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Prepare for liftoff! You are about to embark on a voyage through time and space while being accompanied by looping servants in Fate/Grand Order, who will also leave a path of devastation in their wake. Looping servants are adept at using the Quick card and can effortlessly chain together their Noble Phantasms to annihilate swarms of adversaries in a single round.

So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

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The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes’ Noble Phantasm, rains punishment on his enemies as he leads the charge. Space Ishtar, whose Starlight Orion pierces the heavens and leaves nothing but ash in its path, follows him closely.

Skadi provides crucial assistance, providing her companions the strength they require to reach their full potential with the help of her Trickster God’s Banquet. Okita Souji and Jack the Ripper dance over the battlefield, slicing down their foes with ease as their swords gleam in the sunlight.

The team is completed by Rider Kintoki, MHXA, Lobo, and Altria Pendragon (Lancer), whose Noble Phantasms deliver a crushing final blow to anyone in their path.

The top ten swift looping servants in Fate/Grand Order are listed below, and they’re ready to take over!

So what are you waiting for? Build your team, and join them on their quest for victory!

Top 10 Best Quick Looping Servants

Here, we will cover the top 10 best quick-looping servants, from Edmond Dantes Space Ishtar to MHXA, Lobo, and Altria Pendragon.

1: Edmond Dantes

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It’s easy to use Edmond Dantès as a Quick Loop helper. The ‘Monte Cristo Mythologie Noble Phantasm does a lot of damage over a wide area and restores NP gauge, which makes him a great choice for farming tasks. He can also do much critical damage because he hits a lot and can make vital stars.

2: Space Ishtar

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Space Ishtar is known for how well its QuickCards work and how many NPs they generate. Her “Stella” NP is a great Quick Loop choice because it does much damage and makes stars. She is great at both single-target and multiple-target situations, which gives Quick teams a lot of options.

3: Skadi

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Skadi is a very important support worker. She is the queen of Quick Looping. Her skills give you more Quick cards, more NP damage, and a big boost to your NP pool. Skadi’s presence is necessary for Quick Loop setups because she can charge NP gauges and improve Quick cards.

4: Okita Souji

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Okita Souji is a top-tier Quick Assassin who excels at creating critical stars and NP gauges. His name means “Okita the Assassin.” Her ‘Mumy Sandan-zuki’ NP is a devastating attack that can only be used against a single foe, and the high hit counts on Quick cards make her a formidable contender for the Quick Loop.

5: Jack the Ripper

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It is well known that Jack the Ripper has an extraordinary star generation and a high NP gain. Her ‘Maria, the Ripper’ NP is a solid option for Quick Looping, particularly in quests when there are a number of different foes. She is an adaptable Quick Assassin who can deal with a wide array of predicaments.

6: Summer Melt

Summer Melt changes the Quick Looping game by making both Quick and Arts cards more useful. Her ‘Metamorphosis,’ ‘Rearm,’ and ‘Meltryllis’ NPs bring back important NPs and increase critical damage, making her a great addition to Quick teams.

7: Rider Kintoki

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Rider Kintoki is famous for how quickly he can fill up his NP tank and how powerful his “Raider Techniques” are against a single target. His Noble Phantasm is easy for him to loop with the right help, which makes him an excellent choice for Quick Looping in quests that focus on riders.


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Stars and NP gauge are easy for MHXA, the Berserker, with a Quick-centric kit. Her “Madness Enhancement” trait makes Quick cards more useful and increases their critical damage. Her “Dark to the Death” NP is a great pick for Quick Loops in Berserker-based quests.

9: Lobo

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Lobo is an Avenger who focuses on Quick and has cards that hit hard. His Noble Phantasm, “Howl of the Wolves,” gives him extra damage against humans and stars, which makes him a good choice for Quick Looping humans.

10: Altria Pendragon (Lancer)

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Altria Pendragon (Lancer) has a strong NP gain rate, and her Quick cards have a high hit rate. Her ‘Rhongomyniad’ NP can do much damage over a wide area and restore NP gauge, making her a useful Quick Loop servant in tasks that focus on Lancers. 

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Which Quick Servants are the best for farming?

Santa Karna, Summer Kama, Summer Kiara Hokusai, Rider Kintoki & Abigail Williams. These Servants can all clear most farming nodes with a single turn of their NP, making them very efficient. They also have various other skills that can help them survive and deal even more damage, making them ideal for farming even the most difficult nodes.

Which Quick Servants are the best for single-target damage?

Musashibo Benkei, Okita Souji, Emiya (Assassin),Jack the Ripper and Scathach is the Servant with high attack stats, strong Quick cards, and powerful Noble Phantasms. They can deal devastating damage to single enemies with the right team support.

Which Quick Servants are the best for AoE damage?

Oberon and Koyanskaya of Light are the Servants who have high Quick damage modifiers and powerful Noble Phantasms that can deal massive damage to multiple enemies. They are also very versatile and can be used in various team compositions.

Which Quick Servants have the best team support skills?

The Quick Servants with the best team support skills are Castoria, Skadi, and Merlin. They provide massive Quick buffs, NP gain buffs, and other beneficial effects to the entire party or Quick Servants.

Which Quick Servants are the most fun to play?

The most fun Quick Servants to play are those with a good balance of offense, defense, and team suppo  rt and whose abilities and animations are satisfying. Oberon and Koyanskaya are just a few examples, and many other Quick Servants are fun to play. Ultimately, the most fun Quick Servants are the ones that you enjoy playing the most.


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