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Pakistan Super League is incredibly famous for its deadly pace attack. PSL has collected several high-caliber bowlers with a giant stride. Each season of the PSL brings a new fast bowler, and some of the bowlers have registered their well-known names for the breaking balls they bowl in the jousting championship. Let’s discern the fastest bowlers in the history of the Pakistan Super League.

1. Shaheen Shah Afridi

The fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi rendered the PSL’s most catastrophic bowlers and the Pakistan Cricket Team obsolete in passing years. Ingenious Shaheen Afridi delivered the fastest ball in Pakistan’s history at 154.2 kilometers per hour.

Shaheen Shah Afridi has an outstanding momentum average of 150 km/h, bowling at different speeds for both left-handed and left-handed batters. Still, the right-handed batter’s perspective on the fluctuated delivery is preferably straightforward.

2. Muhammad Hasnain

Mohammad Hasnain is the soul of the eminently distinguished medium pacers the PSL has ever engendered. Timely Hasnain might have been faster, but he kept his bowling speed between 140 and 150 kilometers per hour. Mohammad Hasnain launched his speedy, expeditious ball at a velocity of 154 km/h.

3. Haris Rauf

Another fastest bowler is Haris Rauf, the worldly famed Pakistan Super League has fabricated. Haris Rauf has been scrutinized for the quickstep as he bowled at a high pace with a velocity of 151 km/h.

Haris pursued his master plan in the PSL season, setting the league’s highest bowling marks. He launched his speeded-up delivery at a speed of 153.7 km/h.

4. Ihsan Ullah

Pakistan Super League ushers another fast bowler who escorts a staggering high pace. Ihsan Ullah, a right-arm pacer, sustained momentum within reach of 150 km/h even though he bowled the swiftest spell in PSL record in a four-over period. Ihsan Ullah’s tenure was lacquered the most rapidly in the event’s history.

5. Muhammad Amir

Muhammad Amir was considered one of the most excellent and exceptional bowlers Pakistan has ever produced because of the match-fixing scandal. The player suffered a significant loss and was suspended from playing cricket.

Later, fate was compassionate, and he had time to play in the Pakistan Super League, showing his skills and expertise. Amir bowled some of the fastest balls in PSL career, including his quickest launch at 149 km/h.

6. Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah is the most current player of the PSL, bowling at an average velocity of abruptly 150 km/h and with the fastest delivery of 148.5 km/h. His toing and froing bowling are amid most sundry, allowing for various variations. Naseem Shah has also expressed his skills in batting and rescued his team from some of the game’s crucial moments.

7. Muhammad Irfan

Mohammad is famous for his height and has shone in the Pakistan Super League. His PSL career was finitely restricted, but his size grabs the credit for helping him out for accusing many wickets. Muhammad Irfan, the tallest among all the bowlers, bowled his quickest ball at 148.2 km/h in Pakistan Super League.

8. Hasan Ali

Another rock star in Pakistan super league is Hasan Ali, whose extraordinary talent was uncovered by the Islamabad United Pakistan Super League franchise. Averagely he bowls at the velocity of 140 kilometers per hour. Hasan’s fastest ball that he delivered in the record of PSL is at 146 km/h.

9. David Weise

The best bowler earning his name and fame in the PSL is a South African player David Weise. His performance, not only in PSL but throughout, is breathtaking. One of his fastest balls holds a record and hits him on the rank list is the ball he launched while playing against Amsterdam Knights. The speed of this ball was 173.8 kilometers per hour. He has played one match for PSL, and the rate of his quickest ball was 144.3 km/h.

10. Wahab Riaz

Wahab Riaz is a Pakistani fast bowler representing Peshawar Zalmi in Pakistan Super League 2023. He is also a part of the international cricket team for a long time and offered some match-winning performances.

In the current season of PSL, he has proved him as a good key player on the team. If we talk about his performance collectively, he bowled at the speed of 151.6 km/h which is really one of the quickest delivery of his entire career.


Discussed above are some of the selected record holders’ expert players struggling for their franchises in the Pakistan Super League. What makes them unique among all is their sprightly quick bowling speed. Every player owns an individually towering standard for their accomplishment.


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