Top Ten Players Who Could Be Surprising Performers in IPL 2023

The 16th session of IPL started on the 31st of March and will end at the end of May 2023. Like the last edition, ten teams will need help to attain the title in IPL 2023. An aggregate of 150 players, counting 50 overseas, will altercate in the 74-match championship.
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The 16th session of IPL started on the 31st of March and will end at the end of May 2023. Like the last edition, ten teams will need help to attain the title in IPL 2023. An aggregate of 150 players, counting 50 overseas, will altercate in the 74-match championship. After its initiation, we have testified some players take the tournament by outburst with solitary ingenious or compatible staging from the first match of IPL. Brendon McCullum chalked up a hundred.

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Surprising performers who are not playing in the current season

Some players who could be surprising performers in IPL 2023 have missed this session of IPL. Every player has an issue with skipping the season, but the team they played for is still needy. Let’s have a view of these players.

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1. Jaspreet Burmah

Among the surprising performers list, Indian fast bowler Jaspreet Burmah is on the top, but out of the current IPL season as he suffers from a severe back issue. Jaspreet got his back surgery done in New Zealand and is hopeful to be out of action till August.

A successful surgery and 24 weeks’ rest means Burmah is missing both the Asia Cup and IPL this year. Right-arm fast bowler Jaspreet Burmah took 145 wickets in IPL. His presence in IPL could be a lucky charm for whatever team he was playing for.

Jaspreet Burmah cricket players

2. Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant had a car accident and is suffering from injury. Delhi Capitals have replaced Abhiskak Porel in their squad in IPL. Left-handed batsman, right-hand medium-fast bowler, and wicket-keeper could perform stunningly in the field if they hadn’t met this mishap. It’s to say he is back in IPL but cannot play as well as before his injury.

Rishabh Pant cricket players

3. Kyle Jameson

New Zealand fast bowler has been playing for Chennai Super Kings in IPL. The team has replaced Sisanda Magala for him as he is not currently playing for IPL. Kyle’s recurring back injury has kept him away from IPL since June 2022.

He is an outstanding player and will touch the heights of success, but his current inability to play will definitely affect him badly. Kyle Jamieson could be a surprising performer in IPL 2023.

Kyle Jameson cricket players

4. Will Jack

Will Jacks pick up an injury while being on tour? Royal Challengers Bangalore have signed Michael Bracewell as an alternative for England for the IPL. The tall, clean-hitting batter is known for a century for 25 balls only. Jack is also famous for taking three wickets in three overs. RCB has good players, but the English batter’s place needs to be refilled.

Will Jack cricket players

5. Jonny Bairstow

Bairstow, a right-handed wicket-keeper, and batsman is not playing for IPL this season. He got an unsuccessful surgery that compelled him not to play this edition. Along with Ben Stokes, he holds the world record for the maximum sixth-wicket stand in the test. Jonny is making big bucks in the cricketing globe. His history in cricket tells what he could do for the franchise he had to play for.

Jonny Bairstow cricket players

6. Anrich Nortje

Anrich Arno Nortje is a South African player and IPL as well. Fast bowler Nortje holds the record for the fastest ball in tournament history. Nortje was released from the test squad after getting mild groin discomfort during his first bat way test. Now he has to recover from a hip injury, so he cannot play for IPL.

Anrich Nortje cricket players

7. Shreyas Lyer

Shreyas Santosh is an Indian cricket player and is a proper hand batter. He has been suffering from a back injury, later claimed to be a slipped disc. He was ruled out of the ongoing IPL 2023 season.

Kolkata Knight Riders have now replaced Jason Roy for Lyer. Jason may go on as a good player, but the way Lyre has to leave the game ongoing will affect many circumstances.

Shreyas Lyer cricket players

8. Prasidh Krishna

Murli Pradesh Krishna is an Indian international cricketer and domestic player as well. He plays for Karnataka in domestic cricket and Rajasthan Royals in IPL. Right-arm medium-fast bowler will miss the entire campaign because of his stress recovery injury. Sandeep Sharma finally filled the gap left by Pradesh Krishna.

Prasidh Krishna cricket players

9. Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz Naushad Khan plays for Dehli Capitals in the IPL and for Mumbai ranjni Trophy. Until now, Sarfaraz has played 47 IPL matches and scored 531 games in 34 innings.

Sarfaraz Khan has met a finger injury during their wicket-keeping duties in T20 Cup. Recently he is not been playing for Indian Premier League but will be available to match out and enjoy the matches.

Sarfaraz Khan cricket players

10. Shakib Al Hassan

Bangladeshi all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, besides IPL, plays for many other platforms. He opted out of IPL because of his worldwide commitments to his motherland, Bangladesh. There are also some personal reasons he denied IPL this year. An accurate, canny, consistent, and aggressive player he is, he could be a surprising performer if he had played this season.

Shakib Al Hassan cricket players


All the above surprising performers, whether injured or having personal issues leaving the field away, will badly affect the team they were playing for. Each has individual qualities, and when a team loses one of its expected qualifiers, it loses the game. All the players mentioned above could be surprising performers if they played. But their absence has left the gap, and the players who are added to the game can’t perform so well by chance.