Girl doing exercise, Ways to Improve Health on World Health Day

WHO (World Health Organization) came into being on April 7th, 1948. Next year in 1949, WHO, at the conference in Paris, decided to observe April 7th every year as World Health Day with a new theme. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness about health. 

What is “health”?

Health is the state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being, which helps maintain the body as much as possible by following daily advice and getting protective measurements to get free from different diseases.

The History of World Health Day

WHO proclaimed April 7th every year as the International Day of Health to get people’s attention towards their health. This day was one of the first actions taken by WHO, which was formed a couple of years ago, in 1948. The first international day related to health was celebrated on July 22nd, 1949. Then, in the same year, they decided to observe this day on April 7th.

Since its start, this day has been celebrated with a new theme every year. The new theme every year is to highlight the maximum number of health problems we face every day. This day is held to mark the health problems we will probably face in the upcoming days.

The Importance of Health

Life without good health is like a flower without scent or a room without a roof. Good health is important for every individual to live a full life. Keeping our minds healthy and fresh in every aspect is also very important.

Good health is also a symbol of a wealthy life. It directly influences human happiness too. Health plays an important role in having a good life. We normally see people with different diseases living difficult lives in our daily lives. Due to unhealthy life, they also cannot enjoy the colors of life and the world.

A healthy life saves the time and money one spends on the hospital for his health.

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The Top Ten Steps to Improve Health

As mentioned above, we don’t have to compromise on our health to have a good and wealthy life. Now, we will discuss the top ten essential steps for good health.

1. Organize the Health awareness seminars

One of the most important and basic steps to improving the health system in the entire world is to make people aware of the importance of health. States should train the people according to the theme of World Health Day, so they may confidently deliver the message of WHO. It is thought that there is no better event than World Health Day to perform this action.

2. Upgrade Health Care Centers

After organizing the events, states must focus on the Health Care Systems because they are also an institute to engage people with health betterment procedures. Despite health improvement, people are treated in hospitals, so their healthcare providers should be advised strictly to perform their duties.

3. Set Goals and Observe Progress

We should set goals for our improvement in health awareness. Once the plan is made, states should communicate with the teams and ask them to implement the rules. After implementation, they should observe the progress of the rules regarding the health ratio of people. It will be their duty to make the reports and present them to the state, so the government should make further plans to improve the health system.

4. Control the diet

Our main responsibility is to use a controlled diet to stay healthy. We should have a healthy diet to maintain our weight because being overweight is the beginning of many diseases. Controlled diets also keep us away from many health problems.

5. Never stop exercising

Exercising in our lives is as important as water. Regular exercise is important in our healthy lives as it keeps us fresh and energetic. Daily walks and exercise keep us slim and fit as they are very helpful in burning fat.

6. Use standard Eatables

To live a healthy life, it is one of the basic needs to eat quality food. People who do not use good standard food in their lives mostly suffer from different diseases like gastro, diabetes, blood pressure, and many others.

7. Fresh Water usage

Water in our lives plays an important role. It is of great importance in our bodies too. Using fresh water also keeps our bodies healthy as it saves us from many diseases like diarrhea, kidney failure, and a lot of other health problems. The government of every state should make sure that every citizen is getting access to fresh water.

8. Reduce the usage of salt and sugar

We all know very well that using sugar and salt in extra amounts can be dangerous to our health. Using more than the recommended salt can increase a person’s blood pressure, leading to heart diseases that can lead to cardiac failure or stroke.

On the other hand, eating an excessive amount of sugar can cause diabetes, tooth decay, and weight gain. In adults and children, using an extra amount of sugar can reduce their 10% energy intake. States should strictly observe the sugar level in eatables made in factories.

9. Avoid smoking and alcohol

All countries are trying to control tobacco use in children. Likewise, some countries have banned alcohol, and in others, people have the freedom to drink alcohol. Countries that allow their inhabitants to use alcohol need to step in against using harmful alcohol. Companies must advise people about the negative impacts on the health of human beings.

10. Never miss the vaccinations

Vaccination is one of the most important ways to protect the body from diseases. Vaccines work with your body’s natural defense to give protection against many health problems. It is the utmost responsibility of states to provide free vaccinations. On the other hand, every parent also has to get their babies vaccinated within a certain time frame so they may not face problems with their health further.


Keeping in mind the importance of good health, we should all work together to improve the health system. We also must cooperate with states to keep ourselves, our society, our economy, and our country healthy and wealthy. We should apply the above rules in our lives and play our part well by spreading awareness about health on World Health Day.


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