Ten most exciting but little-known facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln, a boy growing up in poverty, became president of the vast USA. Besides being an engaging personality, he was quick and tall with a high voice pitch. He was fond of studying, even borrowing books to continue his education. At the last, he became what he never imagined.
Abraham Lincoln looking front

Abraham Lincoln opened his eyes to a typical family near Hodgenville, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809. His father migrated from England and was a simple man. Lincoln was a true fan of education and continued studying in crises.

His one saying about education is extraordinary, and people still remember it; he said, “Education does not mean to teach the people what they do not know, but education means to teach them to behave as they do not behave. President was interested in reading different topics, but Geography and Astronomy were his favorite subjects.

However, if you have an interest in learning about his life, you are in the right place because we will discuss the top interesting facts about his life that most people do not know.

Most interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

If we count the facts about his life, they are a thousand. It is because life must be full of facts, from being a son of a poor farmer to becoming the president of America.

The Wrestling Hall of Fame has Lincoln as a member.

While not quite WWE material, The Great Emancipator was a skilled wrestler in his youth because of his lengthy limbs. Lincoln is said to have spoken a little trash in the ring, losing just one of his roughly 300 contests.

Honest Abe famously said to a large group of observers after defeating an adversary: “I’m the big buck of this lick,” according to Carl Sandburg’s biography of Lincoln. Whet your horns and come on if any of you want to give it a go. Only a few people took it. They recognized Lincoln as an “Outstanding American” in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame for his achievements in the sport of wrestling.

Lincoln grows his beard on a suggestion.

There was an 11 years old girl named Grace Bedell from New York. She wrote a letter to the emperor and suggested he grow a beard. The girl said his face is skinny, so he needs to grow a beard because ladies like whiskers. She also claimed that the new look would help him increase the vote. Lastly, Lincoln replied to her and thanked her for her suggestion.

Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

Do you know that millions of Americans celebrate the national holiday “Thanksgiving” every year? If you know, then there must be negligible chances for you to see the announcer of this holiday.

According to the blog topic, you get right, ye, Mr. Abraham Lincoln announced November 4 as a holiday. People from all over the country celebrate this day in groups and families.

He was a tall wrestler.

Another fact that most people do not know is emperor was almost 6.4 (1.93m) feet tall, and he was also a good wrestler; with studies, he was a part of the wrestling ring. He fought in almost 300 matches and rarely lost a game. The interesting fact here is that he was a patient of Marfan syndrome, which was the reason behind his height.

He places the papers in his hat.

Lincoln frequently appears in pictures while donning a tall black hat. The hat was more than just a statement of style. Lincoln’s attorney William H. Herndon mentioned another use: “This hat of Lincoln’s – a silk plug — was an incredible receptacle.

Both his desk and his memo book were there. He wrote many ideas he wanted to remember from his reading or research on an envelope or a scrap of paper, then tucked it within the lining. There was only one location to search for the memo after that when it was required. The National Museum of American History has a hat that belonged to Abraham Lincoln on exhibit.

Grave robbers attempted to attack his corpse.

Do you know that the president formed secret services for him, which worked once for him but after his death? You must be thinking about how service helped him after death. In 1876, a gang from Chicago attacked his shrine to steal the corpse, but the secret service saved his body. Gang did it to get a $200,000 ransom, but fortunately, they failed. After the incident, the government quickly moved his body to another place.

A sculpture of him

The Abraham Lincoln sculpture on Mount Rushmore is the most popular. If you don’t already know, Mount Rushmore is a monument in Keystone, South Dakota that displays the likenesses of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Doane Robinson, the secretary of the South Dakota State History Society, created the concept for Mount Rushmore in 1923. To get a sculpture of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore, he engaged the artist and sculptor Gutzon Borglum. In 1927, Borglum agreed to take on the assignment and started the project. Mount Rushmore’s carving was finished in 1941.

Lincoln’s wife was from a slave family.

Mary Todd Lincoln, the husband of Abraham Lincoln, was a wealthy enslaver. Robert Todd, her father, was the owner of several enslaved people. Yet Mary opposed slavery and worked to free the enslaved people owned by her relatives.

She also tried to raise the standard of living for Black Americans in Illinois. Abraham Lincoln consulted Mary frequently, and she was crucial to his presidency. At Springfield in 1842, Mary and Abraham Lincoln first met. On November 4, 1842, they exchanged vows. Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas were the four sons that the Lincolns had.

Founder of his math notebook

Abraham Lincoln grew up in Indiana and Kentucky, where he had little time to study. On the other hand, crises did not let them grow, so he borrowed the book and continued to study. He assembled his notebook in the 1820s, and he used to work on it for mathematical problems.

Lincoln moved to Illinois when he was 21.

Lincoln’s birthplace may be Illinois, but the 16th president spent his formative years in Indiana. Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky in 1809, and his father, Thomas, moved the family to a 160-acre plot in southern Indiana in 1816 after crossing the Ohio River. Lincoln did not migrate to Illinois until 1830.

Final thoughts

Abraham Lincoln, a boy growing up in poverty, became president of the vast USA. Besides being an engaging personality, he was quick and tall with a high voice pitch. He was fond of studying, even borrowing books to continue his education. At the last, he became what he never imagined.