Top Ten Problems for Overpopulated Countries on World Population Day

In this article, we’ll learn about World Population Day and also what teaching this day gives us. In addition, we’ll learn about the problems that overpopulated countries face and whether there are solutions to those problems. There are many countries that have a very small population and are more developed than populated countries; we’ll figure out the reasons behind this too.

World Population Day(introduction)

World Population Day is celebrated specifically to turn the attention of the world toward the increasing level of the population and how the population affects the economy of the world. This day also focuses on how the world is running out of natural resources because of overpopulation and how we are being introduced to man-made resources. On this day many people spread awareness about the drawbacks of overpopulation as well as how it can be stopped. We celebrate this day to be aware of overpopulated countries.

History of World Population Day

In 1989, the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme announced that from now on the whole world would celebrate July 11th as World Population Day. This was declared to let the whole world know the side effects of overpopulation so it could be stopped.

Effects of population

Population affects the earth in many ways. The main reason for the effect on the population is that the distribution of resources is not equal in every state. There are many states with rich resources and small populations, and, contrary to that, there are states with a small number of resources and a large population. This distribution causes wastage of resources in a few states and also shortages in others. Overpopulated countries leave a bad influence on the rest of the world.

Developed countries with a small population

There are many developed countries in the world with small populations. Those countries are developed because they controlled their populations and used their natural resources wisely. These countries also focused on the education of their youth and worked for the advancement of technology. These countries are examples of overpopulated countries. I will mention a few of those countries below:

  • Tuvalu
  • San Marino
  • Liechtenstein
  • Palau
  • Andorra

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Top ten problems for overpopulated countries

1. Insufficient resources in overpopulated countries:

Every country has limited resources, and these resources in overpopulated countries might not be enough to fulfill the basic needs of people and even run out of resources. This is because every person will use them according to their needs, leaving many others deprived of those resources. In overpopulated countries, usually rich people buy the resources before they reach poor people. This promotes monopoly and makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.  

2. Shortage of food and water

Almost 71% of the earth’s surface has water on it, and only 1.2% of that water is drinkable. In addition, 38% of the land is fertile and only one-third of that is used to grow crops. The above information shows that the earth has limited water and food resources, so when it comes to overpopulated states, they are in a shortage of both water and food. Such countries might face famine if they don’t work on bringing water or growing food in man-made ways. 

3. Increase in the illiteracy rate

When a country is already running out of food and water and is the victim of a monopoly by warehouse holders, then children will be sent to work instead of school. This will increase illiteracy in the country and is a great danger to the future of the country. Such countries are run by the power of money, not knowledge. This is why an overpopulated country needs to control its resources and its population.

4. Increase in unemployment

As I mentioned above, children in overpopulated countries are sent to work instead of school, which increases unemployment in the countries. Unemployment not only affects that specific country but the whole world. This country fails to match its pace with the rest of the world.

5. Poverty in overpopulated countries.

An overpopulated country has a low rate of literacy and an increased rate of unemployment and clearly is going to face poverty. Poverty is the worst thing that can happen because it makes people choose the wrong ways to earn bread-like stealing or snatching. Many people leave their countries and move to countries that have more resources. People don’t want to die of hunger, but this is what poverty can give them.

6. Religious conflicts

An overpopulated country has more religious groups than a moderately populated country. People of different religious groups happen to disagree with each other’s beliefs, and usually, these disagreements lead to religious conflicts. Religious conflicts, unlike domestic conflicts, can get hot and these people might end up taking each other’s lives.

7. Political conflicts

When a country has a dense population, it will surely have more political parties or groups. Every political party would like to rule the whole overpopulated country. The lust for ruling power will lead all the political parties to conflicts, so those who survived the religious conflicts might get caught in political conflicts.

8. Security issues

Overpopulated countries always have security issues because they can afford too much security to protect such a large number of people. When a country doesn’t have strict security, it faces riots and the deaths of its citizens.

9. Shortage of land

As the population exceeds the limit, people need more houses and food. If a country is small and overpopulated, it will face a shortage of land. People need land to live as well as to grow crops to cover their needs for food. A shortage of land might bring famine to the country.

10. Cutting of forests

Forests are one of the basic needs of the earth as they give oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and herbs to cure. When an overpopulated country is faced with a shortage of land, it helplessly cut its forests to make space for people to live.


We concluded from the entire reading that overpopulation brings many problems with it. It not only makes it difficult for just one country but the whole world. Overpopulated countries cause many problems that lead their own people to death or migration to other countries. People of any country should plan their growth rate and every government should plan how it can make more resources for its people.


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