Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day

August 14, 1947, was the day when Pakistan became a part of the world map. Pakistanis are celebrating this day until 1948 to rejoice in their freedom. Moreover, pay tribute to their heroes, who struggle a lot for them.
Minar e Pakistan and Pakistani Flags

August 14, 1947, was the day when Pakistan became a part of the world map. Pakistanis are celebrating this day until 1948 to rejoice in their freedom. Moreover, pay tribute to their heroes, who struggle a lot for them. Those people lost everything to get freedom and even their lives. In this article, we will familiarize you with ten easy but effective ways to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan. We will introduce you to the ways that will keep the youth from remembering their heroes and enjoying the day with the passion their ancestors felt on the day of liberty.

10 Ways to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day

Every nation has its style of celebrating its independence day. Likewise, Pakistani countries celebrate this day with great passion. Now, we will introduce the ways to commemorate this day that will add to the knowledge of your kids and raise the sentiment in them to do something for their countries too.

1. Raising Flag Activity

The flag of a country is a recognition of it, and all countries worldwide have their own flags. On Pakistan Independence Day, assume it is your responsibility to raise your country’s flag with your kids. Another acceptable activity is to inform your kids about the significance of your Flag. Moreover, it would help if you also narrated the ancestors’ sacrifices to get this Flag as their identity.

Q. What does the Pakistani flag’s color represent?

There are two stripes on the Pakistani flag: green and white. The green field of the Flag represents the Muslim majority, while the white portion speaks about minorities.

2. Decorate your house with banners

The people from the early 20s or late 19s must have remembered their doors and windows covered with banners of Pakistan. Do they still remember that people were fond of buying such things to uncover our patriotism? You can also tell your children to do the same because doing so will raise their passion for knowing their country’s history. Moreover, you can buy your children dresses with the Pakistani Flag.

Q. What are the other ways to decorate the home on this day?

Other than decorating the home with banners and flags, you can use flowers with green and white themes to decorate the house. With love for your country, it also conveys a message to convert the country into green land by adding trees and plants.

3. Tell them stories or buy storybooks

Please tell them the stories of your country, related to struggling days, and the achievements your government has made till now. If you possess less knowledge, you can buy them storybooks related to the day. If you know a lot, you can tell them the stories in a fun manner. Undoubtedly, they will enjoy listening to them and always remember these stories.

4. Promote patriotism with shows and documentaries

On Independence Day, various TV channels mostly play shows and documentaries regarding the day’s history. You can sit with your family to watch and appraise the ancestors. If you do not have an approach to the television, your smartphone is not at a distance. If you have a smartphone, then it’s feasible to watch YouTube. So, turn on the data connection and enjoy patriotic documentaries with your family.

Q. Which Pakistani drama is based on the partition?

Based on the actual events of the 1947 partition, the series depicts the rioting and chaos of that year. This drama is exciting as the content takes us back to the country’s foundation.

5. Conduct a show and make speeches

Another handy activity you can do on Pakistan Independence Day collectively is to conduct a program. Consider speaking for yourself and asking others to do the same in this program. It would help to remember that this day inspired many and took place in history because of sacrifices. Today, having a separate country is due to struggles; on the other hand, when you have a free country to live freely, the inspiration you get from the speeches must be regarding the development of your country.

6. Plan a tour of a historic place

We usually go for picnics after a month or two, now imagine what if your tour is regarding the country’s history. On Independence Day, you should make a plan with your family. It will help more if you take a speaker there and play the national anthem or national songs to pay tribute to freedom fighters and promise to work for a better future. This tour may be different from other ones but will be handier collectively.

Q. Which place is best to visit on Independence Day in Pakistan?

Major cities of Pakistan have had places that relate to our country’s history, like the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Minar e Pakistan in Lahore, Quaid e Azam residency in Ziyarat, etc.

7. Organize the plays and competitions

The best idea to add to your children’s knowledge is to organize quiz competitions on Independence Day. Tell your family members the history of your country and make cross-questioning. Likewise, tell others a day before to prepare for the quiz program. At the end of the competition, offer gifts to all of the people who were in the game. This gift will encourage them to prepare for the following year’s plan.

8. Keep unneeded gatherings away from public spaces

On August 14, when Independence Day is celebrated, people prefer to gather publicly to watch the festivities with their friends. You can enjoy window shopping while eating your favorite ice cream in the neighboring park. To avoid overcrowding a space, we must pay attention to our motions.

9. Milli Naghma competition

Every second person in the world is seen singing songs, which shows that singing is one of the most famous activities among the people. What if you use your passion on Pakistan Independence Day to make the day enjoyable? If you are a student, employed at an office, or have a business, you can organize a competition of Milli Naghmas. On the other hand, offering gifts will generate happiness among the contestants.

Q. Who is the writer of the National Anthem of Pakistan?

The writer of the Pakistan National Anthem is Hafeez Jalandhri, while Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla is the composer.

10. Cake cutting ceremony

At the end of the day, when you are done with your favorite activity, cut a cake with the Flag on it. Pay tribute to your ancestors and serve the cake in their name. Anyhow, the cake is a favorite dish of many people. Likewise, you can order different foods as a treat for your mates and family members. Dining with your office mates will be an outstanding experience, as it will help your subordinates become your friends.


In conclusion, Pakistan Independence Day is significant for people living there. We suggest you raise patriotism in your family members and colleagues on this day. From flag hoisting to cake cutting ceremony, all the activities you do have one aim to promote the love of your country. So, commemorate this day as a good citizen, do not disturb others, and convey your message to others.