Underrepresentation of women in science | Top Ten | Women science Day

It is concluded that a woman is as good as a man in every field. Women in science and technology just need a push and appreciation, and they’ll prove that they can do it better than anyone.
International Women's and Girls' Science Day

In this article, we will find reasons why these are obstacles in the way of the success of women in science. We’ll see if a woman can be a successful professional woman and an exemplary housekeeper at the same time. And can a woman be as good at math and science as a man? Or is a man more deserving of opportunities than a woman, and if not, then why?

International Day of Women and Girls in Science (history)

Women have always been deprived of their rights and equal opportunities. After so many protests and strikes, the United Nations General Assembly finally declared the day of celebration. they decided to celebrate 11th February as an international day for women and girls in science in 2015.

Purpose of International Day of Women and Girls

The purpose of an international day of women and girls in science is to remind the world that women are as good as men. We celebrate this day to promote equal access to opportunities in science for women as men.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education is an approach specially designed to provide combined instruction in the same program or class. It encourages problem-solving skills and develops practical skills among learners. STEM is basically the foundation of a child’s further education and career choice. Science and scientific knowledge depend upon STEM, and this is why it’s important for women in science.

Women’s Place in Science

The role of women in science is as important as men’s. Unfortunately, women get far less trust and appreciation as compared to men. There are many women who have proved that they can work better than men, like Katherine Johnson and Ada Lovelace. Katherine was the first American woman to work for NASA. Ada was the woman who helped with the idea of developing computing machines and played a role in the development of the computer.

Top ten reasons why women are underrepresented in science:

1. Stereotypes:

There are many stereotypes circulating that people still believe. One of these stereotypes is that there is no such thing as “women in science” and that women belong to their houses, not laboratories. Many women in science and technology have proved these stereotypes false, but people still choose to believe them.

2. Gender discrimination:

Gender discrimination has not only kept women in science but in every field low and deprived. The belief that one of both genders is superior and the other is inferior is stopping and keeping women in science from being successful. Sometimes, the woman misses the opportunity and the man happens to get it, even if he’s less deserving.

3. Lack of role models:

We’ve seen many role models in the fields of science and technology, and most of them are men. The lack of role models is one of the strongest hurdles. Every time a woman tries to come forward, society pushes her back and tells her it doesn’t see women in science as models. There are many women in the history of science, but they are fewer in comparison.

Ada Lovelace- the first computer programmer.

4. Social bias:

Social bias is the opposite of gender discrimination. In social bias, one gender gets favored more than the other one. Mostly, men are more favored by opportunities and access to success in science. But whenever women in science get an opportunity, they prove why they deserve it.

Katherine Johnson- the first woman to work with NASA.

5. Lack of opportunities:

Opportunities are not equally distributed among people. Women lack in science and technology because they don’t get enough opportunities. Women in science have proven that they can outperform men in many areas, despite having fewer opportunities.

6. Trust issues:

Trust is a hard step to take, and when it’s to trust the knowledge of women in science, people don’t take the step. A man with no experience gets the trust and the job, but this doesn’t happen to a woman. There are many firms that show trust in women in science, and we need more like those firms.

7. Lack of awareness:

There are many places in the world where people are not aware of the value of women. This unawareness is stopping many capable women from coming forward and playing their roles. We all need to spread awareness to get more women in science and technology. Raise your voice wherever you can to tell the world that science needs healthy minds, not male or female minds.

8. Security issues

This is the most hurtful fact that we, as a society, have always failed to provide security and protection to women. As the world is growing, so is the record of rape and murder cases. Many parents don’t let their daughters come forward because of such fears. The day women in science or any other field feel secure, they’ll rule the world.

9. Lack of accommodation for female students:

Accommodation is the first thing needed to do anything. Female students are usually not properly introduced to their work and workplace, and this is why they get a hard time and leave their work incomplete. An accommodation can help women in science get through difficult times while also making life easier for everyone else.

10. Environmental pressure:

Environmental pressure is the case in many underdeveloped and illiterate states. It’s not that people don’t educate their daughters or sisters. They educate their women, but they force them to choose feminine careers like teaching and designing. Science and technology, in their view, are masculine careers and women cannot play their roles in these fields.


It is concluded that a woman is as good as a man in every field. Women in science and technology just need a push and appreciation, and they’ll prove that they can do it better than anyone. A woman can be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a professional all at the same time, and she will not miss a beat in her roles.