Top Ten Ways to Save Environment | World Environment Day

The environment is of great importance in every aspect. World Environment Day is commemorated on June 5 every year with different subjects. This article will tell you about our environment's issues.
Top Ten Ways to Save Environment | World Environment Day

The environment is of great importance in every aspect. World Environment Day is commemorated on June 5 every year with different subjects. This article will tell you about our environment’s issues, like overpopulation, climate change, global warming, and many others, additionally, we will also discuss the solutions to overcome these problems.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed yearly to inform the world that our environment is getting into a terrifying situation due to our mistakes. This day is commemorated with a new theme every year so that we may know about most of the factors affecting it. Many events organized on this day aim to convince us to be careful and try not to be a factor in damaging the environment. Additionally, they give new ideas to take care of it. 

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History of the World Environment Day

The General Assembly of the United Nations established environment day on the first day of the Stockholm conference held in Spokane, USA, in 1972. After two years, in 1974, the first World Environment Day was observed with the slogan “Only One Earth.” Even though the United Nations celebrated this day in 1974. Later in 1987, they decided to change the center of these activities yearly and provided different countries to host this day.

Until now, 25 different countries have hosted this day, and a few countries have hosted this day twice. These countries celebrate this day by engaging governments, businesses, and citizens to put their efforts into solving environmental issues.

Factors Affecting the Environment

There are many factors affecting the environment. Human beings, for their benefit, create these elements, but now these elements have distorted the face of the environment. Here a few factors are written below:

  • Overpopulation
  • Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Deforestation
  • Burning fuel
  • Poor air quality
  • Undrinkable water

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Top Ten Ways to Save the Environment On World Environment Day

Keeping in mind the factors affecting the environment, people suggest ways to save it on World Environment Day. Here we will discuss the top ten points with the hope that everyone will apply these suggestions in their lives to protect our planet.

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1. Educate the People on World Environment Day

People join each other on World Environment Day to educate the people. They come together and spread information about environmental conditions, highlight the significance of the environment, and provide suggestions to save it. As we know, educated people have a significant influence on the activities of ordinary people, so they can help out people to save the planet.

2. Plant a Tree

We have often read and heard that trees are the guarantor of a clean environment, so everyone should try to plant at least a tree to contribute to saving the environment. “More trees, cleaner environment”. If we try to act upon this slogan, it can benefit our planet.

It is the responsibility of everyone who is breathing in this environment to respect the air morally. Every individual should take part in improving their breathing level and also help others to intake fresh air.

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3. Keep Water Contamination Free

Everyone knows that water is an essential factor for our healthy lives. We need to realize the importance of water in every sense because water plays an essential role in rain spells. It is the most respected natural resource for the survival of living organisms. We need to keep the water clean as contamination-free water symbolizes healthy life hence, Industries owners should be requested not to dump this water in the oceans and rivers.

4. Reintroduce Forests

Global warming is not a new word for people anymore. High temperatures are rapidly affecting the world. Pants, animals, and other creatures are requesting human beings to stop deforestation because most creatures cannot survive in these conditions without human beings. On the one hand, many creatures have no place to live other than forests; on the other hand, forests are responsible for maintaining the earth’s temperature. So, we can say that forests need to be reintroduced to the world.

5. Conserve Water

As discussed earlier, nothing can compete with the value of water. On the contrary, people are wasting a lot of water. Dumping contaminated water into clean water is a significant reason. We should take a few steps individually, like using less water in the car wash, turning off taps when brushing teeth, using rainwater for plantation, fixing leaky faucets, etc. If we take serious action on these suggestions, we can conserve a large quantity of water.

6. Be Digital and Save Papers

Using extra paper is a reason to pollute our environment, as everyone knows that we make paper from various materials like cotton, sugarcane waste, wood, etc. Using digital writing methods can save many trees on the other hand saving trees helps keep the environment clean and healthy.

7. Keep the Earth Clean

We have often heard, “Cleanliness is half faith,” which clarifies the importance of cleanliness. Many people usually throw garbage on the earth, which makes our land look uglier. Throwing plastic on the ground is very dangerous for birds and animals. Hence, it can be life-threatening to them. So wasting sources can pollute the environment, and burning them is the cause of air pollution. Recycling can be the best option to save resources. Also, it keeps the world pollution free.

8. Limit Fuel Consumption

Usage of extra fuel is a significant factor in environmental pollution. Likewise, if we reduce the use of cars, it can help us protect our environment we can use alternative ways to travel, like on bikes or walking.

9. Don’t waste food

According to reports, 40% of food is wasted annually. This wasted food is thrown into landfills, decomposing with time into greenhouse gases and methane. Wasting food also implies wasting water and food used in making food items.

10. Be a Smart Customer

Be witty while shopping. When you go out shopping, before choosing the products, make sure of their impact on others and the environment in your mind. Purchasing unnecessary items results in waste of energy, and their elimination causes environmental pollution.


We cannot ignore the importance of the environment as it is responsible for our good lives. The environment will be friendly if we treat it as a friend. On the other hand, if we mistreat, it can be hazardous too. We have to protect our planet so that we can live a happy life. A clean environment is necessary for all living things on our planet.