Top Ten Mobile Games

This article contains information about mobile games. You will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of mobile games and playing mobile games as well. Follow content holds information about the top ten mobile games.

This article contains information about mobile games. You will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of mobile games and playing mobile games as well. Follow content holds information about the top ten mobile games that we played the most. These games have ruled and are ruling over a thousand more games.

Mobile games

Mobile games include those created for portable media players, feature phones, pocket PCs, personal digital assistants (PDA), smartphones, and other mobile devices. A variety of connectivity options, such as infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G, are available on modern mobile phones, especially smartphones.

High-resolution display panels, huge random access memory (RAM), powerful central processing units (CPUs), and specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) are important for advanced mobile games. The majority of programmers that create games with 2D or 3D graphics utilize OpenGL ES, a free, cross-platform application programming tool.

Benefits of mobile games

There is no doubt that playing video games is good for your health. Contrary to common assumptions, playing video games was shown to have certain health advantages. It also includes lowering depression, easing stress and anxiety, and even fostering a sense of well-being. Some people may consider these to be quite bold assertions. Yet there is sufficient study and data to back them up.

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Drawbacks of mobile games

Playing games on a mobile device has several drawbacks. Isolation from others is one of them. These games engross people so much that they prioritize them over any social connection. Playing games on mobile devices is also contributing to social isolation. Isolation occurs when people are hesitant to interact with one another.

Top Ten Mobile Games

1. Temple Run

temple run game

As far as infinite runners go, Temple Run is the original. Before a glut of original and licensed games of that genre flooded the mobile gaming industry, Imangi Studios’ flagship time-killer game captivated the public’s attention. This place has always had a strong Indiana Jones aura; everyone’s inner hero archaeologist comes out when they have to go as far as they can while dodging a huge beast, collecting money, and using cunning moves to remain alive.

2. Subway Surfers

subway surfers game

We must bring up the recognizable city runner known as Subway Surfers while we’re talking about famous unending runners. While navigating every square inch of the large metropolis they live in. The teenage graffiti artists depicted in this game must try to stay alive for as long as they can. Because of the game’s cheerful and bubbly aesthetic, it is much more approachable for all the younger players out there, which contributes to one of the reasons it continues to rank rather high among the top games on both the App Store and Google Play.

3. Candy Crush

candy crush saga game

The match-three mobile puzzler experience that started it all, Candy Crush and its several sequels, will always be regarded as the standard. You may match all of those delicious sweet delights and beverages as you work your way through a huge library of hard puzzle problems. Your grandparents are probably still playing Candy Crush daily if there is one game that you can count on. Once you’ve begun moving up to the toughest puzzle levels in this mobile puzzler, it’s impossible to put it down.

4. Angry Birds

angry birds game

It seems like an extreme fever dream to slingshot birds into arbitrary buildings filled with wicked pigs, isn’t it? Fortunately, no substance is necessary for you to completely enjoy that peculiar scene. Since it initially took to mobile devices, the core Angry Birds series has been a fixture with a huge following that embodies the informal puzzler style of mobile gaming. Please be patient with us while we cater to our bird-throwing and book-smashing hobbies.

5. Genshin Impact

genshin impact game

The AAA action RPG Genshin Impact plays best on more powerful hardware. We’re not sure how Chinese video game production and animation firm miHoYo achieved it. But they were able to cram every last bit of its awesomeness within the limitations of mobile devices.

Comparable to the sensation of awe felt when playing The Legend of Zelda series, jumping into this game’s enormous universe filled with magic and other mythical aspects. The steady stream of insightful information that Genshin Impact produces indicates that it will probably continue to prosper for many years.

6. Sky: Children of Light

sky, children of the light game

That game company is famous for producing games that defy convention and are brimming with wonder and grandeur. Sky: Children of Light will have the same mind-blowing effects that the PS3 Jewel Journey did for you. You and another sky-faring player embark on an adventure across the seven domains of the exquisitely rendered Kingdom of Sky. You’ll try to re-establish the lost light stolen from the vast constellations of the kingdom as you draw nearer to your co-op buddy and improve your capacity to stay in the air.

7. Geometry Dash

geometry dash game

Maintain a constant rhythm, avoid a variety of perilous perils, and make every effort to finish the several stages that are put in your path. These goals are the main focus of Geometry Dash, a deceptively straightforward mobile platformer that also incorporates features from rhythm games. The game’s distinctive music will compel you to keep playing and master its enormous diversity of stage components. In Geometry Dash, designing your unique courses and testing your game development prowess is half the fun.

8. Call of Duty

call of duty game

The typical gunplay of the Call of Duty franchise is flawlessly adapted for mobile devices, giving it a fast and frenzied atmosphere. The most-played first-person shooter in the world has a mobile version that includes the famous multiplayer modes. Battle Royale experience that console fans have had for the longest. It has also evolved into something equivalent to the home console experience for the franchise. Zombies Mode is now being included on the mobile version of the game.

9. Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs zombie game

Because of the well-honed battle mechanisms present in the Plants vs. Zombies games. They are built on the concept of warfare and success. The object of the game is to arrange various plant species in a grid-based combat area. It is arranged according to their strengths and weaknesses. It still succeeds in holding the attention as well as it did when it first came out. These are the best mobile strategy games available.

10. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja game

Fruit Ninja has introduced us to a new kind of satisfaction. We had no idea such satisfaction existed—slicing up various fruits with the tips of our fingers. You may have so much fun cutting down every piece of fruit that comes your way by quickly swiping across your smartphone screen while utilizing a wide variety of powerups. When it comes to performing lengthy fruit-slashing combinations, both the original game and its follow-up tend to put players in a zen-like state.


In the end, we concluded that playing mobile games is so much fun as well as good for mental health but can be harmful if you play too much. Spending excessive time on games can socially distance you and also affect your vision. The above-mentioned games are most played as mobile games but there are many others among them that the youth enjoy playing.