Top Ten Corrupt Politicians of The World

This article helped us learn how politicians robbed their countries and illegally filled their pockets with money. Few of these politicians ever let anyone have a single clue that they were doing something shady or corrupt.
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This article contains information about the most corrupt politicians in the world. These ten people mentioned here got a chance to rule countries but instead of working for the welfare of countries, they looted them.


Politic is the category of actions related to group decision-making or other types of power dynamics between people, like the allocation of resources or status. Political science is the name of the area of social science that examines politics and governance.


In order to obtain illegal benefits or abuse power for one’s own gain, a person or group in a position of authority may engage in corruption, which is a kind of dishonesty or a criminal act.

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Top Ten Corrupt Politicians of The World

1. Muhamed Suharto

A politician and army soldier from Indonesia by the name of Mohamed Suharto served as Indonesia’s second and longest-serving president. It should come as no surprise that Mr. Suharto exceeded the fraudulent amount of the rest, accumulating an astounding $15 to $35 billion in stone-cold hard assets and Swiss accounts that were “perfectly legal” in terms of their existence. He would have had more than enough time during this period of his presidency to amass a few billion for himself. But as has been demonstrated time and time again, corrupt ears will listen very intently when money talks and the scheme was carried out.

Corrupt Politicians Muhamed Suharto

2. Ferdinand Marcos

He is the previous Philippine president. It is no longer irrelevant to refer to them as “masked robbers” since they are both members of the Three Musketeers and the reason we refer to them as “Marketeers” is because of their capacity to present a respectable and responsible image of being decent Leaders of the United States to their public until that mask is taken off and the Robbers are discovered. It was alleged that between 1972 and 1986, Ferdinand Marcos stole between $5 billion and $10 billion of his own money. during his government’s reign. He placed second on our list of the world’s most corrupt politicians.

Corrupt Politicians Ferdinand Marcos

3. Mobutu Sese Seko

He is a former president of Zaire. It appears that the next two rankings under Mobutu Sese Seko have been connected and verified as accomplishes in what is anticipated to be a $50 Billion three-man scandal from all three of the nations that those men constitute, including Zaire, the Philippines, and Indonesia. From this point on, the story of fraudulent acts becomes interconnected with every under this rank. Actually, this amount corresponds to the West’s annual pricing range. According to reports, he stole an estimated $12 billion all by himself.

Corrupt Politicians Mobutu Sese Seko

4. Slobodan Milosevic

According to a BBC report, Mr. Milosevic, the former president of Yugoslavia, is guilty of several high-profile killings. People also believe he was the mastermind of assassination attacks, and murdering witnesses or people who were brave enough to bring him to justice. He has however committed crimes beyond simple money fraud in this instance. He is also among the most corrupt politicians on the planet. It is neither a lighthearted tale nor at all a child’s game to spend $100 billion to make up for campaign bombings that already occurred and cause collateral damage to this anticipated value and figure.

Corrupt Politicians Slobodan Milosevic

5. Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha is a former president of Nigeria. People believe Nigeria is in the category of countries that experienced civil war. Because of how the world sees it, and quite frankly, who can blame the world for thinking so lowly of them when the locals are good at it? As bad as things are now, they get worse after a man so-called “leader” like Sani Achaba, who is frequently regarded as one of the most corrupt politicians, should steal roughly $4 billion into personal non-private bills and jewelry. This ultimately becomes the major downfall of each nation because the rest will suffer greatly.

Corrupt Politicians Sani Abacha

6. Jean-Claude Duvalier

Mr. Jean is the ex-President of Haiti. We all know that in the 1980s, Hollywood’s action style was dominated by the bad guy, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and it was always just him. From this point on, everything seems to point in the direction of corruption. “Like father, like son,” they are saying, and it looks that Jean-Claude Duvalier’s father, Papa Duvalier, has terrorized Haiti for more than a decade as a result of the call. A leader who promised to bring about an economic revolution for Haiti’s hungry people felt no remorse about embezzling $300 to 800 million while in government. One of the world’s most dishonest politicians, in fact.

Corrupt Politicians Jean Claude Duvalier

7. Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori has Asian ancestry, which generally translates to being disciplined, quick-witted, intelligent, and mentally sharp. This is because people with Asian ancestry are famous in the world for their attention to detail. It almost always ensures order and precision in their actions and speech. It doesn’t mean that someone can’t be corrupt to nerve-wracking levels, engages in kidnapping and murder, or be held legally accountable for commanding military personnel to participate in a killing squad just because they dress sharply, speak politely, and present themselves professionally in public. He was the former President of Peru.

Corrupt Politicians Alberto Fujimori

8. Pavlo Lazarenko

Pavlo seems to have performed his illegal and unlawful deeds exceptionally well. In the duration of his time as simply a mere PM—in this case, not even the President. He was the previous Prime minister of Ukraine. Nevertheless, despite serving as the top minister, Pavlo had it in mind to use the President as a scapegoat or to deflect attention away from him. He continued his search for fraudulent activities. It might be to the anticipated corruption price of $200 million. Later another thing was discovered. A researcher said he also used it to sign a $10 billion deal that violated workplace rights and terms.

Corrupt Politicians Pavlo Lazarenko

9. Arnoldo Aleman

It must be a great honor for every man to be the 81st President of the United States of America, regardless of how many Presidents have come before you. He is the previous President of Nicaragua. The title “President” implies many things. It includes being in charge of the entire country and being famous internationally. It also includes being a legitimate part of its history and many others. Getting a punishment of 20 years in prison for corruption by the theft of more than $100 million from Nicaragua’s Treasury is pretty an exceptional and successful career advancement in politics and business, as well as the appropriate way to commit the crime.

Corrupt Politicians Arnoldo Aleman

10. Joseph Estrada

Joseph, who now included some of the most corrupt politicians in the field. He had started out as an actor in his youth. So, it comes as no surprise that he was able to pull off this successful deception on those who truly believed in him and saw a spark of desire in him. Sadly, the Philippines had been too defenseless to notice that he had been corrupt from the day he became president. Estrada has been charged and prosecuted. Many people believe that he accepted more than $80 million in bribes and illicit transactions. He was the former President of the Philippines.

Corrupt Politicians Joseph Estrada


This article helped us learn how politicians robbed their countries and illegally filled their pockets with money. Few of these politicians ever let anyone have a single clue that they were doing something shady or corrupt.