Help Palestine in Israel -Palestine Conflict

The ongoing conflict between Palestine-Israel Conflict has captured the world’s attention for decades. While the situation may seem terrible, individuals and communities can actively contribute to peace and humanitarian aid in the region in numerous ways.

Moreover, by supporting reputable organizations and engaging in specific actions, we can significantly impact the lives of those affected by the conflict. Here are the top ten ways to help Palestine, bridging the gap towards a more peaceful future.

Before discussing the top ten ways to help Palestine in this awful conflict, learning the history of this war should be discussed here. So, get ready to know the past and then the top ten ways to help Palestine which starts from supporting human right NGOs and end with keeping ourselves updated with the situation. Meanwhile, we will discuss other valuable practices like raising awareness, fundraising activities, advocating peaceful concerns, etc.

Furthermore, before providing our final verdict over the discussion, our last stop is discussing the result of this inhuman action initiated by Israel. This write-up aims to be informative, helpful, and motivational because it seeks to raise human passion. So, let us start our discussion from the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The history of the Israel-Palestine conflict

Learning the history of any conflict is crucial because it helps us to understand who is right and who is wrong. That is why we decided to tell you about its history. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long history of fighting. In October 2023, a big clash between Israel and Hamas occurred, making things worse after many years. Regarding history, this problem began in the late 1800s when some people wanted a Jewish homeland in Palestine. They argued about who should control which land. In 1947, the United Nations suggested dividing Palestine into Jewish and Arab parts, which made people angry, and fighting started. In 1948, Israel became its own country. It caused nearby Arab countries to attack, creating the first big war between Arabs and Israelis.

In 1967, there was another war, and Israel took control of more land, like the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since then, there have been times when people tried to make peace, but there were also times when there was a lot of fighting, like the First and Second Intifadas. Even though Israel left Gaza in 2005, the battle didn’t stop. Groups like Hamas are still involved. Recent events show that this conflict is a big problem for the region. Finding a lasting peace is challenging because of the old issues and complicated politics.

So, this is all about the history of this inhuman conflict, resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives. On the other hand, this statement reveals that Palestine is not as strong as its opponent, which makes Israel attack Palestine. At the same time, we know that Israel is wrong in this situation, so we must condemn this conflict and participate in betterment by helping Palestine. Here are ten ways to help Palestine, and the first practice is to support human rights NGOs.

Support Human Rights NGOs

Supporting trustworthy non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Al Khidmat Foundation, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch is one of the most efficient ways to help Palestine. These groups are essential in supporting the rights of Palestinians, offering help, and keeping track of human rights abuses.

Moreover, helping NGOs and institution that are front-line workers in human rights departments always help them to serve more humanity. The practice we need to adopt in assisting Palestine is to raise awareness among the unfamiliar people. Let us discuss how raising awareness is helpful in such situations.

Note that Alkhidmat is most trusted Organization. They were already helping Palestinians.

Raise Awareness

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In this developed era, some people are very busy, while others are not interested in any human conflict. At the same time, their little effort or help can benefit both contestants, whether they are Israel and Palestine or the USA and Iraq.

We must utilize our social media platforms and personal networks about the conflict to raise awareness. All we have to do is share well-researched articles, documentaries, and eyewitness accounts to educate others about the historical and current context of the conflict.

This passage means to prove that knowledge is a powerful tool for change. Next, we can make donations in the form of funds for providing relief to the people. So, ensure to donate to relief funds.

Donate to Relief Funds

Donate to Relief Funds

One of the significant negative outputs of any conflict is the demolishing of resources. Even all news channels and social media platforms are screaming about no resources left in Palestine, and people are dying because of no food or medicines. So, ensure to contribute to relief funds and campaigns organized by NGOs working in Palestine. Be strict in making donations because they can provide essential resources such as food, clean water, medical supplies, and shelter to those affected by the conflict.

Furthermore, we must realize that more than just making donations is necessary because it is not a proper solution. The point that matters a lot here is to advocate for peaceful resolutions to this heartless conflict.

Advocate for Peaceful Solutions

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Advocating for peaceful solutions is one of the best ways to save lives and resources and maintain a nonviolent societal situation. So, consider playing your every possible part and engage in conversations promoting dialogue and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians. On the other hand, we can encourage leaders to pursue diplomatic solutions and support initiatives that promote passive existence between the two nations.

In this case, advocating for a nonviolent situation is an excellent idea. Here, we must comprehend that any war or conflict destroys the trade system and majorly affects the business. So, supporting fair trade is an excellent practice in such cases.

Support Fair Trade

Support Fair Trade in Palestine-Israel Conflict

The licensing department of any country needs a specific budget. Moreover, in conflicting situations, the usage of defending machinery increases and affects the local economy, ending the resources. So, to prepare for the next time, countries need to regrow their trade, which is time-consuming.

The same is the criteria with Palestine, so purchase products from Palestinian businesses and cooperatives, thereby supporting the local economy. Fairtrade initiatives empower Palestinian artisans and farmers, enabling them to sustain their livelihoods amidst challenging circumstances.

With trading to support Palestine in Palestine-Israel Conflict, you can help them by volunteering your skills. Allowing them to learn skills not only helps them make an individual economic establishment but also the country’s budget.

Volunteer Your Skills

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People in Palestine are dying because of hunger and poverty in some areas because no resources and money are left. As the war finishes, those people will require your help in the form of skills. If you have specific skills, consider volunteering your time to NGOs involved in Palestine. Whether you are a medical professional, educator, or IT specialist, your expertise can make a significant difference in the lives of Palestinians.

Engaging with local representatives is another option other than helping them to learn skills. Moreover, if you have any connection with local representatives of Palestine, schedule a meeting with them and accompany them to find the solutions.

Engage with Local Representatives

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We have seen many people worldwide promoting war against rivals openly on social media platforms. First, it is not a good practice to emotionally force someone into conflict; second, it is nothing other than loss of lives and resources.

So, contact your local representatives and advocate for a peaceful resolution to the competition. At the same time, urging them to support policies that promote human rights, peace, and stability in the region may save the people of Palestine during Palestine-Israel Conflict.

Do you know why the local representatives are in a position to make an appointment when you need to meet them? It is just because of education and competency which sets them apart. On the other hand, continuous bombing in Palestine is destroying all the buildings, including schools and universities. So, play your part and help Palestinians to restart their education.

Support Educational Initiatives

Support Educational Initiatives during Palestine-Israel Conflict

Education is a powerful tool for change. Support organizations that provide educational opportunities to Palestinian children and youth. Moreover, access to quality education equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a better future.

Though educational initiatives can be essential in settling the Israel-Palestine conflict, fostering people-to-people connections can also be a best practice. How? Move to know!

Foster People-to-People Connections

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Encourage cultural exchange programs, dialogues, and joint initiatives between Palestinians and Israelis. These interactions foster understanding, empathy, and tolerance, paving the way for peaceful coexistence. Undoubtedly, doing so will at least save the lives of many people from Palestine, because we know that Israel is strong and killing the people there.

What should be the last way to help Palestine on our side in Palestine-Israel Conflict? Staying informed. You must think about how staying knowledgeable will help the affected country. Let us explain this point to you in the following passages.

Stay Informed and Stay Engaged

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Stay updated on the latest developments in the region by following reputable news sources and organizations. Get the answer to your question that continuous awareness empowers us to respond effectively to emerging situations and advocate for meaningful change.

So, our chapter on the top ten ways to help Palestine ends here. Do you know why we are continuously discussing the Palestine-Israel conflict? Because this effect is negatively affecting the innocent people of both countries. Consider looking at the result of the Israel-Palestine conflict in the subsequent passages. It will help you to understand the effects of war on countries.

Result of Israel-Palestine Conflict

Result Palestine-Israel Conflict

On both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict, many people have died tragically—the constant hostilities cause great suffering for families, children, and senior citizens. Communities have been ripped apart, homes destroyed, and lives have been upended, leaving lasting wounds that are felt for decades. Incalculable human casualties from the fight have resulted in unimaginable anguish and suffering. It serves as a clear reminder of the essential need for peace and understanding to prevent such deaths and enable people to live in harmony without worrying about violence or conflict.

Final Opinion

Our collective efforts as the top ten ways to help Palestine can contribute to the resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict. At the same time, our practices will help the people of Palestine, as they are suffering a lot.

Moreover, by supporting NGOs, raising awareness, donating to relief funds, advocating for peaceful solutions, engaging with local representatives, and fostering educational initiatives and people-to-people connections, we can help create a more just and peaceful future for the people of Palestine. Stay informed, stay engaged, and together, we can make a difference.

How many people have died in Palestine till now due to conflict with Israel?

The exact number of casualties in the ongoing Palestine-Israel Conflict is complex due to the fluid and constantly changing situation. However, as of the latest available data, 3,478 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, and 69 people died in the occupied West Bank during 13 days, making it the deadliest of the five recent clashes between the two sides. Additionally, since 2008, there have been casualties on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides, with many individuals losing their lives due to the conflict.

Who is the biggest supporter of Palestine in the current war with Israel?

No organization can be labeled as the “biggest supporter of Palestine” amid the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas. Palestine is supported by several nations and organizations worldwide, although the degree and kind of this support varies greatly.

Several countries, including Iran, have openly endorsed Palestinian causes in the war by offering political, monetary, and occasionally even military help. Regional groups like the Arab League and international organizations like the United Nations have constantly promoted the rights and welfare of Palestinians. However, the politics of transnational solidarity are nuanced, with many countries and organizations providing Palestine with a range of support and solidarity in this continuing war.



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