The Top Ten Reasons to Promote Cycling on World Bicycle Day

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Introduction to the Article

Every year on June 3, people around the globe commemorate World Bicycle Day . This article aims to inform people about the positive results of cycling. It aims to highlight the value of bicycle riding for our physical health. Bicycling is a type of exercise, and in these passages, we will also discuss the effects of having no exercise on our bodies. This article will help you to promote cycling from different angles.

Tables of Content

  1. The History of World Bicycle Day
  2. The importance of bicycles
  3. Effects of no cycling
  4. Reasons to promote cycling
  5. Conclusion

The History of World Bicycle Day

Before we go into the history of World Bicycle Day, let’s talk about the history of bicycles. A German baron named Karl von Drais invented a carriage with two wheels and the steering wheel in 1817. This development had different names at the time, like a hobby horse, running machine, draisine, and velocipede. Due to this invention, he is known as the father of the bicycle. The first bicycle was large, but it was standardized to the running machine with time.

Every year on June 3, World Bicycle Day is celebrated, and this day was marked as World Bicycle Day in 2018. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and spearheaded by the Government of Turkmenistan. Professor Leszek Sibilski, a Polish social scientist who worked in the USA, ran a campaign with his sociology class to promote a UN resolution for World Bicycle Day. Isaac Feld designed this day’s blue and white logo, and Professor John E. Swanson did the animation.

The Importance of Bicycles

Bicycles are of great importance in our society. Suppose we go a few days back when everyone could not afford motor cars and motorbikes. That was a very low number of doctors in towns and cities. Later, the invention of the motor vehicle brought a revolution to the world. Now the car is accessing almost every individual in the country with good development. Unfortunately, the number of doctors is also increasing with inventions. These inventions have made us lazy. We always keep ourselves engaged with them. Today, we do not have regular exercise time, nor do we have time to maintain our health. 

Bicycles help us to travel quickly from one place to another, especially in overpopulated areas. They also help us in keeping our society pollution-free. Bicycles also take responsibility for increasing our savings. They are eco-friendly development of the time.

 Effects of No Cycling (exercising)

When we were away from these innovations, we exercised or did physical activities in our daily routine. People were physically very fit and slim. They can do all the work by themselves, and no diseases were there to threaten people as well.

Many people are suffering from health problems without proper exercise or cycling. Cardiac problems and diabetes are mainly caused by not exercising, which is the root of many other diseases. People usually lose muscle strength and endurance because they are not using their muscles regularly.

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Reasons to Promote Cycling

The benefits of using bicycles are in our eyes. So, there are many reasons to promote cycling on World Bicycle Day. We are going to discuss some of the reasons.

1. Improve Health

Bicycling is a key factor in improving health. Many people cannot exercise daily. To them, cycling is very beneficial in every aspect, because it helps them keep their bodies slim and active.

2. Keeps Society Pollution Free

The positive aspect of bicycles is that they need no fuel, as well as they are beneficial in keeping the environment pollution-free. Additionally, they do not disturb societies with noise pollution. That’s why bicycles are known as eco-friendly development.

 3. Time-Saving

Cities are very overpopulated. Roads are full of traffic. Traveling from one place to another can be costly and time-consuming. So, in such types of cases, bicycles are very beneficial to us. We can ride them on the streets to get to our destinations.

4. Educate the People

People in our society who use cars and motorbikes do not even imagine using bicycles. It is because they are not aware of the effects of cycling, so, governments should educate these people to take advantage of this hobby.

5. Promote Bicycling Culture in Students

Nowadays, students don’t even like to ride bicycles. This is all happening due to living in a comfort zone from childhood. Parents should try to promote a cycling culture to move from one place to another, especially from school to home. By doing it, they will be aware of traffic rules also.

6. The new infrastructure of bicycles

The companies need to adopt new infrastructure for making new bicycles. These companies should try some safety features to keep the riders safe and secure. They also need to make bicycles a little faster to save students and working people time.

7. Make Bicycles approachable

One must have a bicycle to use it, and our planet is disturbed financially after the pandemic. In underdeveloped countries, people are even unable to purchase them, so the companies should think and revise the prices.

8. Create Bicycle Obtain Program

Colleges should provide students with the education and benefits of bicycles, so they should also advise the students to promote cycling further in their societies. Institutes also need to create cycling workshops to inform them about safety programs.

9. Inform People about Cost Effect

The states should take responsibility for highlighting the cost-effectiveness of bicycles because, In underdeveloped countries, it is very favorable for people in terms of saving and using this money for educational purposes and many others.

10. Manage Cycling Group Tours

To show the world the benefits of cycling, youngsters should manage cycling group tours for outing purposes. While traveling, they should address the people, manage events and inform people why they are traveling on cycles. 

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We can conclude after reading these passages that using bicycles is helpful for our society in many aspects. It is helpful in saving money, keeping us healthy, keeping society pollution-free, saving time many times, and many other ways. Without exercising or bicycling, it is impossible for us to stay healthy. So, we must apply the above-discussed suggestions in life to keep ourselves young and energetic.