Top Ten Successful Pakistani Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

This article contains information about famous as well as successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in Pakistan who hold the nationality of Pakistan.
businessmen in Pakistan facing the wall with success chart

This article contains information about famous as well as successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in Pakistan who hold the nationality of Pakistan. Most of these businessmen are settled in foreign countries, and they are running successful businesses. This article will help you learn about those Pakistani businessmen.

There were and in every kind of business in Pakistan. Those businesses helped Pakistan grow economically. All the people who worked harder and put their business at the highest point are the most valuable assets of Pakistan. People invest money, work hard, and learn things that are important for a business.

Many people came up with the ideas, worked on them, and are now running successful businesses. Few Pakistani businessmen are in this field because they inherited the business. But they handle their fathers’ business pretty well.

There are many successful Pakistani businessmen who are also very famous in foreign countries because of their businesses. Those people include Shahid Khan, Muhammad Mansha, Malik Riaz, and many more.

Most of these businessmen are running successful businesses in Pakistan as well as in various other countries. These businessmen also hold the nationalities of other countries. In addition, top Pakistani businessmen also include popular politicians like Asif Ali Zardari.

1. Shahid Khan

Shahid khan

American-Pakistani business magnate and sports mogul Shahid Rafiq Khan were born on July 18, 1950. He owns the famous American automobile business Flex-N-Gate. Khan is also a prominent figure in American sports as co-owner of the American wrestling company All Elite Wrestling and owner of the Premier League’s Fulham F.C. and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Khan served as the face of the American Dream when he appeared on the front cover of Forbes magazine in 2012. Following Georg F. W. Schaeffler, who has a $12 billion net worth, Khan is the second-richest car parts tycoon. Also of Pakistani descent, he is the richest.

2. Mian Muhammad Mansha

mian mansha

Business tycoon and billionaire Mian Muhammad Mansha is from Pakistan. Muhammad Mansha laid the foundation of The Lahore-based multinational corporation Nishat Group, and he also serves as its CEO.

One of the wealthiest and highest-tax-paying people in Pakistan is Mansha, along with some of his close relatives. His name was listed as having ties to offshore firms in the Paradise Papers in 2017. He has a $3.7 billion net worth.

3. Malik Riaz Hussain

malik riaz hussain

The largest privately held real estate development enterprise in Asia and Pakistan is Bahria Town, founded by Pakistani business magnate Malik Riaz Hussain. During the 2000s, he increased the size of his real estate business and built gated communities over a total of 45,000 square acres in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Riaz is a divisive character who has also been the focus of many corruption investigations. He has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

4. Sadruddin Hashwani

sadar uddin hashwani

An entrepreneur from Pakistan is named Sadruddin Hashwani. He is the founder as well as the chairman of the Hashoo Group, a conglomerate best known for Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts.

The largest chain of five-star hotels in Pakistan is Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts, and it consists of eight big branches. Furthermore, Sadrudin Hashwani was the first person to get The Nishan-e-Imtiaz, Pakistan’s highest civilian honor.

5. Asif Ali Zardari

asif ali zardari

A politician from Pakistan named Asif Ali Zardari previously served as co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party and is currently the president of the party’s parliamentary branch. In addition to his stake in five homes inherited from his deceased spouse, Benazir Bhutto, he has a United Arab Emirates Iqama and owns more than a dozen properties in Pakistan, according to information on his assets included in his candidacy papers. Nearly half of his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s asset value, which is around Rs 758.66 million, is included in his personal property.

6. Sultan Ali Lakhani

sultan ali lakhani

The co-founder of the Lakson Group and proprietor of McDonald’s Pakistan is a Pakistani businessman and also former senator Sultan Ali Lakhani. From March 1988 to March 1994, he served in Pakistan’s Senate. Siza Foods Pvt. Ltd., a division of the Lakson Group of Companies with headquarters in Karachi, is the owner of McDonald’s franchise rights in Pakistan. The fast food chain’s first location, with 200 seats, debuted in the city of Peshawar in the northwest in December 2015. Lakhani has an 800$ million dollar net worth.

7. Hussain Dawood

hussain dawood

Businessman, investor, advocate for education, and philanthropist Hussain Dawood is from Pakistan. The Dawood Hercules Corporation and Engro Corporation, two publicly traded businesses in Pakistan, are led by Dawood. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the KSBL and a director of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

Dawood is regarded as a corporate pioneer for expanding the economic interests of his corporations. His experience includes running family enterprises, chairing publicly traded firms, and managing, overseeing, and directing them. He received a Hilal-e-Imtiaz and he also became an officer of the Italian Republic’s Order of Merit.

8. Mohammad Zahoor

Muhammad zahoor

British-Pakistani businessman and philanthropist Mohammad Zahoor resides in Ukraine. He founded and is the proprietor of the ISTIL Group. After obtaining his Ph.D. from the Donetsk National Technical University, Zahoor returned to Pakistan and began working for Pakistan Steel.

He relocated to Moscow in 1987, when he co-founded MetalsRussia, a trade business with a Hong Kong registration, and collaborated with a Thai steel manufacturer. Zahoor purchased the Donetsk Steel Mills in 1996. Later, he also purchased more steel factories in a number of nations. He is Pakistan’s eighth-richest businessman.

9. Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui

dewan m yousuf farooqi

Dewan Yousuf Dewan Companies are owned by Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui, a businessman from Pakistan and a former finance minister for Sindh. A conglomerate business with headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, is The Yousuf Dewan Companies.

The present owner of it is Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqui is also serving as a former finance minister for Sindh. Dewan Mushtaq Group used to be its former name. Additionally, he owns mills for sugar, textiles, and automobiles.

10. Syed Babar Ali

syed babar ali

The previous interim Finance Minister of Pakistan was Syed Babar Ali, a businessman, and philanthropist from Pakistan. Lahore University of Management Sciences, Milkpak Limited, and Packages Limited, all of which are now part of Nestlé Pakistan, were founded by him.

In addition to Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited and Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited, Ali serves as chairman of Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited. He adheres to the joint venture principle and conducts the majority of his operations through joint ventures with significant corporations.


We concluded from the above content that Pakistan added so many names to the list of best businessmen. Those businessmen not only got successful but also brought credit to Pakistan. Above mentioned Pakistani businessmen are one of the reasons behind the economic growth and will help in the development of Pakistan.