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As we know, human beings evolved from small hunter-gatherer tribes into huge agrarian cultures, our forefathers required courageous cooperation and patience among relative queerers. Religion is the belief that ties you to a pattern of life. Here are so many definitions of religion and religion is categorized into various beliefs some of the people name it God-loving duty, they believe that following the religion is to be nearer to God.

Additionally, one more understood point is that following a religion is to follow a lifestyle that religion suggests. But here are some weird religions unbelievable where the mental level of the people is stuck into strange thoughts. Let’s have a look at these strange religions.

Following a religion as compared to weird religion is absolutely different thing. It’s because religions are based on some facts, logic, and experiences but following the weird things and considering it as a religion is definitely baseless.

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1. Satanism

Studies say that Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical faiths based on Satan. Moreover, the compeer religious activity of satanism was initiated with the founding of the aesthetic church of satan by Anton Lavey in the US in 1966, though some verifiable precedents exist.

Prioritized by public practice, it existed fundamentally as an allegation by different Christian groups towards considered ideological opponents, rather than a self-identity or considerable religion-based faiths. It is supposed and believed that Satanism or the concept of Satan is used by artists and entertainers for symbolic expression.

Furthermore, the accusations being followed by satanism practitioners were introduced by Christians. During the era of the middle ages, it was revealed that in catholic churches some of the groups such as knights, temples, and Cathars do satanic rituals. Further fact about the satanic faith owns some of the primary beliefs of satanism include the existence of witches as well.

Church Of Euthanasia_ rising against the evil of exponential population Growth

“Save The planet, kill yourself” is the most famous and controversial slogan of the Church of Euthanasia- rising against the evil of exponential population growth. It is more a protest movement than a true religion.

Till now this specific church still uses sermons as a corridor to disperse its cruelty-promoting message, and that is to dehumanize the world by not murdering people but making the people do so.

In other words, it would not be wrong to say that people got brainwashed to commit suicide. It’s obvious that the church does this disgust in such a way that the people consider it the order of religion and God that is not deniable at any cost.

So, conclusively this is how they control overpopulation. Isn’t that cruelly rubbish to ask people to kill themselves rather than not to control the population growing over and over?

Satanism religions

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2. Aetherius Society

As the belief of the Church of Euthanasia, Aetherius society is also an amalgamation of followers of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish beliefs, mingling them fraternized by giving them a catnap of Ufology. So many contestants of Aetherius society strived to save the total breathing of earth.

They believe that the conglomerate holocaust has been averted by this practice of spiritual energy Batteries, which hold in them healing energy and are produced by psychic ability. Moreover, the Firm faith of this society is that another Master will come for sure and they call it, the” Next Master”.

It’s also known that some of them say Mega Jesus will come who is gradually descending from heaven in a flying saucer and taking over magical powers in him. We believe wholeheartedly in Jesus as A Prophet but it’s undoubtedly a bogus concept that he will appear in a flying saucer.

Aetherius Society religions

3. Creativity movement

This gesticulation is a white discomforts foundation that recommends creativity. The use of the term creator does not refer to divinity at all but rather to the followers themselves. It’s an atheist movement as there is no concept of divinity, God, or churches.

The organization was founded by Ben Klassen and after he was dead, the movement almost died too until the new church was established but it took three years to be entrenched. Mathew Hales got it done as its high priest, until his incarceration in January 2003 for concocting with the movement’s head of security, Anthony Evola, to kill a federal judge.

Creativity movement religions

4. Jediism

Star Wars got several fans but religion is just taking it all a bit too far. The people, mostly are acquainted with the dogma of Jedi by watching movies about it, the light side/dark side, the elusive power that ties up the universe together. Some people follow it in real life but Jediism has no central foundation, though the Texas-based “Temple of the Jedi Order’ has emanated a code The i6 Teachings Of Jedi.

It’s almost the weirdest religion that’s based on some impressions picked from movies, some from Buddhism and Hinduism, and the remainings are from Judaism. Conclusively it would not be wrong to say that Jediism possesses identity but is grabbed by a mixture of other religions.

Jediism religions

5. The Church Of All Words

Here you are going to know about an immensely huge Germanic-Neo paganist religion in the world, The Church of All Worlds was based in 1962 constructed and controlled by Zell_Ravenheart and his life partner named Morning Glory, enchanting its name from Robert HeinLien’s Strange in A Strange Land, followers worship the earth itself. That’s why it’s included among the weird religions being followed in the world.

The Church Of All Words religions

6. Universe People

Besides weird, a strange thing about Universe People is an alien-inspired religion. The Czech group bases its faith on its extra-terrestrial connections with instigator Evo Benda up to 1997. According to him, the aliens have a deft of ships circulating the earth at any given time, led by a being named Ashtar who frequently puts an eye on people of the earth, intentionally to enrapture good and loyal acolyte to another extent.

Universe People religions

7. Panawave

An extremely awkward and odd group based in Japan is frightened by the electromagnetic waves in the updated world blaming them for climate change or better we say climate disasters and other such misperceptions. This was based in 1994 and there existed so much publicity attracting acts since then.

In 2003 ventured kidnapping of an arctic seal appeared in the Tokyo River. The foundation reasoned that electromagnetic waves were the cause of this strange seal’s appearance. and that returning it to the Arctic would prevent the expected destruction.

Panawave religions

8. Aghori

Aghori is a Hindu cult that was split off from the Kapala order in the 14th century A.D. Aghori”s used to eat human flesh that’s the reason that many Hindus condemn Aghori but that’s not the only thing or reason about this weird religion.

Another thing is that Aghoris always carry a cult with them which is made up of human skulls and the security of aphorism is cannibals how can someone have food in a human skull rather than a utensil?

Furthermore, to achieve a citadel of enlightenment, aphorisms perform horrendously crude rituals. So, the conclusion there is finalized from eating the flesh of a human, though it was not the only reason.

Aghori religions

9. Raelism

Another weird religion is Raelism where A car racer from France started Raelism and derived it from the honorific name given to Vorilhons by aliens who abducted him before exposing the actual basics of mankind.

Claude was taken to a nearly distant planet where he was much honored by aliens and blessed to meet dignified philosophers and religious thinkers involving Jesus, Budha, Confucious, and joseph smith.

They considered that life on earth began with an alien DNA and evolved and so on. Moreover, Aliens also conveyed their arrival on earth in Jerusalem in 2025, 25000 years ago, they blindly believe that aliens’ arrival has got two more years to left only.

Raelism religions


Q. What religions are without God’s beliefs?

The most famous and widely considered nontheistic religions are Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Jainism.

Q. What religion is Jediism based on?

Jediism is inspired by certain elements of Star Wars, namely the fictional religion of the Jedi. Early websites dedicated to bringing up a belief system from the Star Wars films were “The Jedi Religion and Regulations” and “Jediism

Q. What do Aghoris believe in?

The Aghori believe themselves to be the masters of many spiritual powers; able to cure mental and physical illnesses, saving lives. The man approaches a pile of ashes on the ground and spreads them over his body and face. “Holy ash is the last and purest state of everything.

Q. What is the life of Aghori?

Aghori live the life of a nomad and mostly they reside near the crematorium, take a bath in the cremation ashes and eat the putrid flesh of corpses and drink out of human skulls. It is also said that they also meditate on the corpses which is symbolic of their rise from ‘Shava’ to ‘Shiva’.

Q. What are the pillars of the church of Euthanasia?

Their Four Pillars: ‘Suicide, Abortion, Cannibalism and Sodomy


By picking some of the weirdest and unbelievably foolish beliefs we summarised the reasons why people follow such religions. It’s obvious that all religions have unique perceptions. They made their foundations stronger and are still convincing the people to follow the religion they are following. If we observe we can easily find that every group is fighting for its right and belief. Writing this article did not mean to disrespect any religion but to let you know about the weird religion being followed worldwide.


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