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This article has most of the reasons why the governments of many states should lower the voting age. This article explains how young people can prove themselves as better and more responsible voters than adults. The legal age in many countries is above 20 years but kids below 20 deserve to have this right and are even more capable of electing the right person as their leader. This article will help you understand how youth can play their role as a voter if the voting age is lowered.


Q. What does “voting” mean?

Voting is conducted in democratic states where people have the right to elect their leader. Voting means giving your opinion on who is worth giving the power to. When voting is conducted, a person who happens to get more votes gets to lead the state for a specific time span.

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Q. Why is voting important?

Voting is very important because it is the right of every citizen of democratic states. Voting gives chance citizens to select their future leader and the opportunity to give their opinion on the previous performances of leaders. It also lets people express their suggestion on public issues and give the contestants a chance to prove them. Through voting people play their role in choosing their leader for a specific period which is generally 5 years. People of democratic states can not blame the system if the leader doesn’t fulfill his promises or fails to become a good leader.

1. Democracy


Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is a system in which people can elect their leader. If the chosen leader doesn’t fulfill his promises and the citizens are not satisfied with his performance, they can take back authority. A democracy is a government that the people control. In democratic states, people elect their leader by their choice, and if that person doesn’t work the way he had promised or is not capable of handling the affairs of the state, the people just take away his power to rule.

2. Voting age

Every democratic state has a specific age at which a citizen can vote. The most common voting age is 18 but it differs in many states. Many states like Canada, China, Afghanistan, France, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Zimbabwe, Japan, Italy, Yemen, and many others have legal voting ages between 16 and 18 years. Other countries like Bahrain, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Jersey, and a few others have a voting age above 20 years.

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Top ten reasons to lower the voting age

1. Young people are future

Young people are the future of every state so they should have the right to elect the person who will be leading their state. Lowering the voting age will make the youth feel like they are valued in their country and they will vote dutifully.

18 is the voting age and voting is the future of the youth

2. Youth makes good voter

Youth of the countries, especially those who don’t have the right to vote because of young age actually make good voters. By good voters, it is meant that they start taking interest and cast their vote carefully and dutifully. Lowering the voting age will make young people more responsible.

Youth makes good voting

3. Young people have a better understanding of politics

Today’s young citizens are more social and take an interest in complex things like politics. Lowering the voting age will make governments more successful and reliable. They have more understanding of politics and this is why they should have the right to vote because they understand who is capable of leading the whole country and who is not.

Young people have a better understanding voting of in politics

4. Leader will be leading younger people too

When leaders make rules for adults and youth then young people should have the right to elect the leader. Young voting age will give them the right to elect the person whom they think is better for them.

A leader will be leading younger people too before voting day

5. Young people understand who’s going to work for whom

As the youth has an obsession with social media and seeing what is happening in the world, they also use it to see what their leaders are doing. Lowering the voting age will give them the right to elect the person they think has been working for the betterment of the Country.

Young people understand who's going to work for whom on voting day

6. Lowering the age will increase voters

Almost 25% of the population of many states is youth. Giving chance to young people to vote will increase the number of voters and make it easy to decide who deserves to be the leader and whom people think is least capable of being able to handle the authorities of the country.

Lowering the age will increase voters on voting day

7. End of arguing young people

Lowering the voting age will stop youth people from arguing and blaming adults for electing the wrong person to rule the state. Young people claim that they know who is the better ruler and who doesn’t deserve to be one so we should give them the right to vote and play their role to elect the leader and prove themselves right.

Voting Age

8. Young people deserve what adults have

Young people who are more educated, more understanding, and more social deserve to have the right to vote just like adults have. It makes them equally responsible for making or breaking the government.

Young people deserve what adults have in Voting Age

9. Empowerment of youth

As mentioned above, youth is the future of the country, and giving it the right to vote empowers it. Those who lead the countries know that youth has power and voice, and giving them a reason to stand against you will be a mistake. This gives the leader the sense of being supervised and observed so they work honestly.

Empowerment of youth in Voting Age

10. This is what the youth wants

The young generation wants its share of being able to elect its leader, ruler, lawmaker, and influencer. Youth wants the lower voting age so they can play their role in the selection of the person who gets to play many roles in the making or breaking of their future.

This is what the youth wants in Voting Age


We’ve seen that the voting age in many states is older than it should be, and many young people believe they have the ability to choose their leaders. Asking for this right doesn’t seem wrong because there are many reasons why young people deserve the right to vote. Young voters can bring a big change to the state.


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