This article holds a list of the most known and successful bloggers in Pakistan. These bloggers have brought credit to the Country. They not only write blogs but also are involved in many other things like web development. Let’s find out about these bloggers.


A blog is a conversation or informational website published on the Internet and made up of discrete, frequently informal diary-style text posts. Posts usually show in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entry at the top of the page. The development and proliferation of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the introduction of web publishing tools that made it easier for non-technical users with no familiarity with HTML or computer programming to upload material. Many blogs offer comments on a certain subject or topic, which might range from philosophy, religion, and the arts to science, politics, and sports. Others serve as more personal online journals or online brand advertising for a certain person or firm.


Bloggers create, edit, publish, and promote material on their blogs or websites. Companies and individuals may create their own blogs. They come up with and pitch ideas, write and edit blogs, advertise them to readers, and do research. The typical output of a blogger consists of words, images, and sometimes audio or video.

Top ten bloggers of Pakistan 

1. Syed Moiz Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balkhi is a Pakistani American entrepreneur best famous for his social media work with the WordPress site WPBeginner. Balkhi also contributes to The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur (magazine), for which he has written multiple pieces. In addition, Balkhi created OptinMonster, which allows users to develop and distribute opt-in forms. Balkhi has appeared as a keynote speaker at conferences such as Affiliate Summit and Alabama Power. Balkhi got awarded by the United Nations as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. he is one of the best bloggers.

2. Muhammad Mustafaza Ahmadzai

Mohammad, a young blogger, also manages a clothing company and many blogs from his homeroom. He has worked as an SEO consultant, an obsessed web developer, a computer engineer, a digital marketer, and a professional blogger. Mr. Ahmadzai is from kind of blogger who doesn’t know where to stop being successful. He is the founder of STC Network, which provides web services and also online business solutions to clients all over the world. STC Network, the nation’s first registered company of professional bloggers, was founded in 2008. Through workshops and seminars at schools, colleges, and universities, the firm continues to inspire youth while also introducing a number of new faces online.

3. Shahzaib Ul Hassan

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is a fantastic blogger and also Shahzaib is the founder of ShazzSEO. There are over 100 SEO-related websites in Pakistan, but ShazzSEO is the best SEO firm in Pakistan for 2022. In today’s world, everyone is looking for a high-quality interface website that has extensive information, learning strategies, procedures, and other knowledge-enhancing materials. If you are a student, you are invited to, where you may read educational blogs as well as learn basic and advanced tips and tactics to perform better.

4. Taimur Asad

Taimur Asad is a software engineer who graduated from Bahria University Karachi. He is Pakistan’s number one blogger, according to our rankings. His blog is ranked 4000+ globally, with a maximum Alexa rank of 2000. He is a perfect blogger not only for Pakistan but for South Asia as a whole. His blog focuses on technology news, reviews, information, goods, Android, and so on. His blog covers everything including Microsoft to Apple and from Symbian to Android. With almost $24,000 in monthly earnings, it’s easy to see why he’s at the top of our Pro Blogger Ranking in Pakistan.

5. Aamir Atta

Aamir Atta is one of Pakistan’s most well-known bloggers. He began his internet career by blogging in 2008. HE launches the Propakistan blog, which includes information on technology, telecommunications, mobile phone evaluations, and also broadband. Aamir received a lot of attention in Pakistan for his famous and trendy blog. Pakistan’s largest independent news publisher is ProPakistani. Additionally, Its extensive coverage of business, the automobile sector, technology, startups, sports, and other topics draws on its expertise as a pioneer in technology and communications.

6. Umer Idrisi

Umer Idrisi is an accomplished Blogger with a background in writing and editing. He is knowledgeable in advertising, marketing strategy, branding, offline marketing, and content marketing through blogging. Umer is an experienced media and communication expert with a strong background in online marketing. He is a Pakistani entrepreneur, the creator of Search Oye, and one of Pakistan’s top ten bloggers. was Pakistan’s first search engine. Search is also developing personalized geo-location ads in Pakistan based on keywords, similar to Google, but without using historical data or personal interactions.

7. Ali Raza

He possesses a BBA (Hons.) from the LSE (Lahore School of Economics) and is fully accredited by Google and Microsoft. My company is also an Official Google Partner. Because of my work in the IT, blogging, freelancing, and branding industries in Pakistan, he has been considered one of the Top & Best Digital Marketers from Pakistan. He works as a digital marketing trainer, blogger, vlogger, and consultant. He is now working with many firms all around the world, providing various types of Web Marketing Services such as Google Adwords, Conversion Rate Optimization Services, and Digital Marketing Strategist.

8. Abdul Wali Khan

Abdul Wali Khan is a travel lover, computer whiz, SEO consultant, web developer, blogger, as well as an online educator. A guy who successfully ranked hundreds of keywords in Google without using any black linking tactic has taught thousands of pupils worldwide. Despite his lack of school and college knowledge, Abdul Wali began learning English, the Internet, and computer in 2009. He got expertise in various topics but specializes in Google search domains. The blogger established his blog specialty in 2010. He began earning money through Google AdSense and quickly surpassed $1500 in monthly earnings.

9. Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais is an award-winning open-source engineering leader, VP of Developer Relations, Google Developers Expert Dev Advocate, Node.js Community Committee Outreach Lead, Business Governance Board Member of Linux Foundation & OpenAPI Initiative, WordPress Core Developer, and former VP of Engineering at WGA. Awais was honored as one of the first 12 highlighted GitHub Stars with a gold GitHub Stars Award. Apart from blogging, Awais also enjoys instructing. His courses, such as,, and, have taught over 20,000 engineers.

10. Shehab Farrukh Niazi

Be Haute Consultancy’s CEO and founder is Shehab Farrukh Niazi. She is a creative professional and trainer with over eight years of experience in various fields, such as strategic communications, digital storytelling, social media marketing, content creation, and marketing. She enjoys design thinking for creativity, marketing, audience building, value proposition mapping, and branding. Shehab is the Chief Editor of Startup Guide Pakistan. She’s also a Social Media Marketer and Content Strategist for Trailblazer Magazine. Ms. Niazi has previously worked as a digital publisher for various organizations.


We looked into the lives and activities of some of Pakistan’s most well-known bloggers in this blog since the country’s blogging scene is brimming with extraordinary talent. The blogging community has been forever changed by the compelling storytelling of Shehab Farrukh Niazai, the technological know-how of Syed Moeez Balkhi, and the entrepreneurial zeal of Mustafa Ahmadzai. They have not only gained a devoted following because to their commitment, inventiveness, and original viewpoints, but they have also added worthwhile material to the virtual world. These people and many others will undoubtedly continuing inspiring and informing us with their ideas, knowledge, and enthusiasm as the blogging community develops.


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