The Top Ten Ways to Keep Us Safe from Malaria on World Malaria Day

Malaria is a common disease affecting the entire world. This article will discuss World Malaria Day and more about this dangerous disease.
The Top Ten Ways to Keep Us Safe from World Malaria Day

Malaria is a common disease affecting the entire world. This article will discuss World Malaria Day and more about this dangerous disease. You will learn about its history and some steps we need to take to eliminate it also this article is going to provide a short but detailed review of malaria.

World Malaria Day

The World Health Organization internationally commemorates World Malaria Day on April 25th every year. Celebrating this day is to spread awareness about this life-threatening disease. On this specific day, events are organized in hospitals, schools, and more places globally to inform the severity of this disease. Experts also provide reasons for this disease and recommendations, so we may not be malaria victims.

The History of World Malaria Day

In 2001, The State of Africa started observing Africa

Malaria Day. Later, in 2007, at the 60th session of the World Health Assembly, WHO proposed changing Africa Malaria Day to World Malaria Day. They accepted the suggestion and, in 2008, they observed the first session of World Malaria Day. This day is proclaimed every year with a new theme, also World Malaria Day gives international partners a chance to highlight their efforts to stop malaria.

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a very serious and sometimes fatal disease. Mosquitoes contain parasites that cause malaria. Later, they inject parasites into the bodies of human beings. It is diagnosed in people suffering from high fever, sickness, and shivering during fever. 12% of people suffering from malaria die of it every year. Internationally, according to reports, 450,000 people die of malaria. Most dying patients are children, and their average age is 5 years old. The situation is alarming for Africa, as 80–90% of deaths occur there.

Types of Malaria

Five species of plasmodium parasite infect human beings, but two of them are very dangerous for human beings and can lead to death.

1. Plasmodium falciparum

It is a common species of malaria that is mostly found in Africa as it causes the most malaria-related deaths worldwide. On the one hand, it causes serious blood loss, on the other hand, it clogs blood vessels.

2. Plasmodium vivax

This specie of malaria is commonly found outside Africa, especially in Asia and Latin America. It is also very dangerous, affecting blood after months of a mosquito bite.

Cause of Malaria

The only cause of malaria is a malarial parasite. Mosquitoes inject these parasites into the human body. Afterward, doctors got the idea of injecting mosquitoes. 

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Top Ten Ways to keep us safe from Malaria

Malaria is very hazardous, so everyone should hold a bag to keep themselves and others secure from malaria. We will discuss some useful points to keep human beings away from malaria.

1. Spread Awareness on World Malaria Day.

As mentioned above, malaria is a dangerous and fatal disease, so we must take care of ourselves. Many areas demand that we spread awareness among the people living there. Millions of people join their hands on World Malaria Day, as well as manage events to highlight the effects of malaria and its precautions.

2. Take Medicines.

No vaccine for malaria has been introduced yet, but there are some medicines that one can take whether he is suffering from malaria. These medicines protect you if there are no parasites in your and also cure you if you are infected.

3. Visit the Doctor if any indication is noted.

Suppose someone notes any indication of malarial parasites like flu, high fever, shivering, fatigue, and many others. The patient must visit his healthcare provider on a priority basis, so he may not be affected on a severe level.

4. Stay away from ponds.

We all know very well that mosquitoes usually stay in ponds, so we must keep ourselves away from ponds. Especially in the nighttime while sleeping, we should sleep in covered areas and close the doors and windows of our living places. Because mosquito leaves water in darkness, having more chances to affect human beings.

5. Use Mosquito repellents.

In a few months of the year, mosquitos are out in very large quantities. Especially after rain and in the wheat season, we find mosquitos everywhere, and to get rid of them, we can use mosquito repellents. While sleeping, we should apply it to our body, as its smell does not allow mosquitos to come and bite.

6. Keep Backyard Gardens clean.

In our backyard garden, we normally see mosquitos wondering because plants are their favorite place to hide. We often see water standing in our gardens. In fact, standing water is their favorite place to live. We need to keep these places clean and mosquito-free to save ourselves from malaria.

7. Wear full sleeves.

Wearing full sleeve shirts and trousers is also an idea the keep mosquitos away. The lesser the body is exposed to them, the minor the chance they have to inject parasites into our bodies. 

8. Use a mosquito net.

We should always try to sleep inside the rooms. If there is any problem or we have to sleep outside the courtyard, then we must use the mosquito net. Using a mosquito net, do not let the mosquitoes come to you.

9. Enhance your immunity.

Taking supplements can boost immunity. A strong immune system keeps your body strong. likewise, it empowers the body to fight against factors that affect our health. Use natural ingredients to make your immune system stronger. So you may have a healthy life.

10. Herbal tea and milk.

Herbal tea is hygienic and made in boiling water. If one has two cups of herbal tea and milk daily, it is an effective way to treat malaria. The infected person should boil the tea stem properly and add the milk.


Malarial parasites are very dangerous for the human body, even if they can lead to death. Second, to secure our lives from malaria, we need to educate people about the problems caused by it. We have to apply the above-discussed steps in our daily lives.