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In this article, I will discuss World Social Justice Day and how we can improve the lives of all groups of people around us. I will also be answering some of the questions that popped into my head while reading about social justice, like why do we celebrate World Social Justice Day? Why did the need for social justice arise? Do people count this day, or do they celebrate it for attention? And is the idea of achieving social justice helping people of different groups? Does social justice consider all groups, or does it exclude religion, race, gender, nationality, and ability?

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What is social justice?

Social justice is a theory that advocates for equal rights and opportunities. Social justice only demands that every group in society should have equal political, social, and economic rights.

“A just society is to be contrasted with those systems that foster arbitrary or unnecessary suffering, exploitation, abuse, tyranny, oppression, prejudice, and discrimination.” (John T. Josh, AC Kay, 2010).

World Social Justice Day (history)

The International Labor Organisation spoke out against discrimination based on class, religion, race, nationality, or gender.

The General Assembly of the United Nations decided on 26th November 2007 that the world would celebrate 20th February as a World Social Justice Day. The ILO adopted this declaration on 10th June 2008.

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The goal of World Social Justice Day is as follows:

social justice day
social justice

We observe World Social Justice Day reminds people who face discrimination in a society that all human beings deserve equal rights and opportunities. It has become the basic need for bringing peace to the whole world. Every religion has morals and ethics, but the only thing common in all religions is “social justice“. It has been practised in every era, but it is always denied by a group suffering from chronic superiority, believing not everyone deserves what they have.

Ten Ways to bring betterment on the World Social Justice Day

1. Donate:

“Justice delayed is just denied”. We can make this world better by bringing social justice, and it can be made worse by keeping people deprived of their rights. What I believe is that practising social justice is not something hard or new; it is just living moderately.

If you are blessed with more than you need, then share it with someone who needs it. Donations always play the most important role in removing poverty. The donation itself is a greater step toward social justice.

You should do it in a way that doesn’t hurt self-esteem and make the other person feel inferior. Donations not only bring social justice but also keep you from wasting the blessings you have.

2. Question your beliefs:

Sometimes your beliefs look fair and just from your view, but they might not be right from anyone else’s view. If your beliefs are hurting people or a specific group of people, then you have failed as a human.

Your beliefs can become a hurdle in the way of social justice. Do what you believe in, but keep track of how your actions and beliefs affect others; if there is any discomfort for anyone, you should reconsider.

3. Improve yourself:

To implement social justice, you should educate yourself and the next generation that before any religion, race, nationality, or gender stands humanity. When you and I understand that we are all the same creatures with different skin and beliefs, we will be able to use social justice as a tool to bring peace.

And when the next generation sees us doing this, it will follow our steps. The world might stay free of injustice and violation through these small steps.

4. Take a good look around:

Change starts with you, so don’t wait for anyone to take the first step, but be the first one to take that step. Look around you, observe, find out where you’re wrong, and correct it.

Social justice is the main element of peaceful life, and you can start practicing it at your home or in your surroundings simply by giving away what you don’t need or what others need more. Treat people who work under you or work for you fairly, and you will realize what significant change social justice brings to your personal and professional life.

5. Stand for equality:

Many people around us, and sometimes we, get way more than we need and work for. Some people work a lot harder than us or people who want to but cannot work due to their ability or disability, but they also deserve what we have, so we should share our blessings with them. As a guardian of the rights of people around us, we should step up and take a stand for equality.

6. Value Minorities:

There are many people, especially minorities, working and trying to run small businesses but are pushed to the wall by extremists. If you see this happening, your first instinct should be to stop them, but if you can’t do that, then you should at least support the work; they are doing.

Sometimes social justice is just a pint of moral support that can bring change in someone’s life. Minorities might not ask for financial or moral support, but it’s your prime duty to take a good look and find where you can play your role in bringing social justice.

7. Make use of social media:

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. “Amy Jo Martin. Social media is used to do everything a human wants to do, like communication, business, learning, and more.

If you’re already doing everything you can do to implement social justice, then let social media be your voice. Use social media as a platform to spread awareness and let the world know what they need to do.

8. Support people who support social justice:

Let social media not just be your voice but others’ too. There are many people around us trying to fight injustice, but they don’t get any support, and sometimes they get the contradiction.

This might make them stop fighting eventually, but you must support them and spread their voice as much as you can. Once people like this know that someone has their backs, they tend to write and preach more.

9. Support organization: 

Support organizations that support social justice. Some organizations want to work for it but are silenced due to a lack of financial and political support. You must support such organizations and work with them to fight against social injustice.

10. Raise Awareness:

While working with organizations, you should make use of it. You should plan and organize the event to raise awareness about the injustice and violation of rights. People around you need to know what’s right and what needs to be right.


Social justice cannot be implemented by just sitting on your couch and watching social workers do their work and having other people support them. It needs you to play your role and others’ theirs. Play your role and do what keeps the people of all groups psychologically, economically, financially, and politically stable and safe. Peace in the world depends on social justice, and social justice depends on you. Every single member of society has to get on their feet and walk around to look for places where the obstacles lie and dig out their roots before they get any deeper.


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