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No one can repay the kindness of parents. Children cannot return the love their parents give to them. We are all required to accept that every day is parent day, so in this article, we will discuss a few points to show respect to parents and how to win their hearts. You cannot perform these activities on just Global Day of Parents, but you can do them daily. 

Global Day of Parents

The Global Day of Parents is commemorated yearly to pay them honor. This day provides a chance to say “Thank you” to our parents for all they did for us. On this day, we should say thanks to them for their dedication. World Parents’ Day is a good chance for children to strengthen their bonds with their parents. On this day, we get a chance to prove to them that we are the best parents, and afterward promise to follow them as fathers or mothers.

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History of Global Day of Parents

During the 1980s, the United Nations started observing family issues. Later in 1989, General Assembly passed a resolution to celebrate 1994 as the International Year of the Family. Another resolution also selected May 15th as the day of the International Day of Family Observance. 

In 2012, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to mark June 1st as the Global Day of Parents. Since then, the world has celebrated the Global Day of Parents to praise their parents.

Q. How to Celebrate the Global Day of Parents?

It is a day that people celebrate in many ways. The Global Day of Parents is celebrated almost in every home worldwide, so different people celebrate this day differently. Some people stay at home with their parents, while others go out for a picnic or hotel stay with their family. Every child promises to stay obedient to their parents. Parents love forces their children to stay connected with them for their entire life, so on this day, let the children not forget their promises. 

The Top Ten Ways to Pay Tribute to Parents

Recalling the importance of this relationship, we can talk about thousands of ways to admire its significance. But here, we will discuss ten easy and practical steps to pay tribute.

1. Spend time with them

Keep in mind that everyone is busy with their personal lives in this modern era. People do not have time to meet each other. Even if they meet their family after a long time, people meet their parents as strangers because of being busy. Spending time with them on Global Day of Parents demonstrates to them your love and care.

children spend time with parent.

2. Keep in touch with your parents

In our daily lives, we see many people living away from their parents due to various reasons. One is studying abroad. On the other hand, another is running his business out of the city. They mostly stay away from their families. In these scenarios, they should not forget their parents due to being busy. Parents always require their attention for a healthy life.

children touch with own parents.

3. Present gifts

On Global Day of Parents, children should bring different gifts to their parents. Because presenting a gift is a beautiful way to show love and care for everyone. In reality, parents don’t need gifts, but they always demand their children’s love and attention.

parents gives gifts your childrens.

4. Take them to drive

Children should take their parents on a drive on Global Day of Parents. Traveling together not only provides a chance to spend time together, but it also brings them closer to their parents. During the drive, most parents give you a piece of advice from their experience. This action always keeps their faces smiling.

father and child in car.

5. Share secrets

Sharing secrets with parents is one of the best ways to keep your parents happy and young. Because when you share a secret, they realize you as a friend, not a son or daughter. So, we all know the company of good friends never turns the hair white.

child share secrets with your parents.

6. Don’t raise your voice

In respect of parents, one should never raise his voice in front of parents, so no matter what the mood, always be soft to parents. Never let them feel that you have grown too much to talk in a loud tone with them.  

child not raising voice on front of father.

7. Take them to the inauguration

Suppose you are planning to start a business in your life, at least Try to start your business on Global Day of Parents, and ask them to inaugurate your business. No one can even imagine how happy this action will make the parents. That’s why one should never forget his parents in a time of achievement.

husband and wife on inauguration.

8. Go shopping with your parents

When you see your parents going to the market for groceries, you should join them. Helping your parents will make you happy as well as make your parents strong from the inside. It is an excellent way to show them respect and win their hearts. While shopping, your father or mother will give you some suggestions that will be beneficial in upcoming times.

child go shopping with parents.

9. Research family history

Sit with your parents on this specific day and ask about the family history because the discussions with their elders will bring smiles to their faces. You will find it one of the most effortless and beautiful actions to keep them happy.

parents and children sitting together.

10. Consult with them

If you are going to do something big or in your daily routine, always try to consult with your parents. Parents are always the best friends to children, so they always want their children to be happy and prosperous in every step of life. Suggestions of the parents never let their children down.

mother telling son something.


We can conclude from this article that parents are a precious gift. They are always with you in every situation. Keeping in the significance of this relationship, we have a lot to do for them in our lives. Global Day of Parents comes every year and reminds us of our promises to keep parents happy. Acting upon the above-written suggestions, we cannot just make them happy but always keep them young.


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