Top Ten Steps to Protect Bees on The World Bee Day

Every year on May 20, World Bee Day is celebrated. The United Nations specified this day to call attention to the value of bees worldwide.
Happy Bee day

Every year on May 20, World Bee Day is celebrated. The United Nations specified this day to call attention to the value of bees worldwide. Hence, we will try to make you understand the importance of bees. The protection of bees has become more important, so we will discuss the top ten ways to protect bees.

The World Bee Day

The whole world comes together on May 20 to celebrate World Bee Day, so people from around the globe organize events and programs to highlight the value of bees and provide suggestions to protect this tiny creature. Experts discuss the importance of bees as pollinators, the threats they face, and their role in sustaining development.

The History of World Bee Day

The United Nations marked May 20 as World Bee Day in memory of Anton Jansa. May 20 is Anton Jansa’s birthday, beekeeping pioneer. The Slovenian government suggested this idea in 2016, and afterward, the UN accepted it. Anton Jansa was born in 1734 and left this world in 1773. He was also appointed to teach apiculture at the beekeeping school in Vienna. He also became very famous in his life for his unique interests. After his death, people started teaching beekeeping with his methods.

bee on the flower

The Significance of Bee

The honey bee has been considered one of the most sacred insects since ancient times. In ancient Greece, the honey bee was considered a close symbol of Artemis, the Goddess of wild nature. The honey bee is known for its honey, and it is said that “honey is the remedy for every illness.” Honey is used in many medicines to cure many diseases. Honey is a natural product and has powerful qualities. The bee is believed to be one of the most hard-working insects because it covers a radius of 3,000 kilometers for pollination and making nectar.

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The Top Ten Ways to Protect Bees

Bees play an essential role in the health of the planet, its ecosystem, and the people dependent upon these ecosystems. Bees are also helpful in pollinating over 90% of the world’s crops. In 2017, the hashtag #SaveTheBees went viral when the United Nations added seven species of bees to the endangered list. At that time, the rest of the bee species were facing threats, and the United Nations took serious action in favor of bees. They provided some suggestions to make it more secure.

yellow and white bee

Now we will discuss a few points to protect the bees.

1. Plant Bee Gardens

You can convert your backyard into a beautiful garden by growing plants and trees there also you can use your bedroom window if you do not have a backyard. The plantation of native flowers is beneficial and has the power to attract bees. Offer the bees the local cuisine. It will attract and protect the garden’s bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. 

bee sit on the flower

2. Support Beekeepers

You can take part in protecting bees by supporting local beekeepers. When you buy Honeybee, you are not just supporting the beekeeper, but you are also getting delicious local honey. They typically keep different types of bees based on the choice of local people who purchase honey from them. In this way, they fulfil their needs while protecting the bees.

Beekeepers open the bee house

3. Avoid Neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoids are toxic chemicals used to cure flowers and plants of many diseases. It is harmful. It affects the nervous system of bees, resulting in paralysis or death. When you go to a nursery to buy pollinator plants, ensure they are free of neonicotinoids so the bees and other pollinators might not be affected.

2  mans is spraying on a plant

4. Grow Native plants on World Bee Day

Try to choose native plants for your garden with different shapes and colours to attract the bees to your backyard. We should remember that native flowers will better adapt to your climate than exotics, the reason for growing different shapes is that all the bee species are not the same size.

A man is planting a plant

5. Keep the Garden Blooming

In your garden, grow a variety of plants and flowers. So, they may keep blooming in all seasons and attract pollination creatures towards them. Few bee species are active in all seasons. But most of the species are dynamic in April and May. Also, a few species are active only in June and July. On the other hand, all of them need food to survive.

many colors of flowers in the garden

6. Understanding Bee Wings

Understanding the composition and structure of bee wings is crucial to appreciating their splendor. These delicate yet sturdy appendages are made of a thin membrane that is held up by a web of veins, which guarantees both pliability and strength. The bee’s complex vascular system functions as a framework, giving it stability when it flies and allowing it to move gracefully and precisely through the air.

7. Create Bee Baths on World Bee Day

The thirst for bees poured nectar and collected nectar. Fill the water in a bowl for bees and keep pebbles and stones so that they can break the water level. A bee will descend to the rock and gravel and drink fresh water for survival.
A many bees is sitting on top of the Water thinner.

8. Give beehives and Native Bee Homes

Keep beehives, nurture the native species, and help your town’s schools, offices, and gardens to strengthen the environment. Make donations to beekeepers to increase their work on bees as we know they can keep bees in better ways than we do due to being professional in this field.

many small house for bees

9. Avoid Pesticides

Outdoor pest control is always dangerous for bees, especially if you do it on blossoming flowers or juicy fruits. So, everyone should try to provide the bees with a proper environment to survive and keep the garden pesticide-free and non-toxic according to their needs. We should try to use the natural resources in our gardens to save bees from dying.

10. Teach Tomorrow’s Bee Stewards

Bee Stewards of this time need to gather on World Bee Day and take the responsibility of teaching the new beekeepers. They need to make new adopters of this field learn how to treat the bees, what kind of environment bees need, how to help bees survive, and many more.

The bee died


As we know, bees are a vital species in the world. It helps us in many ways, likewise improving the ecosystem and providing honey. It is also evident that bee honey is helpful for our health. On World Bee Day, we should educate people about the significance of bees. We should help the beekeepers and try another method to protect the bees.