Top 10 Most Expensive Cherished Teddies in UK

The world of Cherished Teddies offers a surprising blend of comfort and collectability.  This list unveiled the Top 10 most expensive teddies in the UK, showcasing the value placed on rarity, age, pristine condition, and design.
Top 10 Most Expensive Cherished Teddies in UK

The unassuming world of Cherished Teddies holds a surprising secret: some adorable bears can fetch high prices among collectors.  Rarity, pristine condition, age, and design all play a role in determining a teddy’s value.  This list dives into the fascinating world of these collectible cuties, the Top 10 Most Expensive Cherished Teddies in the UK.  From early production runs to signed pieces by creator Priscilla Hillman, discover the bears that have captured collectors’ hearts – and wallets.  So, dust off your old Cherished Teddies because you might be holding a hidden treasure.

1: 1992 Cherished Teddies Priscilla “Love Surrounds Our Friendship” Numbered

This figurine is a collectible piece featuring a sweet teddy bear named Priscilla. Released in 1992, it embodies the theme of friendship with its inscription or design. Moreover, it holds value to collectors who appreciate vintage pieces and the sentiment they represent. Lastly, if you have one in good condition, it could be valuable for fellow collectors seeking this design.

2:Cherished Teddies Circle Of Love -Catalog Exclusive Figurine 1999 – MIB

It is a collectible figurine that features a group of Cherished Teddies characters. This figurine likely appeared in a catalog in 1999, exclusive to that particular company. It depicts several Cherished Teddies animals, possibly a bear, cat, rabbit, and mouse, forming a circle or huddle, symbolizing love and friendship. Moreover, Enesco made Teddy, a company known for collectible figurines. This piece could be highly sought after by Cherished Teddies enthusiasts, especially if it’s in good condition.

3: Cherished Teddies – Janice – You Suit Me Perfectly – Rare

Janice—You Suit Me Perfect is a potentially rare Cherished Teddy figurine that features a bear named Janice enjoying a beach day. Janice sports a towel and a beach ball. It’s a 2001 figurine designed by Priscilla Hillman. It might be valuable, especially if kept in mint condition. Moreover, its true worth depends on factors like production numbers and conditions. Similar listings on online marketplaces like eBay can offer insights.

4: Cherished Teddies – Celene – The Belle Of The Ball – Ltd Edition -104034i

This Celene figurine is part of a limited production run, making it more valuable than mass-produced Cherished Teddies. Released in 2002, it might be considered vintage by collectors interested in older teddies. Moreover, Celene belongs to a specific “Masquerade Ball” series, potentially increasing its appeal to collectors who enjoy themed sets.

5: Cherished Teddies – Music & Movement – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

It was a collectible item that brought together the charm of Cherished Teddies with a touch of musical whimsy.  These teddies likely featured the adorable Cherished Teddy designs we know and love, perhaps incorporated into a scene depicting the classic children’s song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  A built-in music box mechanism would then play the song’s melody, adding a delightful interactive element.  It undoubtedly captured the hearts of collectors who cherish both Cherished Teddies and the enduring legacy of childhood songs.

6: Cherished Teddies Figurine 2005 Fuzzy Easter Wishes Number

The “Cherished Teddies Figurine 2005 Fuzzy Easter Wishes” is a collectible figurine depicting a cute Cherished Teddy in an Easter theme.  While the exact number produced isn’t widely known,  since it’s a 2005 release, it might fall into the category of moderately rare, depending on its production volume.  Its value would depend on the figurine’s condition. Furthermore, the pristine piece with a box and tags could be more valuable than a loose one showing signs of wear. However,  its potential value lies in its age-specific Easter theme, which might attract seasonal collectors and overall cuteness that resonates with Cherished Teddy enthusiasts.

7: Cherished Teddies – Heath – Music and Movement

It is a particular collectible teddy bear within the Cherished Teddies line. Heath likely refers to the teddy’s name, and “Music and Movement” suggests it has a unique feature. It will play a tune, perhaps the calming melody of “By the Beautiful Sea,” as seen in some versions,  when activated by a mechanism. This musical aspect and any unique design elements could potentially make the “Heath – Music and Movement” teddy more sought-after by collectors, increasing its value.

8: Cherished Teddies – 15th Anniversary Musical Carousel – 15 Cherished Bears 

This collectible celebrates 15 years of Cherished Teddies. It’s a musical carousel made of resin featuring 15 miniature Cherished Teddies adorning the carousel horses. The carousel plays the “Blue Danube Waltz” as it rotates, adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia. Moreover, Enesco released this particular carousel in 2006 with a limited production run of only 4,000 pieces worldwide, making it a potential collector’s item.

9: Cherished Teddies – Paula – Helping Others Is The Best Part Of My Job 

It’s a teddy bear dedicated to the medical field. Paula, the bear, is a charming representation of doctors, nurses, or any caregiver.  Clad in a white coat with blue trimmings, she wears a stethoscope around her neck, symbolizing her profession. On one hand, Paula carries patient records, hinting at her commitment to her work.  In addition, this figurine celebrates the compassion and dedication of those who help others. Lastly, since retiring from production, Paula has become a sought-after piece among collectors who cherish the message of caregiving she embodies.

10: Cherished Teddies -Teaghan – Australian Schoolgirl 

A Cherished Teddy dressed as an Australian schoolgirl might be the perfect addition to your collection. This light brown bear, roughly 16 inches tall, sports a charming red plaid uniform with a skirt and a hint of wear. While it may lack the pom poms or other accessories some might expect, its pre-loved condition adds to its unique charm.  Gift this adorable piece of Aussie nostalgia – a delightful conversation starter for any teddy bear enthusiast.

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What is the most expensive cherished Teddie?

The most expensive Cherished Teddy sold is “Shea & Lexy,” a pair fetching over $600 in December 2022.

Where can I sell Cherished Teddies for money?

Selling your Cherished Teddies on online marketplaces like eBay or dedicated collector websites is a great option. Consider auction sites for potentially higher bids.

Which Cherished Teddies are retired?

Many Cherished Teddies are retired. Companies like Nancy’s Antiques & Collectibles and Minka’s Bear Passion track retired teddies, allowing you to search by year of retirement to identify potential finds.


The world of Cherished Teddies offers a surprising blend of comfort and collectability.  This list unveiled the Top 10 most expensive teddies in the UK, showcasing the value placed on rarity, age, pristine condition, and design.  Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply rediscovering a childhood favorite, remember – the true value of a Cherished Teddy might lie not just in its price tag but in the memories and joy it brings.  So cuddle your teddy close and happy collecting.