The Top Ten Benefits of Post on World post day

World Post Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union which is October 9. UPU was founded in 1874 in Switzerland and the purpose of starting this was to introduce the ability to write letters to each other and to bring revolution in global communication.
hand putting letter in a mailbox World post day

This article is written to help you learn what World Post Day is and why it is celebrated by the entire world. You will also learn what a post means and what changes a post can bring. There are many changes that an individual can bring just by using the power of a post. You will learn how post gets that power and how it is helpful for every individual.

World post day (introduction and history)

World Post Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union which is October 9. UPU was founded in 1874 in Switzerland and the purpose of starting this was to introduce the ability to write letters to each other and to bring revolution in global communication. By celebrating world post day you can bring up the importance of Post in our daily life. You can also spread awareness about how a post can affect our social and economic condition.

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Q. What is a post?

The post refers to any type of content that is conveyed through any medium, including text, graphics, and other types of files. There is a difference between posts of old times and today’s modern posts. Before 1996 people used to write letters and post them through post offices or by postmen, but in 1996, a revolution was brought into the world of communication and finally, people started posting through email. The Internet was actually invented in 1993 but it was not taken as a standard means of communication. On October 29, 1996, it was finally declared a faithful source of communication.

Power of Posting

Post is not just a piece of information, it has the power to change the world. A post might be silent but it can be louder than a scream. If a human wants to say something he can convey it to a limited number of people and might take time to convey it to the masses but a post can be conveyed to a large number of people within seconds and even grab the attention of the most powerful people of the town. Through a single post, one can tell his story to the whole world.

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Drawback of post

With the power of spreading truth among the world, the post also holds the power of spreading the lie as well. The current generation struggles with many issues and accepts anything they read online. In many places, people use the power of posts to take revenge or to bad-name anyone. He makes one post and thousands of people believe that it’s true.

Top ten benefits of post

1. Grabs the attention of the masses

A post can do what a voice cannot. A screaming person might be able to grab the attention of hundred people but a post can grab the attention of millions because a single post can be shown on million devices at a time. On world post day we are aware of the world about this power of posts. People should know that if they have something to say then there is a source that can make the world know about it.

Grabs the attention of the masses on world post day

2. The faster source of communication

In old times, people used to write letters to their loved ones, but sending the letter and getting a reply would take weeks. Now, through a post, we can send our warm feelings to our loved ones within seconds and get a reply within minutes. Post is a faster and better way of communicating around the world.

The faster source of communication.
World post day

3. Keeps you aware

Posting through the internet keeps you aware of the current situation in the world. If anyone posts about the climate condition or any other problem in their hometown, you would instantly get the post, read about it, and know it. This is how the post keeps you aware of what’s going on with the world.

Keeps you aware on world post day

4. Helps in earning 

Earning through the post has a specific name which is “online advertisement”. People write a post about their business, product, or skill and their target audience contact them and hire them. There are other ways too in which one can earn money using posts.

Helps in earning. 
World post day

5. Lets you communicate

Post lets you communicate with people who live in faraway areas. If you live away from your parents, friend, or family and can’t see them daily, you can simply write them a post. They will write it back in no time. This is why we say post lets you communicate with the people you don’t want to go without seeing.

Lets you communicate on world post day

6. Helps you find jobs

If you have talent and are qualified but can find a job anywhere close, then you can write about youth skills, your qualification, and previous job experience, in the post. Any firm or firm owner will see the post and contact you if you fit. This is how the post helps you find the job you dream about.

Helps you find jobs.
World post day

7. Helps you get ideas

If you are about to do something like a startup or business but you have no idea about how such things work. You write a post and people with instantly respond with new and different ideas. These ideas might help you decide what you want to do and what would get you great profit. Even you can share your ideas using posts with people who need them.

Helps you get new ideas on world post day

8. Helps you get information

People keep writing about the things they know, about the places where they have been, about the experiences they had. Everything they write and everything which is new for you is information. You can get information by reading posts written by people about what you need to know.

Helps you get new  information on world post day

9. Helps you learn

Learning through posts has become a new trend. It is also called online learning. Professional and specialized people leave their lectures on the post and whoever wants to, can study them and learn what they need to learn.

Helps you learn on world post day

10. Keeps you updated

People be posting about anything that happens anywhere. For example, if it rained heavily in the city and someone wrote a post about it, you will get an update that it rained there and also get the clue that it might be in your area too. This is how a post keeps you updated.

Keeps you updated on world post day


From the above content, we got the idea that any piece of information whether it’s textual or graphical is known as a post. With the change in time, the way of posting has also changed. In the past, we could only contact our loved ones through posts but today we can use posts to get different benefits. Those benefits include getting jobs, information, updates, etc.