The Top Ten Roles of Girls on International Day of Girl Child

By reading this article, you will learn how vital a girl is and what role she plays in making society. Girls in any organization cannot be inferior to boys; girls and boys are equally crucial to the entire world's development.
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This article’s purpose is to inform you about the International Day of the Girl Child. By reading this article, you will learn how vital a girl is and what role she plays in making society. Girls in any organization cannot be inferior to boys; girls and boys are equally crucial to the entire world’s development.

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International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of Child, also called the Day of Girls, was declared by United Nations and was first celebrated on October 11, 2012. The purpose of this day is to support girls and appreciate their efforts. Today, people stand against gender inequality and raise their voices for girls’ rights.

International Day of the Girl Child , 11 octobor

Importance of Education of Girl Child

A girl child grows to become a woman, but there is a massive difference between a woman and an educated woman. If a girl goes to school and studies, another girl doesn’t go to school at all. Neither of them is worthy. When it comes to society, there are differences in perception.

Few people see an educated girl as a successful woman, while others know a girl who stays within the boundaries of her home as a respected woman. In reality, both are important, but the only difference is that educated girls never depend on anyone, while uneducated girls rely on their fathers, brother, husband, and son.

Education gives independence to a girl, which is her fundamental right, and every girl deserves to live her life her way.

Top Ten Roles of a Girl

1. As a Mother

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A mother is a girl who plays many roles at a time. She’s a doctor, a teacher, a guide, a caretaker, an influence, and an ideal for her kids. When playing the role of a mother, she was held accountable for her kids’ losses or wins.

2. As a Wife

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When a girl plays the wife role, she is the most cooperative and adaptable partner. She beautifully shares the burden on her husband’s shoulders and carries it all her life.

3. As a House Leader

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A girl leads the house and runs it very efficiently. She does the chores, manages the system, takes care of the elderly, and instructs the other house workers. A girl never fails to play her role in the home or society.

4. As a Manager

She manages to play all the roles mentioned above or below. Apart from these roles, she works the house; she manages to cook on time, the girls manage to get the kids ready on time, and she handles all the household chores. She also acts as a doctor, an electrician, a plumber, and whatnot.

5. As a Caretaker

A girl plays the role of a caretaker of the house and other members of the house. She, as a daughter, takes care of her parents and grandparents. As a mother, she takes care of her kids. As a wife, she takes care of her husband and in-laws; as a woman, she takes care of the entire house. No man in the world can replace her in this role.

6. As a Teacher

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When a girl becomes a mother, she teaches her kids how to walk, talk, eat, and even use the toilet. As the kids grow, a woman at school teaches them how to read and write.

A sister teaches him how to respect other girls when he grows older. And when the same boy gets married, the wife teaches him how to make a house and treat kids equally. A girl’s life revolves around teaching different things at various stages of life.

7. As a Disciplinarian

Anywhere in this world, a girl plays this role. Whether a working woman or a homemaker, every girl controls the behavior of people around her and makes it suitable. All these girls—a mother, a teacher, a wife, and a daughter—practice discipline and make others around them do the same.

8. As a Reproducer

This girl’s role doesn’t just belong to humans but to every creature of the earth. A girl or female creature reproduces and keeps its generation from vanishing. Every female creature gives life to other animals like them and also to the planet.

9. As an Economist,

In many societies, it is understood that a man must earn money for his family. The role of a girl is to make the budget for her house and spend money where it is needed. She also saves some for the future. As a domestic economist, a girl never disappoints or lets other family members’ expectations down.

10. As a Queen,

Ultimately, every girl or woman is the queen because every place, society, and the house needs two rulers, and no king can make things right without the queen. No one can deny that a girl is the most crucial element of the community.


From the above content, we concluded that a girl’s role is not limited to a single person but plays many functions simultaneously. The part of girls doesn’t stop at a certain age, but it keeps changing at every stage of life. A girl is essential to every house, every society, and every country.