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An island is a piece of land on the water, above high tide, and isolated from other huge land masses. People also consider strange islands as small heaven. There are several islands in the world with unique views and soothing seaside scenery. Of course, people are only part of what makes islands magical, and endlessly appealing. Wonderfully calming in their natural glamour surrounded by water. Island ecosystems also help to maintain system functions. They provide defense against natural disasters and contribute to nutrient cycling and soil sand formation. Also, help to regulate climate and diseases. Let’s have a go-through of some of the weird and strange islands of the world.

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Top ten strange Islands

According to surveys, there are approximately 900,000 islands globally, have a look at the top strangest islands here.

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1. Rapa Nui or Easter Island, Chile

Spanish Isle de Pascua, also called Rapa Nui, is a Chilean dependency in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Someone knew the easternmost outpost of the Polynesian island world for its gently immense rock statues.

The island is one of the most isolated places in the world at the extreme southeastern point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania. Easter Island is a destination that really surprises visitors. The archaeological sites spotted around the islands have panoramic insight into the Rapa Nui culture that still exists.

Rapa Nui or Easter strange Island, Chile

2. Socotra Island, Yamen

Socotra is an island off the Republic of Yemen in the Indian Ocean beneath de facto control of the United Arab Emirates-back Southern Transitional Council. Someone globally valued the island for being biodiverse and conservative because of its exceptionally rich and distinct flora and fauna. The plants, reptiles, and snail species of the island don’t occur anywhere else in the entire world, nor in any other island percentage wisely.

Socotra strange Island, Yamen

3. Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Sabel is a small Canadian island on the southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the closest point to the North Atlantic Ocean. A few families dwell on the island, and what’s more interesting about this island is that hundreds of wild horses live there.

A celebrity, Ethan Hawke, purchased the island. People go there and explore, hike rolling windswept dunes, walk along beaches, see the wild horses, seals, birds, and water ponds, and experience the isolated nature.

Sable strange Island, Nova Scotia

4. La Isla De Las Munecas (Island of the Dolls) Mexico

La Isla De Las is a famous tourist attraction because of dolls of different styles and colors on the island. The island of dolls is on Lake Teshil Xochimilco, and Mexico City is one of the artificial islands of chinampas, built during pre-Hispanic times to increase agricultural production. It is difficult to reach the island, but people still try hard to visit the unique, heavenly piece.

La Isla De Las Munecas (strange Island of the Dolls) Mexico

5. Vulcan Point (Philippines)

Vulcan Point is a rocky island inside Main Crater Lake and is also among the strange islands which were once unbelievably covered with vegetation. Taal Volcano, or Vulcan Point, is on Luzon Island in the province of Batangas in the Philippines.

The island is one of the most famous for the science of fiction. It’s an island, but people call it an entirely fictional planet; however, the star system it’s related to in “Star Trek” is real. It is a strange, weird, and mythical island where, till now, 49 people have died. Still, people throughout the world intentionally visit this island planet to see its miraculous or, better I say, unbelievably strange presence.

Vulcan Point (Philippines) strange islands

6. Christmas Island (Australian territory in the Indian Ocean)

Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, also named the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, is famous for its red crabs, seabirds, and different coral reefs. Christmas Island is home to a captivating mix of cultures and natural wonders.

Around 1300 people are living on the island. The thing making it more unique is its Flying Fish Cove. This is the most moderate island where satellite provides adequate internet access. People can easily fly to this island. Nepal and Bhutan require no passport to approach Christmas Island.

Christmas strange Island (Australian territory in the Indian Ocean)

7. The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca (Peru)

The floating island is home to the native Uros people and creates assembling layers upon layers of Totora roots and reeds. The water-resistant plant grows in the lake water and is the lifeblood of the people living there and is useful in making shelters, boats, and mattresses.

Floating usually rises in newly flooded reservoirs. This happens if the watered area is filled with peaty soil. About 4000 people are living there. If we count in numbers, there are 40 islands sprinkled in Lake Titicaca. Vicente Revilla had previously owned a floating island and started a restaurant there.

The Floating strange Islands of Lake Titicaca (Peru)

8. The Green Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Green Pacific Garbage Island is dispersed over an area of 1.6 million square kilometers, which is twice the size of Texas and thrice the size of France. Garbage patches of different sizes are situated in each gyre. The most famous of these patches is usually called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in the North Pacific gyre.

The Green Pacific strange islands Garbage Patch

9. Deer Island (New York)

Deer Island is a Peninsula in Boston, Massachusetts. An association owns this island, named Russell Trust Association, and uses it for skull and bone retreat. With its new landmark egg disasters, Deer Island stands out among Boston Harbor’s historical islands. Though it’s Deer Island, it has animals in it, like American alligators, mottled ducklings, osprey, and loggerhead turtles.

Deer strange Island (New York)

10. Poveglia Island (Italy)

The world’s most haunted island, Poveglia, is a tiny island between Venice and Lido in North Italy. Italian business executive Luigi Brugnaro is the owner of this island. Though it requires more and more visits, the government has banned visitors because it hosts a mental institution that used to torture patients. A film, “The Plague Doctor,” is filmed after taking an impression from Poveglia Island.

Poveglia strange Island (Italy)


We mentioned some of the strange islands of the world above, having odd and individual fortes. The Heavenly Islands are absolutely different from one another. Every island gets this name according to its specific quality, such as “Doll Island, “Deer Island,Green Pacific garbage island,” etc. Islands are natural heavenly pieces, but humans contribute well to garnishing the islands and making them more adorable.


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