Top 10 Worst Timeshare Companies

Welcome to our guide on the Top 10 Worst Timeshare Companies. These timeshare companies offer vacation ownership opportunities where individuals can purchase the right to use a vacation property for a specific period annually. However, not all timeshare experiences are positive.
top 10 worst timeshare companies

Welcome to our guide on the Top 10 Worst Timeshare Companies. These timeshare companies offer vacation ownership opportunities where individuals can purchase the right to use a vacation property for a specific period annually. However, not all timeshare experiences are positive. This article will reveal the top 10 timeshare companies known for poor customer service, deceptive sales tactics, and high maintenance fees, helping you avoid possible hazards in the timeshare industry. Whether you’re a timeshare purchase or are already involved, understanding these companies can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential headaches.

Top 10 Worst Timeshare Companies

There are many good timeshare companies; however, today, we are covering the ones that are the worst in this industry and also why they are the worst companies so, let’s start:

1: Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Wyndham Vacation Resorts is one of the worst timeshare companies in the world, but let’s find out why they are at the top of our list. The customers who have used their services complain about their aggressive marketing strategy that leads towards false information and benefits that influence the users to purchase. This company is accused of fraud by their customers when signing in and signing out, making it a worse timeshare company in the market.

2: Diamond Resorts

This is again one of the worst timeshare companies because of its services. It is a Las Vegas-based company with many regional offices in Florida, Orlando and the United Kingdom. Some common concerns make it the worst timeshare company. These concerns include aggressive sales tactics, difficulty cancelling contracts, high maintenance fees, and limitations on booking flexibility. Prospective buyers are advised to thoroughly research and consider these factors before engaging with any timeshare company, including Diamond Resorts.

3: Westgate Resorts

Westgate Resorts has faced criticism for aggressive sales tactics, high-pressure presentations, and difficulties cancelling contracts. Some customers have reported issues with maintenance fees and challenges when booking accommodations. These things have made this timeshare company stand in this list of top 10 worst timeshare companies.

4: Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Many reviews mention feeling pressured into buying a timeshare because of their rigorous marketing strategies. These presentations can be long and focus on persuasion rather than a balanced view of ownership. Some other customers report that during the sales pitch, they were given inaccurate information about maintenance fees and how easy it would be to book vacations. There are complaints about properties needing to be up to standard, with issues like cleanliness and outdated decor that make Holiday Inn Club vacations the worst choice for customers.

5: Bluegreen Corporation

Several factors contribute to Bluegreen Corporation’s status as a problematic timeshare company. They’ve been accused of misleading customers about their timeshares’ value, availability, and quality. Moreover, their high-pressure tactics and false promises are common complaints. There are reports of people needing help getting help using their timeshare or resolving issues. Bluegreen has faced lawsuits and settlements related to deceptive marketing, contract violations, and unfair debt-collection practices

6: Timeshare Users Group

A common criticism is that TUG prioritises maintaining a good relationship with timeshare developers. This could lead to a need for more completely unbiased information for consumers. They might focus more on answering questions and resolving issues to benefit developers than giving a critical consumer perspective. While TUG offers forums and resources, some users find their help on existing timeshares to be restricted. They may only provide some of the options available, particularly those that don’t have the traditional timeshare resale market, which can be difficult to navigate.

7: Marriott Vacations Worldwide

MVW has been using aggressive sales pitches to pressure people into buying timeshares. These tactics can be misleading and need to explain ownership’s costs and limitations fully. Timeshares themselves can be expensive, with ongoing annual maintenance fees tacked on. Critics argue that for many, the cost outweighs the benefits, especially if travel plans change or become limited. Getting out of a timeshare contract can be challenging and often comes with hefty fees. Some owners report feeling stuck with an unwanted timeshare.

8: Timeshare Owners Relief LLC

There are several reasons why Timeshare Owners Relief LLC, or a company like it, might be considered a bad choice for trying to get out of a timeshare: Reputable timeshare exit companies will be upfront about the challenges of exiting a timeshare. Timeshare Owners Relief LLC might instead lure you in with promises of quick and easy getaways from your contract, which could be unrealistic. Legitimate timeshare exit companies typically work on a commission basis after successfully exiting your contract. Timeshare Owners Relief LLC might ask for large upfront fees before any work. Be wary of companies with such a structure.

9: Shell Vacation Club

Shell Vacation Club is one name that frequently pops up on lists of companies to avoid when considering timeshares. While every company will have its pros and cons, there are some specific areas where Shell Vacation Club has drawn criticism. Like many timeshare companies, Shell also uses aggressive sales tactics to pressure people into signing contracts. This can involve misleading information, promises of future resale value (which can be difficult), and making it hard for potential customers to leave the presentation.

10: Vida Vacations

There are several complaints levied against Vida Vacations, which has led some to consider them among the worst timeshare companies. These are some of the most common issues. Many customers report feeling pressured into purchasing a timeshare during lengthy sales presentations. Their presentations may use manipulative tactics to close the deal, making it difficult for potential customers to walk away. Some customers allege that Vida Vacations misrepresents the terms of the timeshare agreement or the availability of certain amenities. This can lead to disappointment and frustration after the purchase.

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What is the highest-rated timeshare company?

Determining a single highest-rated timeshare company is difficult, but Wyndham Destinations and Marriott Vacation Club are consistently well-regarded for their variety of resorts and strong resale markets.

What is the biggest timeshare company?

There are two contenders for the biggest: Wyndham with the most owners (nearly 900,000) and Hilton Grand Vacations with the most resorts.

Why do people hate timeshares?

High-pressure sales, unclear costs, inflexibility, and difficulty getting out lock you into an unwanted vacation burden.


Timeshares can offer a path to guaranteed vacations, but buyers beware. The glitzy presentations and promises of paradise can mask a web of hidden fees, inflexible scheduling, and pressuring sales tactics. Before committing to a timeshare:

  • Thoroughly research the company.
  • Understand the total costs involved.
  • Be wary of any deal that feels too good to be true.

By approaching timeshares with caution and a critical eye, you can avoid potential headaches and enjoy a stress-free vacation experience.