The Top Ten Ways of Teaching on World Teacher Day

This article will teach about the world's Teachers' Day. We will also know who a teacher is, what a teacher's role is, and different effective ways of teaching. This article will help you know how important a teacher. Let's start.
Flowers, Pen, Glasses, and a Notebook showing Teachers Day

This article will teach about the world’s Teachers’ Day. We will also know who a teacher is, what a teacher’s role is, and different effective ways of teaching. This article will help you know how important a teacher is to us. Let’s start.

World Teachers Day (introduction and history) 

The Recommendation of this Meeting was signed by representatives of UNESCO and ILO at the conclusion of the intergovernmental conference that UNESCO/ILO conducted in Paris, France, on October 5, 1966, to discuss the position of teachers. This recommendation described the duties and rights of educators as well as other facets of the teaching profession around the world for the first time.

The first World Teachers’ Day was instituted by UNESCO on October 5, 1994, with the goal of bringing teachers’ concerns and objectives for education to light while also focusing attention on their engagement and professional development. Because it was the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation, the date of October 5 was chosen to commemorate Teacher’s Day globally

The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the significance and role of teachers, he plays in the development of the society. On this particular day, the whole world pays tribute to the teachers and thanks them for teaching things that help everyone survive in the world. Every year, people all around the world join hands to pay tribute to the teachers. This day is commemorated yearly with a new theme to describe the teacher’s role in every aspect.

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Who is a teacher? 

A teacher is a person that teaches us everything that we need to learn to match our pace with the developing world. A teacher is a ladder that leads toward success, and a teacher is a hand that writes our fate.

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The Significance of a Teacher

A teacher can either make you or break you. Teachers are also known as spiritual parents. It’s not wrong to say that after our parents, only a teacher’s efforts can lead us to success and prosperity. A teacher plays the most critical role in our lives. A teacher is the creator of all essential jobs and people. An engineer, a doctor, a pilot, an electrician, a mechanic, and even a teacher is the result of a good teacher that teaches the right things to the right people. On World Teacher Day, we pay tribute to them because of their significance and the role they play in improving our lifestyles.

The top ten ways of teaching

1. Student-led classrooms

Student-led classrooms are a very effective way of teaching. When students lead a class, they tend to get excited and learn more quickly. This type of teaching brings eagerness and a desire to learn new things in students.

Students study in classrooms on World Teachers Day

2. Discussion

After sharing knowledge with students, a teacher should discuss and repeat the lesson. Discussion is a very effective way of finding out how much the students understood, which helps in the lesson’s revision. Other than it, the discussion is also helpful in keeping the topics in mind.

Student and Teacher Discussion on World Teachers Day

3. Motivation

A teacher should also play the role of a motivator. When we motivate students to learn things and construct new knowledge, he makes more effort and participates in class efficiently.

Motivated boy on World Teachers Day

4. Setting goals

Set bigger student goals for the final assessment and evaluation, and keep motivating them throughout the year. This way helps them in achieving their goals.

goal setting on World Teachers Day

5. Mentioning objectives

Mention the objectives on the classroom board for the whole year or term and keep reminding the class that they have objectives. It becomes a motivation that pushes students towards learning things and struggling to achieve those objectives.

Teacher and Students Mentioning objectives on World Teachers Day

6. Interpersonal relationships

A teacher should establish a teacher-student relationship and then let the students know that the teacher has many expectations for them. In such relationships, students work very hard to fulfill the expectations and not let the teachers down.

Girl and Boy in Interpersonal relationship on World Teachers Day

7. Modeling

Modeling is the most effective way of teaching. In this way, a teacher models or acts out what he wants to teach them, and when students see a teacher, they imitate the teacher and learn quickly. Psychologists usually use this technique.

Modeling is the most effective way of teaching on World Teachers Day

8. Experimental teaching

In experimental teaching, a teacher performs experiments in front of students. Students use vision and hearing together to learn and learn faster than in many other ways. These experiments can be social, emotional, or chemical.

A teacher performs experiments in front of students on World Teachers Day

9. Storytelling

Storytelling is the oldest and most ubiquitous way of teaching. Students show interest in stories and listen more carefully and attentively than typical teaching instructions. Many stories that were written many years ago are still used in lesson teaching, like “Thirsty Crow,” “Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed,” and “Union is Strength.”

A girl show interest in stories and listen more carefully on World Teachers Day

10. Finding Mistakes

A teacher has a lot of ways to teach the students. Playing games like finding mistakes is one of the best strategies. In this way, a student can learn quickly because learning in playing style is very effective to remind things. This formula is usually applied in lower standard classes to help students in learning. The teacher should write something wrong spelled on the board and ask the student to rewrite or respell that correctly.

Teacher find mistakes on World Teachers Day


World Teacher’s Day reminds us that the whole world depends on and relies on a teacher. A teacher is a person who is making this world a better place. Different ways of teaching are helping many people achieve their goals and make their lives worth living. Teaching itself is an occupation with the aim to develop the world, train students, and many more. If a teacher applies the above-mentioned steps of teaching, it will be easy for students to learn things easily.