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We all know that English is an international language, and 1.75 billion people speak English globally In addition people in more than 100 countries speak English as a second language. In the rest of the countries, people also speak English, which is not their first language. The motive of the United Nations is to promote this language and make people aware of its importance on World English Day.

International Day of the English Language

No need to discuss that English is the most spoken or international language. April 23rd was selected as World Day of English because it is both Shakespeare’s birthday and death anniversary also. He played a vital role in the spread of modern-day English, as well as it is believed to be one of the world’s oldest languages. Due to its value, this language is the most spoken worldwide. Organizations, schools, and NGOs provide modern ways to learn this language on this specific day. They also aim to spread awareness of English to those who cannot speak it.

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History of English and World English Day

The English language came from England and experts also say nomads who travel from one place to another without a specific home may have originated this language. Usually, it is said that they traveled 5,000 years ago on the plains of Europe.

The first World Day of English took place 12 years ago, on April 23rd, 2010, on the instructions of the United Nations additionally in tribute to Shakespeare. He was called the most excellent English-language writer, as his plays are still published today, 400 years after his death. On that day, they organized several events in New York City. These events are educational and cultural. 

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The Importance of the English Language

As discussed above, it is the most spoken language, so it helps a lot in our lives in communications with other countries. Moreover, most of the subjects are studied in this language as a result It is an international language, and the inhabitants of most countries can understand and speak it quickly. Interviews for jobs, traveling, and studies are primarily held in English. This language is helpful for everyone in career development. It is also the language of mathematics, science, technology, tourism, and many more subjects. In short, English has now become an essential part of every individual’s life.

The Top Ten Ways to Promote the English Language on World English Day

Keeping in mind the significance of the English language and why is it our utmost responsibility to promote it. The reason is not to face communication hurdles in any field like education, career, technology, etc.

1. Spread Awareness

On the World Day of the English Language, all Organizations, schools, and colleges should take their part in highlighting the significance of the English language to people by ensuring that they manage events. It forces people to learn this language so it may not be a problem for them in institutes, interviews, or communication with foreigners.

Spread Awareness on World English Day

2. Organize Quiz Shows on World English Day

We all used to face these types of English language shows in our school days. We all know that quiz shows are the easiest and quickest way to learn something this is why Short questions and answers are the best to keep something in mind permanently. Promoting it on the World Day of English can be a valuable learning method and generate interest.

Organize Quiz Shows on World English Day

3. A Game of Silent Letters

This game is beneficial for learning the English language for beginners. It can also be convenient in making pronunciation easy. In most educational centers, the teachers play this game with their students by giving tasks or playing it. They give students some words with silent letters and ask them to read them aloud. As a result, students find it enjoyable to learn the English language.

A game of silent letters on World English Day

4. Tongue Twisting Game

Sometimes, pronunciation is complex in English as it is not a phonetic language. Writing and reading are different from each other. It can be difficult for students with phonetic language skills, but they can improve with practice and proper guidance. A tongue twister is a fun way to learn. Give students some phrases and ask them to read them aloud.

Tongue Twisting Game on World English Day

5. Discuss English writers and Poets on World English Day

Discuss famous English writers like Shakespeare, Jane Austin, and Charles Dickens as well as poets like Halen Keller, William Blake, and many others. This process has enough power to develop an interest in the English language in people who love English literature.

Discuss English writers and Poets on World English Day

6. Celebrate The Birthday Party of Shakespeare

We have already told you that celebrating World English Language Day on April 23rd is due to Shakespeare. Every year We should observe the birthday of Shakespeare on this day additionally we should pay him tribute by cutting cakes, reading his plays, and making outfits like Shakespeare.

Celebrate the Birthday Party of Shakespeare on World English Day

7. Most Common Things in The English Language

Read and learn the most common things in the English language daily. Doing this on the World Day of the English Language can make learning the English language very easy for people who cannot speak this language. 

Most Common Things in The English Language find on World English Day

8. Read English Quotes on World English Day

On this day, students should read English quotes in classes to develop an interest in other students. They should also discuss the history of the writers who quoted these quotes thus it will not let the students forget their hero who worked hard for the English language.

Read English Quotes on World English Day

9. Fast Fun Facts about English

On the world day of the English Language, we need to discuss fun facts about the English language. It is a simple and knowledgeable step in learning English. We can imagine how helpful it would be in learning and developing an interest in the English language if every English speaker discussed one point about English.

Fun Facts about English on World English Day

10. Use Social Media to Celebrate World English Day

Social media has now become the most powerful tool for many purposes. Everyone at this time is using social media. Using social media to spread information about the English language can be very beneficial because people can learn English anywhere. They don’t even need to visit institutes.

Girls and Boys Use Social Media to Celebrate World English Day


We all know the importance of the English language. So, every single person’s responsibility is to highlight its significance to the unaware. Everyone should honestly work to promote the English language so we may not face problems in foreign countries or with people from different backgrounds. The English language is the key to success in many ways, like interviews and educational purposes as well as in making career. So, we can say that the time demands working for English on the World Day of English.


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