never an accident. It’s always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused efforts.”-Paul J. Meyer. Time management is deciding when to commit when to execute the plan, and when to focus on what. Everything needs to be done on time a child should get primary education in two years, a young person should excel in his field in his twenties, and an older person should retire in his sixties. Everything has its time, a young person should know the right time for every step and, also how much time he can use on one task or project. This youth skill helps to save time and invest time in the right place.

5. Project management

A project is a sum of lots of small goals, additionally, project management is one of the youth skills that help achieve those goals. The leader of the project should know the Excel areas of his group members so that he can assign the task to the right person. A project leader also decides how much time they can spend on one goal and how they can manage to complete the project with a limited budget. Project management is the skill of knowing the scope and using reasonable time and budget on any project.

6. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is the skill of identifying a problem, finding out its causes, figuring out its solution, and implementing the solution. Youth skills include problem-solving because with the development of the world, the problems are developing too, and other youths face complex problems in their professional and personal life. Everyone should know how to deal with the problems they face on the way to success and, so they can avoid creating problems for people around them.

7. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a way of thinking about anything, a problem, or a topic because it helps in improving a person’s thoughts by examining, evaluating, and bettering the ability to think. Youth skills included critical thinking because it proved to be helpful in many tasks, especially decision-making.

8. Writing

Today’s youth is into writing a lot. The world faced an economic crisis during COVID-19 but took advantage of this youth skill. Many people managed to earn money by writing. People used content writing, Creative writing, and descriptive writing to earn money. Apart from this, writing is a crucial way of expressing one’s feelings which helps in fighting depression and anxiety.

9. Active listening

Listening isn’t an easy task. Listening requires patience and tolerance, but listening is a handy skill. This skill from youth skills helps to construct new knowledge and understand complex things. Active listening skills help the listener gain the speaker’s trust because when the speaker knows someone is listening, he tends to be comfortable and trust the listener.

10. Decision making

Decision-making is a root skill for every stage of life. It refers to being able to make decisions by using all the other youth skills. This skill uses all other skills to make a perfect decision. This ability is essential for every person because one wrong decision can make a person face its consequences for the rest of his life.


We concluded from the above reading that skills are abilities to perform different tasks in an acceptable way and that our new generation must learn all types of skills that can brighten their future. There are many reasons to learn new skills, but the most compelling reason is that it keeps our youth mentally healthy and away from depression and anxiety. Youth skills will not affect the person who learns them but also the whole nation or state. On World Youth skills day, we remind our young generation how much this world needs them and how much they need to learn new skills.


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